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After 10 years of committed support to our customers, Sequentum has stopped new sales of Visual Web Ripper and will also be sunsetting support.

The official last day of Visual Web Ripper support is December 31, 2020. Technical assistance and software updates will no longer be available after this date except for any customers with existing maintenance agreements that extend beyond the December 31, 2020 date.

No scrapping of data from the website or API. We can not guarantee we record all known vulnerabilities, although this is what we strive for. Our data may not be 100% accurate, although this is what we strive for. We can not guarantee that you will receive notifications, due to potential technical issues that may arise. IWeb Scraping is the best web data extraction and web scraping services Provider company in India, USA, UAE, Australia, UK, Spain, Germany, established in the year 2009 with a vision to provide technology for constant business innovations and advancements. Try ProWebScraper Free. Cheapest in the industry. Scraping for any kind of.

Over our journey, we have seen growing demand for a more comprehensive end to end platform to manage large scale web data collection operations. Visual Web Ripper represents Sequentum’s first generation product offering and we have evolved to our third generation offering, the Sequentum Enterprise platform which overcomes the following issues:

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  • Visual Web Ripper is architected around the Internet Explorer browser which was sunset by Microsoft in 2016.
  • This year Bootstrap, a popular web framework that powers 20% of the world’s websites also dropped support for Internet Explorer.

Sequentum Enterprise extends VWR’s capabilities through some of the following enterprise-grade features:

  • Architected around the Chromium browser which Microsoft also chose as the core of its own Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Outputs to *any* format and delivers to *any* endpoint including Snowflake, Apache Spark, Mongo DB, Azure Cosmos, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Advanced Anonymization Techniques not possible with Internet Explorer.
  • Centralized management of Jobs, Runs, Users, Rate Limits, Real-Time Data Quality Monitoring and infrastructure performance management.
  • Robust API making integration to larger data engineering pipelines seamless.

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For customers looking to upgrade to our flagship Sequentum Enterprise platform, we are offering the following:


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  • Built-in feature to automatically convert VWR agents to Sequentum Enterprise Agents (covers basic agent upgrades. Does not include upgrades for custom scripts or integrations).
  • Special consulting rate to convert complex agents to Sequentum Enterprise.
  • Special software license pricing for any upgrade customers.

Please contact us at: [email protected] for more details.

We want to extend a big THANK YOU to our valued customers and hope to see you using our latest and greatest software – Sequentum Enterprise!


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