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Web Scraper allows you to build Site Maps from different types of selectors. This system makes it possible to tailor data extraction to different site structures. Export data in CSV, XLSX and JSON formats Build scrapers, scrape sites and export data in CSV format directly from your browser.

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Here is a list of tips and advice on using Firefox for scraping, along with alist of useful Firefox add-ons to ease the scraping process.

Caveats with inspecting the live browser DOM¶

  • Web Scraper Extensions. The browser environment is becoming popular among web scrapers, and there are a good number of web scraper tools you can install as extensions and add-ons on your browser to help you scrape data from websites. (Chrome and Firefox) presents one of the best web scraping tools you can use to extract data out of web.
  • IMacros is a very popular software for web scraping. It was originally available as an extension for Firefox, but is now available for Chrome and IE as well. This is a very simple extension that lets you “teach” what to scrape and how to scrape.

Since Firefox add-ons operate on a live browser DOM, what you’ll actually seewhen inspecting the page source is not the original HTML, but a modified oneafter applying some browser clean up and executing Javascript code. Firefox,in particular, is known for adding <tbody> elements to tables. Scrapy, onthe other hand, does not modify the original page HTML, so you won’t be able toextract any data if you use <tbody> in your XPath expressions.


Therefore, you should keep in mind the following things when working withFirefox and XPath:

  • Disable Firefox Javascript while inspecting the DOM looking for XPaths to beused in Scrapy
  • Never use full XPath paths, use relative and clever ones based on attributes(such as id, class, width, etc) or any identifying features likecontains(@href,'image').
  • Never include <tbody> elements in your XPath expressions unless youreally know what you’re doing

Useful Firefox add-ons for scraping¶


Firebug is a widely known tool among web developers and it’s also veryuseful for scraping. In particular, its Inspect Element feature comes veryhandy when you need to construct the XPaths for extracting data because itallows you to view the HTML code of each page element while moving your mouseover it.

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See Using Firebug for scraping for a detailed guide on how to use Firebug withScrapy.

Top Firefox Extensions

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XPather allows you to test XPath expressions directly on the pages.

XPath Checker¶


XPath Checker is another Firefox add-on for testing XPaths on your pages.

Tamper Data¶

Tamper Data is a Firefox add-on which allows you to view and modify the HTTPrequest headers sent by Firefox. Firebug also allows to view HTTP headers, butnot to modify them.


Firecookie makes it easier to view and manage cookies. You can use thisextension to create a new cookie, delete existing cookies, see a list of cookiesfor the current site, manage cookies permissions and a lot more.