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Apr 01, 2021 This Refrigerated Toyota Land Cruiser Is the First WHO-Approved Vaccine Delivery Truck Vax Cruiser. By James Gilboy April 1, 2021. You can reach them here: [email protected] The Toyota Tacoma is the best-selling midsize truck available, and has been for the past 15 years. There are good reasons for this, namely the Tacoma’s reputation for high quality, high resale. REACH TRUCKS FOR STRAIGHTFORWARD APPLICATIONS TOYOTA REF LEX B-SERIE S Some reach truck applications require a straightforward approach a truck that is simply effective. The Reflex B-series is unique, because it has been developed specifically for this type of.

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Toyota's electric Reach Trucks deliver on efficiency, safety and performance like never before. With many new, unique features coupled with the longstanding productivity, ergonomics and low cost of ownership you expect from Toyota, the Toyota Reach Truck line opens up new opportunities in warehouses and distribution centers


360 Degrees of Quality, Durability, Reliability and Value
  • 24/36 Volt Electrical System
  • AC-Powered Drive System with Torque Control
  • AC Hydraulic System
  • Interactive Digital Display Panel
  • UL-E Rating
  • 180-Degree Electronic Power Steering
  • Wide-View 3-Stage Mast (FSV)


  • 2,500 - 4,500 lb Lifting Capacity
  • 6.5 - 7.5 mph Travel Speed Full Load
  • Up to 30.5 feet Maximum Fork Height
  • Length to fork face 55.3 - 67 inches
  • Mast Lowered Height 89 - 135 inches
  • Overall Width 43-61 inches

2,500 - 4,500 lb. Capacity Reach Truck

  • 2,500 – 4,500 lb. Capacity
  • Single and Double Reach Model
  • For Lifting Heights Up to 366″
  • T-Matics Compatible
  • Spacious and Ergonomic Design

The 9-Series Toyota Reach Trucks perform efficiently and safely. With several innovative new features coupled with the longer run times, this Toyota Reach Truck is a leader in ergonomics and low cost of ownership you expect from Toyota. Open up new opportunities in your facility with the Toyota Reach Truck


  • Bubble Cushioned Padded Floor & Brake Pedal
  • Ergonomically Angled Floorboard
  • Integrated Clipboard & Cup Holder
  • High Visibility Overhead Guard
  • Cushioned Knee Pad
  • Comfort-Padded Lean Points
  • Safety Glass Mast Guard [4]


  • 24V Electrical System
  • 36V Electrical System
  • Variable Speed Lift and Lowering
  • Electric Power Steering Motor
  • Two Speed Reach/Retract
  • Current Controlled Proportional Valve
  • Interactive Digital Display Panel
    • Multifunctional Hour Meter
    • Time & Date Display
    • Programmable Travel, Acceleration, Lift/Lower Speeds, Reach/Retract
    • Fault Code Memory
  • AC Powered Drive System with Torque Control
  • Lift system Relief Valve
  • UL 'E' Rating
  • Lowering Flow Limiter
  • Multifunction Control Handle
  • Coast Control
  • AC Hydraulic System


  • 180-Degree Electronic Power Steering
  • Auto-Position Hold
  • Flexible Dock Stance Operator Compartment
  • Wide-View 3-Stage Mast (FSV)
  • Hydraullically Cushioned Mast Staging
  • Hydraulic Cushioned Retract System
  • Hydraulic Fork Deceleration at Floor Level
  • Lift Slowdown at Max Lift
  • 33 in. to 50 in. Base Leg Openings (ID)
    • in 1 in. increments [2] [3]
  • Polyeurethane Drive Tire
  • Tandem Articulated, Bolt-On
  • Polyeurethane Load Wheels
  • Polyeurethane Caster Wheel
  • Proportional Handle Plugging
  • Tapered Toe Box 5' x 3.63' (9BDRU13, 9BDRU15 only)
  • Universal Dead-Man Pedal w/ Cushioned Pad
  • Electric Disc Brake
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Ventilated Compartment
  • 48' Tilting Load Backrest Extension
  • ITA Class II Hook-Type Carriage
  • Anti-Static Ground Strap
  • Adjustable Speed Limit above Free Lift


Toyota Reach Truck Error Codes List In Order

  • Battery compartment rollers
  • Adjustable battery retaining gates
  • SB350 red connector
  • SB350 gray connector
  • Battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Built-in analyzer
  • Emergency power disconnect switch
  • Over temperature indicator with protection on drive & lift motor
  • Electric horn
  • Key switch
  • Self-adjusting electric disc brake


  • Reach Interlock Switch
  • Acculaser
  • Height and Tilt Indicator
  • Mast Lift Limit Switch with Bypass


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Load Capacity*(lbs.)
Max Lift Speed(Full Load(MPH))
Basic Right Angle Stack**(IN.)
Load Capacity 3500Max Travel Speed 6.5Max Lift Speed 40Max Gradeability Full LoadBasic Right Angle Stack
Load Capacity 4500Max Travel Speed 7.5Max Lift Speed 65Max Gradeability Full LoadBasic Right Angle Stack
Load Capacity 2500Max Travel Speed 6.5Max Lift Speed 40Max Gradeability Full LoadBasic Right Angle Stack
Load Capacity 3000Max Travel Speed 7.5Max Lift Speed 75Max Gradeability Full LoadBasic Right Angle Stack

* Based on 24' load center. ** Add load length and clearance.

Toyota Reach Truck

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