Thunderbird Wetransfer

I tried doing everything listed in the forums on this topic, none of them worked for my problem. I've been using Thunderbird three months for the first time.

I click on 'view', then 'toolbars'. Listed are: Mail Toolbar, Menu Bar, Status Bar, Quick Filter Bar. All of these are checked marked. Below them is 'Customize'. When I click on it and view the items, There is NO icon for 'SEND'. I also do not see a 'Composition' toolbar listed anywhere. I can type the e-mail, but I have no way to send it.

Thunderbird wetransfer download

Thank you for your help...............................VINNY

Thunderbird E Wetransfer

WeTransfer and Thunderbird are both excited to be able to work together on this great feature for our users. The Thunderbird team thinks that this will really improve the experience of collaboration and and sharing for our users. WeTransfer is also proud of this feature. Travis Brown, WeTransfer VP of Business Development says about the. 2.8k members in the Thunderbird community. Thunderbird is a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize - and it’s loaded with great.