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SiC単結晶は極めて堅く、これをウエハーに加工するため、切断から研磨の工程で多くのダイヤモンド砥粒を消費している。 加工時間もSiウエハー. The benefits of wide-bandgap silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors arise from their higher breakthrough electric field, larger thermal conductivity, higher electron-saturation velocity and lower intrinsic carrier concentration compared to silicon (Si). Based on these SiC material advantages, SiC MOSFETs are becoming an attractive.

LAFOX, Ill., April 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Richardson Electronics, Ltd. (NASDAQ: RELL) announces the FET-Jet calculator by UnitedSiC, an excellent tool to find the most optimized SiC device in the early stages of power design.

UnitedSiC recently released the FET-Jet calculator, a tool that helps engineers in the early design stage find their ideal SiC device. With no registration required, the calculator starts with three application functions, AC-DC, DC-DC (non-isolated), and DC-DC (isolated). From there, engineers may select the topology and specifications that will then provide instant results to facilitate fundamental design decisions including:

Sign up for our quarterly newsletter and receive important technical information on all new products, app notes, white papers, and blogs. Wolfspeed is the premier provider of the most field-tested SiC, GaN Power, and RF solutions in the world. We are the world leader in silicon carbide and our field-tested RF components dominate the field. Silicon carbide - The latest breakthrough in high-voltage switching and rectification. ST’s portfolio of silicon carbide devices incluses STPOWER SiC MOSFETs ranging from 650 to 1700 V with the industry’s highest junction temperature rating of 200 °C for more efficient and simplified designs, and STPOWER SiC diodes ranging from 600 to 1200 V which feature negligible switching losses.

  • Overall efficiency
  • Component losses by dynamic conduction contributions
  • Junction temperature
  • Current stress levels
  • Number of devices in parallel (if any)

“During these unprecedented times, having innovative tools such as this calculator will help our customers identify their optimum design solutions,” said Greg Peloquin, Executive Vice President of Richardson Electronics’ Power & Microwave Technologies group. “UnitedSiC continues to provide excellent services and products to the power conversion market.”

Richardson Electronics provides solutions and adds value through design-in support, systems integration, prototype design and manufacturing, testing, logistics, and aftermarket technical service and repair on a global basis.

“Our FET-Jet calculator is one of many steps we have taken in the past year to enhance our customers’ experience with SiC devices,” said Chris Dries, President & CEO of UnitedSiC. “Continue to keep an eye out as we strive to provide you all with more content and resources for your SiC device needs.”

About Richardson Electronics, Ltd.

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. is a leading global provider of engineered solutions, power grid and microwave tubes and related consumables; power conversion and RF and microwave components; flat panel detector solutions and replacement parts for diagnostic imaging equipment; and customized display solutions. We serve customers in the alternative energy, healthcare, aviation, broadcast, communications, industrial, marine, medical, military, scientific, and semiconductor markets. The Company’s strategy is to provide specialized technical expertise and “engineered solutions” based on our core engineering and manufacturing capabilities. The Company provides solutions and adds value through design-in support, systems integration, prototype design and manufacturing, testing, logistics, and aftermarket technical service and repair through its global infrastructure. More information is available at

Richardson Electronics common stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol RELL.

About Richardson Electronics – Power & Microwave Technologies

For 70 years, Richardson Electronics has been your industry-leading global provider of engineered solutions, RF & microwave, and power products. With the launch of the Power & Microwave Technologies group, we continue this legacy and complement it with new products from the world’s most innovative technology partners. Richardson Electronics’ Power & Microwave Technologies group focuses on what we do best: identify and design disruptive technologies, introduce new products on a global basis, develop solutions for our customers, and provide exceptional worldwide support. As a global company, we provide solutions and add value through design-in support, systems integration, prototype design and manufacturing, testing, logistics, and aftermarket technical service and repair—all through our existing global infrastructure. More information is available at

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Select the right Silicon Carbide or IGBT gate driver for your next energy-efficient, robust and compact system design

Sic Fet

High efficiency

Boost the efficiency of your design with strong drive currents, high CMTI and short propagation delays of our SiC and IGBT gate drivers.

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Advanced protection

Achieve robust isolated systems using our gate drivers with fast integrated short-circuit protection and high surge immunity.

Compact solution

Reduce your system size, weight and cost by switching SiC at higher PWM frequencies with our fast, robust and reliable drivers.


UCC21710-Q1 is a single channel isolated gate driver for SiC/IGBT with high-CMTI and advanced protection .


UCC21750 is a single channel isolated gate driver for SiC/IGBT with high-CMTI, and advanced protection using desaturation.


Automotive, 4-A, 6-A, 5.7-kVrms isolated dual-channel gate driver with enable

High system efficiency

ISO5852S enables >99% efficiency 10kW grid-tied solar inverter switching at 50kHz.


ISO5852S driving, sensing & protecting >100A SiC power modules.

Compact solution

UCC21530 enables 98.5% efficiency 6.6kW totem-pole PFC for EV on-board charger switching at 100kHz.

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