Share Contacts Across Google Accounts

Click on “Contacts.” Next, click on the “More” drop-down menu and choose “Export.” Chose the group that you want to sync or select “All contacts.” Clicking “All contacts” will export every contact that is connected to that account.

  1. Share Contacts Across Google Accounts
  2. How Can I Share My Google Contacts With Others
Share Contacts Across Google Accounts
  1. Jul 11, 2017 When you first open GO Contact Sync Mod, you’ll need to enter you Google account username and password before you can sync anything. Remember, if you’ve got two-factor authentication enabled on your Gmail account, you will have to use an app-specific password. Some of you probably have two or more Google accounts.
  2. Mar 14, 2013 FlashPanel – This marketplace app comes with a lot more tools than just contact sharing but it does give you the ability to share contacts however it is admin controlled. Shared Contacts for Gmail – This marketplace app allows you to share contact groups (address books) like you would share a Google doc or calendar.
  3. Shared Contacts for Gmail is a Gmail add-on created to share your Google contacts with other Gmail users, just like you’re sharing other Google Drive files. It can be integrated with mobile devices and Outlook, too! What’s more, if you’d like to customize permissions for each users (again, like on Google Drive), SCFG makes that possible too.

This article will review the different ways you can share your contacts or contact list in the desktop/client version of Outlook.

Note: You can only share contacts through the desktop/client version of Outlook. You are unable to see any contacts that are shared with you in the online version of Outlook available through Office 365.

Sharing your Contacts Folder

This option allows you to share your entire Contacts folder for other users to view.


Open Outlook from your desktop or laptop computer.

2.Locate and click the People icon in the lower left-hand corner.
3.Locate the Share box located in the Navigation Pane at the top of your screen and click the Share Contacts icon.

A new email message window will open. Enter the email address of the person in which you want to share your contacts folder with. You will see two options listed below the email message information:

  1. Allow recipient to view your Contacts folder - give the recipient of this email to view your Contacts folder.
  2. Request permission to view recipient's Contacts folder - request permission to view the recipient's Contacts folder.

Since you are sharing your Contacts folder, the option is defaulted to Allow recipient to view your Contacts folder.

Click Send when you are finished.

5.The recipient will receive an email with an attachment to open your Contacts folder. The Contacts will populate under the Shared Contacts folder.

Sharing a Contact List or a Single Contact

This option allows you to share a single contact or a contact list that you have created.

1. Open Outlook from your desktop or laptop computer.
2.Locate and click the People icon in the lower left-hand corner.
3.Click the contact or contact list that you want to share.
4.Click the Forward Contact icon in the Share box in the Navigation Pane at the top of your screen until a drop down menu appears. Click As an Outlook Contact.
5.A new email message will open. Enter the recipient information and a brief message. You will see the contact or contact list attached to the email. When you are finished click Send.
6.The recipient will receive the message with the attached contact or contact list instructing them to download or open the attachment. Once downloaded, the contact or contact list will appear in the Shared Contacts folder.
Google contacts share group

There are many ways to share your Gmail Contacts with other people. Some are easier than others. We aim to guide you on the best and simplest way.

The best way: Share Google Contacts Labels

The best practice is to organize your contacts into labels in Google Contacts Manager and share them using the Shared Contacts for Gmail Plug-In.

Step 1: Create your contact labels

A label is an easy way to group contacts together. These groups are like personalised ‘mailing lists’. For example, you could have a ‘Staff Group’ with all staff included. Then a “Vendors” group to list your vendors emails, phone numbers and useful information. Then a “Clients” group etc.. The number of label is unlimited.
In order to share contacts, you need to have at least one label. Once you have this you’ll be able to use Google Contacts Manager to its full potential.

Step 2 : Share your Google Contacts

Now you can share these labels with you coworkers as follows:

  1. Make sure you have installed Shared Contacts for Gmail
  2. Click on the Share icon to open the sharing popup
  3. Select users or users groups you want to share this contact group with
  4. Click on “Share”
  5. Define the access permissions for each user/group (Read Only, Can Write, Can Share)
  6. That’s it! All the users will know see and these contacts in their Gmail address book
  7. If they have edit permissions, they will also be able to edit these contacts or add new ones

Pros: Seamless. Efficient. The only viable solution to share and collaborate on Google contacts.

Cons: It requires to install an additional plugin.

The tedious way: import/export csv files

Create Excel files with the contact information you want to be included. You can then export this as a CSV file and send this CSV file with your colleagues who can then upload the CSV file into their own personal Google Contacts manager.

Pros: It is entirely free!

Cons: This is labour intensive and contacts never get updated in real-time.

The business way: Use a CRM

There are many of these on the market. Salesforce and Hubspot are the most popular. There is also Zoho CRM software. All of these are good if you’ve got a large sales/marketing team working in collaboration with each other.

Pros: CRMs allow to log every customer interaction and create automation.

Cons: CRM software are often designed for organizations of a certain size. This comes with an equally large price tag!

The limited way: Contacts Delegation

The Google Contacts Delegation Feature allows you to let another Google user to access your contacts. The delegated user will have full editing and deleting permissions on your contacts.

How does it work?

  1. Open Google Contacts
  2. Click on “Delegate Access”
  3. Select the account to whom you wish to give access
  4. This person will then access to all your contacts
  5. Note: the delegated user will not have access your labels (contact groups)

Share Contacts Across Google Accounts

Pros: No third-party to install.

How Can I Share My Google Contacts With Others

Cons: Only available for G Suite paying versions. No access restriction: You are giving access to all your contacts. Impossible to share with users from other domains. Impossible to share with groups of users. Impossible to use the delegated contacts in Gmail or to find them in you mobile or in Gmail and Google Contacts search bar.