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I installed the latest Firefox available in Online and tried to install 'Selenium IDE' to learn for testing purpose.All the installation was successfull (Also Selenium IDe addon was was available in Addon Manager) but it was not available in Tools Menu in the Menu Bar.Please give me a suggestion to install Selenium Ide.I tried reinstalling it also i tried deleting files in 'show directory' of Application Basics in Troubleshooting Information.


How to install Selenium IDE In this video, I demonstrate how to install the Selenium IDE Web Automation Plugin in the Firefox Web Browser. WATCH SOME MORE VI.

Selenium Ide Firefox Compatibility

Firefox Version - 28Selenium IDE version - 1.21

Selenium Ide Firefox

Thanks ,Aravind

Selenium Ide Firefox 2.9.1

  • Being an.xpi-based Firefox extension, Selenium IDE would have to be rebuilt to retain compatibility with the browser. This brings us to Reason #2. Developers show no interest in maintaining Selenium IDE in Firefox. Okay, the support of Selenium IDE in Firefox is a matter of rewriting the plugin, but how can this be a problem?
  • As part of that process, Firefox is switching extensions from the original “ XPI ” format, to a newer, more widely adopted “ Web Extension ” mechanism. The Selenium project lacks someone with the time and energy to move the IDE forwards to take advantage of the new technologies.