Second Hand Nintendo Switch

Nintendo took a bold step forward with its Nintendo Switch console. On one hand, the Nintendo Switch console provides users with a fully functional game console for their homes. But what makes the Nintendo Switch unique is that it also doubles as a handheld game system. Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise) for sale in very good condition. Comes with switch lite grips, switch lite charging stand, switch charger cable, switch lite (console), and 128gb micro sd card. All original boxes are included If your interested text me with the number.

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Refurbished Nintendo Switch Deals

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All you need to know before you buy a second hand Nintendo Switch

It’s no secret that gaming can add up to be quite a costly habit/past-time over time. Not only are you required to invest in all the blockbuster video games you’re interested in playing, but the actual console itself is a fairly largely barrier to entry. Pre-owned consoles are a good remedy to this problem, especially with regards to picking up a Nintendo Switch, which as the latest console released to market is unsurprisingly the most expensive. For all these reasons and more, a refurbished Nintendo Switch makes a lot of sense. If you're after a Nintendo Switch bundle, however, you may be best checking our full comparison.

Nintendo switch second hand price

Buying a second hand Nintendo Switch is a less costly route to portable and home console gaming

The beauty of the Nintendo Switch is that it’s the perfect console for people who are always on the move. This is because that, unlike a traditional box console, the unit itself can be used independently as a handheld gaming device as well as placed in a dock wired up to your TV. This suddenly opens up a whole world of triple-A quality video games that is no longer limited to just your large screen but can also be taken with you during a commute or holiday.

Play exclusive first-party games like Mario, Zelda and Pokemon on a second hand Nintendo Switch

NintendoSecond Hand Nintendo Switch

All of Nintendo’s consoles have been defined by their selection of exclusive first-party titles and the same is no different for the Nintendo Switch. Already players have been treated to such memorable experiences as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Yoshi’s Crafted World and more. Such family-friendly, bright and colourful experiences aren’t available on PS4 or Xbox one – instead representing that old-school Nintendo magic and mark of quality.

Second hand Nintendo Switch consoles come with two Nintendo Switch controllers

Controllers, let alone consoles, are often an expensive addition to anyone’s gaming set-up. Nintendo recognised this when developing the Switch, and so made it easier than ever for players to jump into games co-op simply by having each of the console’s two controllers detachable. Called “Joy-Con”, they can be tilted on the side and work well enough independently that games like Mario Kart 8: Deluxe are blast when played split-screen.

Currently there's one second hand Nintendo Switch model available to buy

Whereas other platforms like PS4 and Xbox One require people to do a little more research with regards to the type of console their purchasing (thanks to mid-tier iterations like Xbox One X and PS4 Pro), there is only one model of Nintendo Switch. You might see various boxes and bundle types on the shelf, but this is purely down to cosmetic differences such as new Joy-Con colours and limited-edition consoles. When it comes to a refurbished Nintendo Switch, at present, all are the same.

Second Hand Nintendo Switch

The second hand Nintendo Switch refurbishment process explained

A refurbished Nintendo Switch refers to a console that has likely been used and sold back to the retailer by a customer. This doesn’t necessarily make them lesser-than a new Nintendo Switch, though, all thanks to retailers performing their own bespoke safety checks and refurbishment processes before relisting it for sale. This refurbishment process if relatively easier with Switch thanks to the console itself being a single handheld unit.

As mentioned, it’s always recommended that you look for the grade your refurbished Nintendo Switch has been given when picking one up. All would have had their ports checked, software updates and screen cleaned after being traded in, but this doesn’t discount the likelihood that a “Fair” refurbished Nintendo Switch could show some cosmetic damage. The general rule for any console refurb – not just for Nintendo Switch – is that the bigger the discount, the more worse for wear it might be.

Where are the best places to purchase a second hand Nintendo Switch?

If you’ve determined that a refurbished Nintendo Switch is your best route onto the platform there’s a fair few online retailers you can investigate. Most of which you’ll recognise, but what’s really worth paying attention to is how the refurbished Nintendo Switches they sell are graded. We at Console Deals make it easier for potential purchasers to find what they need by pulling in a great deal of Nintendo Switch consoles, all of which will be rated between a scale of “Fair” to “Very Good”.

Second hand Nintendo Switch consoles from GAME

As the UK’s biggest physical games retailer, Game offers an exhaustive selection of refurbished Nintendo Switch consoles alongside its sealed units. This makes it easy for players to go to the store and check out a model at a price best for them, but then we at Console Deals can save you trouble by making you aware of what’s available where and at what quality grade. The good news is that every refurbished Nintendo Switch comes with a 12-month warranty from the date of sale.

Second hand Nintendo Switch consoles from Amazon

What Controllers Work With Nintendo Switch

Amazon makes it incredibly easy for you to find a refurbished Nintendo Switch, as all of the preowned hardware it sells is listed under what’s known as “Amazon Renewed.” Any Nintendo Switch purchased through this arm of Amazon comes with the console, the dock for said console, all the relevant cables and a 12-month guarantee as standard. Take note of whether you’re refurbished Nintendo Switch will be coming from Amazon direct or an approved third-party seller.

Second hand Nintendo Switch consoles from eBay

Nintendo Switch Second Hand Malaysia

eBay is likely many people’s first go-to retailer when the idea of pre-owned goods and getting a good deal comes to mind. Its selection of refurbished Nintendo Switches is so vast, however, that it can sometimes feel like you can’t see the consoles for the gamepads. Luckily, various recognisable high-street retailers like Argos, Tesco and Asda each have their own eBay shopfront, meaning that you’re guaranteed a working refurbished Nintendo Switch and a 12-month warranty.

Don't rule out buying a brand new Nintendo Switch

Second Hand Nintendo Switch Controller

The Nintendo Switch is still a relatively new console, and a good one at that, so picking one up at a cheap 2nd hand price is rare. The amount of money you save between a refurbished Nintendo Switch and a new Nintendo Switch console, isn't actually that much, so check out the best deals on a new Nintendo Switch console before you make your decision.


Don't rule out buying a brand new Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is still a relatively new console, and a good one at that, so picking one up at a cheap 2nd hand price is rare. The amount of money you save between a refurbished Nintendo Switch and a new Nintendo Switch console, isn't actually that much, so check out the best deals on a new Nintendo Switch console before you make your decision.