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Start with clean profile (no imports). Install 'Scrapbook X' extension. Restart Waterfox. Open ''. Save the webpage with 'scrapbook'. When a notification appears (at top right corner) click it to open the saved page or alternatively open the page through the menu or sidebar (alt+k). You'll see error for missing page/file. Like you already know, Mozilla delete the addons Scrapbook, Scrapbook plus and Scrapbook X from their website. Because they say there are not good anymore for the new versions. The best ever website saver created. Ok, i am working with that from years. Can anyone help me to install Scrapbook into a old version of Mozilla? You can save all tabs in the window by Firefox menubar, ScrapBook Capture All Tabs. Capturing Image You can save only an image in a Web page, by drag-and-drop the image into ScrapBook sidebar (no need of selecting). CaptureHere In ScrapBook menu in Firefox menubar, we can save page or selection in the way like AddBookmarkHere extension. Comment and share: The Scrapbook extension: Better bookmarks for Firefox By Chad Perrin Chad Perrin is an IT consultant, developer, and freelance professional writer. In this video we will show you how to make scrapbook with 9 pages and different cards ideas as well. We have also made big scrapbook video for Birthday gift.

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Scrapbook Firefox

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