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Welcome to the Sage Tutorial! Sage is free, open-source math software that supports research and teaching in algebra, geometry, number theory, cryptography, numerical computation, and related areas. Both the Sage development model and the technology in Sage itself are distinguished by an extremely strong emphasis on openness, community. Download latest version SageMath SageMath is a giant project in the field of open source scientific packages. It is a collection of more than 80 different open source projects integrated into a single user interface with Python as the language that connects everything. SageMath was to be used for research and teaching of pure and applied mathematics, but that does not mean that it can not be.

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mission is to offer a viable free open source alternative to Magma, Maple,Mathematica, and Matlab.SageMath is a mathematics software system that runs with other packages, such as JupyterLab, , SciPy, , Sympy, , R, and more. Mathematics in SageMath is coded with the programming language.
'Why learn coding for math?' you ask. See the following videos.
  • Is Coding Important When Studying Physics? - Video by
  • Experimental Pure Mathematics Using Sage - Video by Viviane Pons
A computer algebra system.
      • Videos
        • - by William Stein
    • SageMath Library
    • Components - Some of the software packages used by SageMath
      • , Maxima, , R, , SymPy
  • - Easy-to-use web interface to SageMath
  • - SageMath Documentation
    • Sage Tutorial
    • Sage Thematic Tutorials
      • Introduction to Sage:
      • Introduction to Python:
      • Calculus and Plotting:
    • Constructions - Answers questions like 'How do I construct … in Sage?'
    • Prep Tutorials
      • Calculus and Analysis:
      • Probability and Statistics:
  • Sage Wiki
      • Sage Quick Reference PDF
      • PDF
      • Sage Calculus Quick Reference PDF
      • PDF
  • Online Textbooks
    • Computational Mathematics with SageMath PDF
    • PDF, (or HTML)
  • - YouTube
An online computing environment for SageMath. Formerly SageMathCloud.
  • GitHub
    • SageMath
  • - YouTube
A SageMath front-end for numerical simulation, data visualization, and more.
    • The Jupyter Notebook - Documentation
  • YouTube
    • Corey Schafer:
    • O'Reilly:
    • InfoQ:
    • SF Python:
    • Michael Fudge:
    • Mark Jay:
    • Google Cloud Platform:
    • Roshan:
Used in SageMath, a high-level general-purpose programming language emphasizing code readability.
  • - Python Documentation
  • YouTube
    • Microsoft Developer:
    • CS Dojo:
    • Corey Schafer:
    • Python Programmer:
    • Python Training by Dan Bader:
    • Programming with Mosh:
    • sentdex:
    • CodeCommand:
  • Online Textbooks
      • Python 3:
        • Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design PDF, ()
      • Python 2:
        • Programming for Non-Programmers PDF, ()
        • Building Skills in Python PDF, ()
    • A Byte of Python PDF, ()
    • How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python 3 PDF, ()
    • Maths with Python Documentation PDF, Python 3
    • HTML, Python 3
  • Wikibooks
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