Refurbished Nintendo Switch

A refurbished Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that someone has owned before but has been repaired or restored to a fully working condition. All refurbished Nintendo Switches will come with a warranty after the device has been tested to ensure it is ready for sale. Nintendo Switch Refurbished System - Grade A (Nintendo Switch) Introducing Nintendo Switch, the new home video game system from Nintendo. In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system can be taken on the go so players can enjoy a full home console experience anytime, anywhere. It’s just not the older models we sell either, you can get your hands on a newer, refurbished Nintendo console like the Nintendo Switch for a fraction of what you would pay for brand new! We’ll ship the Nintendo console direct to your door for FREE and you’ll have peace of mind know it comes with a 12 month limited warranty. We have collected a list of sources you can use to help locate refurbished, older, and used Nintendo products. We sell accessories, replacement parts, and a selection of Authentic Nintendo Refurbished Products on (U.S. And Canadian residents only). A refurbished Nintendo Switch could be just the thing! Refurbished Nintendo Switch consoles: one unit, several ways to play. Designed for mobile use as well as at home on the TV, for one or more players, the Nintendo Switch is revolutionizing the world of gaming. However, despite all this, the price of a new Nintendo Switch can be too much of a.

This is a used Nintendo Switch (tablet only) that has actually been refurbished and is in good working order.

Item Condition Descriptions*

  • A. Like new condition with no scuffs, scratches, etc. on the screen or shell of the Switch.
  • B. Minor scuffs, scratching, etc. on the screen and on the shell. Any scratches on the screen are light and won't affect gameplay.
  • C. Moderate scuffs, scratching, etc. on the shell of the Switch. Moderate scratching on the screen that might have a minor effect on gameplay. Possible minor bending.
  • D. Heavy scuffs, scratching, etc. Switch could be severely bent; however, all functions of the Switch will work.

*Note: Item descriptions are based on our best opinion of the condition of Switches.


Nintendo Switch 'Actually Refurbished' Means Each Switch Was:

  1. Disassembled
  2. Broken parts repaired or replaced
  3. Heat sink cleaned
  4. Fan cleaned
  5. Motherboard and all connectors checked
  6. New thermal paste applied
  7. Screen cleaned
  8. Every function tested
  9. Fully updated (at the time of refurbishment)
  10. Reset to factory settings

Refurbished Nintendo Switch Console

We are currently only able to ship Switches to addresses in the United States.
This listing is for a tablet only.