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Introduction to the course

  • Metabase will show you the bars in descending order of size, with a final bar at the bottom for items that didn’t fit. Histograms If you have a bar chart like Count of Users by Age, where the x-axis is a number, you’ll get a special kind of chart called a histogram.
  • Metabase - local install -because it's free, and because it is possible to stand up client type versions, and because it is easier to roll out to a team with less coding skills. It may be possible we could get metabase to do everything redash does, but for now, the convenience and lack of time to figure out how, both it is.
  • With Redash, you can write queries and display the results on sharable dashboards and visualizations. In its built-in SQL editor, you can create reusable code snippets and schedule alerts and data refreshes. This BI tool designed for developers has an easy clickable or drop-and-drag user interface.

Metabase and Redash can be primarily classified as 'Business Intelligence' tools. Metabase and Redash are both open source tools. It seems that Metabase with 15.6K GitHub stars and 2.09K forks on GitHub has more adoption than Redash with 13.1K.

Dear learner,

Welcome to this course about data visualization. I wanted this course as most of digital analysts are mostly swearing about Google Data Studio, an attractive platform which allows to create nice graphs, tables and charts... write analysis by gathering data from many third party platforms... and of course... giving even more power to Google by giving straight away your brain work to it. Google is not the only one making such solutions Tableau (hosted on Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft BI are also very common used platforms.

As I cannot let that happened, I decided to create my own course about data visualization with Free/Libre and Open Source Solutions. As a result, in this course, I will introduce you to two main platforms which are Metabase and Redash, in order for you to keep the control of your data and host your data results and analysis, wherever you are.

The syllabus is available for this course is available here:

  • Course syllabus.
MetabaseRedash vs metabase

You can find the slides for the course here:

  • Course slides.

Redash Metabase Superset

I really would like to thank Lukas Winkler for the endless time he gave me by answering any questions I had. Without him this course wouldn't have be released.

I really hope you will enjoy this course.

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