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We Are Hiring…

QNAP is looking for high caliber, passionate, talented, self-motivated candidates to join us and develop the best network-attached storage (NAS) and network surveillance products in the world. If you are ambitious and eager to lead the network storage and surveillance markets with us, we have great opportunities for you!

QNAP offers the following competitive packages for our coworkers:

  • Annual bonus
  • Performance bonus
  • Labor insurance
  • National health insurance
  • Group insurance
  • Birthday parties
  • Wedding, birth, funeral subsidy
  • Parking allowance
  • Company outing
  • Retirement contribution scheme
Job List:

Territory Account Manager:

USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, Brazil, or India

Market development, product marketing, product selling, customer support, etc


  • Highly enthusiastic
  • University Graduate in Business or Engineering or Computer Science related field
  • Must have citizenship or long-term local residence and employment permit in the territory applied
  • Fluent in the local dialogue for the territory applied
  • Related experience in the IT industry and familiar with local IT channels and products

Please send your CV to : [email protected]

Nowa aplikacja QPKG w sklepie Qnapclub Store: Calibre Web Calibre-Web is a web app providing a clean interface for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks using an existing Calibre database. Features Bootstrap 3 HTML5 interface full graphical setup User management with fine-grained per-user permissions Admin interface. 本地书库目录创建 Calibre-Web 容器. 书库内容已经准备完毕,接下来该给它们安家了。进入 QNAP 后台管理页面,启动 Container Station,如果之前没有安装,可以在 APP Center 中下载。 创建容器. 在左侧点击「Create」→在搜索框输入「calibre」搜索容器安装镜像; 挑选镜像. I have been keeping my Calibre Database on an NFS share on my QNAP NAS for years without a problem. I run Calibre mainly on one particular Linux Box, but I do have it installed on others. I also backup the whole calibre directory including the database files regularly to a local machine via rsync, and keep separate backups of several versions.

I did some search, but I'm quite confused about what is considered 'best practice'.
  1. I saw there is a CalibreHD qpkg on qnapclub but it seems to work with HD Station which isn't what I'm looking for. Bonus points if I can also set it up to auto-download (like download the new New-Yorker each week and add to my server).
  2. This video is a tutorial on how to install and setup Calibre and Cops to manage ebooks. These 2 pieces of software work very well together. This video shows.

I used Calibre to store my collection of eBooks under windows.
Now I'm moving unto a (home) networked environment mainly based on my NAS and several computers, mainly running Linux, I also have a couple of kindles.
I would like to move all my database to NAS (which is backupped), but I read this is not the 'advised' configuration.
  • I am ok to maintain (add/remove/edit_metadata) from a single location.
  • It would be OK to maintain directly from NAS, but it is headless (accessible either via web or ssh).
  • My specific NAS is Intel-based (4core Atom).
  • Other PC's should be able to browse book list and to download for local reading.
  • I'm aware of two 'plugins' for my NAS which seem Calibre-related (BicBucStrim and COPS), but it's unclear to me their actual usage.
  • I would like to avoid duplication of my (large) collection.

Can someone point me in the right direction, please?

Qnap Calibre Web

Qnap Calibre

Qnap Calibre Download

(note: I'm a programmer and i have a long Linux experience, so compilation/code-modification doesn't scare me, I just would like to avoid wasting my ample spare time reinventing the wheel)