Ps4 Controller On Switch


  • * Go to System Setting > Controller and Sensors > turn on Pro Controller Wired Communication
  • * Switch system needs to be 3.0.0 or above
  • * NFC scanning, IR camera, HD rumble, analog triggers are not supported, nor can the system be waken up wirelessly

This can vary between controllers. Nintendo Switch, Dualshock 4 and DualSense controllers all have support for motion controls. Other controllers, such as Xbox controllers, don’t support motion controls and will need to use an alternate method. Please select your controller type below: Nintendo Switch / Playstation Xbox / Others.

Nintendo’s Pro Controller for the Switch is a solid gamepad, but it’s also a pretty expensive add-on.If you already have a Dual Shock 4 laying around, this tiny USB adapter might be a better. How to use a PS4 or Xbox One Controller with your Nintendo Switch thanks to this adapter!Wanna grab one?

Using ps4 controller on switch
  1. I don't want this, i want it the other way around: Switch Pro Controller to work with PS4 Pro.
  2. Switch should immediately recognize the controller (did with our Xbox and PS4 controllers), so you just have to press both triggers at the same time If it doesn’t immediately show up, go to the.
  • 1. Connect the USB Wireless Adapter to your Switch dock.
  • 2. Press pair button on the USB Wireless Adapter, LED starts to blink rapidly.
  • 3. Press SHARE+PS button for 3 seconds to enter its pairing mode (this is required for the very first time only).
  • 4. LED becomes solid when connection is successful.
  • * Controller will auto reconnect with the press of PS once it has been paired.
  • Press the button combos below for 3 seconds to enter manual setting(LED will blink twice),USB Wireless Adapter will not switch mode automatically.
  • CREATE + UP = Xinput mode
  • CREATE + LEFT = Dinput mode
  • CREATE + RIGHT = Mac mode
  • CREATE + DOWN = PSC mode
  • CREATE + L1 = Switch mode
  • CREATE + UP + LEFT = MD mode
  • * Press pair button on the USB Wireless Adapter till LED turns off to cancel manual setting(controller needs to be re-paired)
How do I connect DualShack 4 wireless controller to a PlayStation®4 after pairing with the USB Wireless Adapter?

Ps4 Controller On Switch No Adapter

  • Please refer to DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller troubleshooting(
  • Yes, you can remap the buttons with 8BitDo Ultimate Software. Please visit to download it.

Can You Use Ps4 Controller On Switch

Does the headphone jack work via the USB Adapter?

Ps4 Controller On Switch Handheld

  • No, it does not work.