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Description Play your favorite Nintendo Switch games. in style with this officially licensed PowerA wired controller. This controller features an ergonomic design and standard button layout. A detachable USB cable with a Velcro-strap is included for easy storage and reduced clutter when you are done playing. Solution: Return it for a refund and buy a controller that is compatible. PowerA will not release a Windows 7/8/10 driver. The email I received from them stated the reasoning as: 'We did not intend on it being used for anything other than the switch.

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Power A Switch Controller Sync

Good Day , This I Build works well on DC motor , but I am busy with a AC 220 Volt Split Phase motor. The motor is fitted with a centrifugal switch and that cause the problem Once the motor is CW motion you cant change the direction before the centrifugal switch closes.
Some more information :
1/2 Hp 220 Volt Motor with Starting Winding, Red and Brown Wire Live and Neutral Starting Capacitor 330 Uf in series with Live
Directional , Crossover Switch was in Place before I get a Two Channel , Opto Isolated Relays controlled by my Spark-fun Red Board , Same as UNO
Red and White is the Running Winding and desperately connected to Live and Neutral
Is there a other way to make the relays both 'Low' to let the centrifugal switch close and to start the CCW Motion
The motor starts perfectly with manual switch in both directions Amps 3.5 on 50 hz 220 Volt
I am 64 Years old on Pension and electronics and Programming was never part of my Scope
Help will be appreciated , Only God can Safe my 30 Year old Speed Queen