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A post office box (2) including an enclosed space (3) defined by a front surface (7) with an opening (20) fitted with a. Activities on it when the front. By chance do any of you 375ct shooters have any load data for the 375ct using 350smk? I've be looking all over the net, can only find max load of 139gr of.

Hello guys today we will see the step by step procedure to install Cartoon GR Kodi addon for watching anime and cartoons. We provide the complete installation according to the Kodi latest version 17.4 krypton. To install the cartoons GR Kodi you need to first add the source of repository and install it from zip file after that approach all repository select and install addon from video addons.

1. Download and open the Kodi, Click on the Setting Icon right above the left menu.
2. Press the File manager box.
3. To add the source of sports devil click on Add Source. A small window will pop up.
4. Select None option.

5. Now type this source URL address exactly as its:
6. Enter the new name: toptuts

7. As long as after adding the source Cartoons GR repo. Go back to Kodi homepage by pressing esc button and click on Addons.
8. Hit the Open Box.

9. In Addons menu Select “Install from Zip File“. You will see different files previously added find deathstream and click on it.Select or Click for installing colossus repo.
10.Now again in Addon Menu Click on “Install from repository”.
11. Select colossus Repo.
12. Go to Video Addon>>Cartoons GR
13. After clicking on Death Streams a popup will be open Press Start Button to Install Cartoons GR on Kodi.
14. As usual Video Addons are install in Addon Section go back to Homepage of Kodi go to Addons and than select Cartoons GRs to watch your favorite anime cartoons on Kodi.

Topic Subject:GameRanger for multiplayer gaming
posted 06-12-11 12:58 EST (US)
To avoid further threads, each with a different question, and to explain the basics of GameRanger I thought of creating this thread. Would be nice to see it sticky Thanks.

GameRanger is a free download for Mac and PC that lets you play over 600 games and demos online with friends and opponents worldwide. GameRanger offers features like profiles, friends lists, instant messaging, in-game voice communication, and competitive ladders/rankings/ratings.
Created by Scott Kevill and opened to Mac gaming in 1999, GameRanger is the longest running multiplayer online gaming service on any platform. In 2008, GameRanger expanded into PC gaming receiving widespread enthusiasm and acclaim.
GameRanger Technologies is located in Perth, Australia

Specifically, it currently supports:
- Stronghold
- Stronghold Demo
- Stronghold 2
- Stronghold Legends
- Stronghold: Crusader
- Stronghold: Crusader Demo
- Stronghold: Crusader Extreme
You can download it at

Quoted from The GameRanger Website:

Getting Started
1. Download and install GameRanger.
GameRanger runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X.
2. Create a new free account.
GameRanger will prompt you to create a new GameRanger account or use an existing one, and you will need to enter your valid e-mail address. You should use the address your friends are most likely to know.
3. Activate your account and log in.
Within minutes you should receive a confirmation e-mail to activate your GameRanger account. If it's not in your inbox, try looking in your junk folder, and mark it as a trusted-sender, or 'not spam.' Adding the sender to your address book is also a good idea.
4. Invite your friends.
Under the Community menu, there are various options to invite your friends to try GameRanger. You can also search to see if they already have GameRanger accounts.
5. Host or Join a game.
To join an existing game, select a game room from the list and click Join Game. If the game room has a green dot next to it, then it is already playing. Some games do not allow you to join if they have already started. Alternatively, you can create a new game by clicking Host Game.
Two boxes will appear: Friends and GameRanger: Bronze
I'll start telling that there are 3 versions of GameRanger accounts: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Bronze account is free and everyone has it in the beginning; People can choose to upgrade by cost their account to Silver/Gold (Premium) for more gaming facilities. The differences between the 3 account types can be viewed HERE and the list of all supported games HERE
The Friends box is basically a list on which you can add/remove people - a simpler way to see who is online and who you can chat/play with. Double left click on someone online will open a chat box with that person while if the person is offline it will appear an informational box about him/her.
The GameRanger box is a list of all the rooms for every game supported. On the top of the list, there is an option to show only the rooms for certain game types, like Action, Strategy, Classics and Simulators but also an option to show the rooms for your game(s) only. You can eventually create your own group, to include only the games you wish.
In this list, the rooms have some details as well.
- The green dot means the game has already started and you can't join.
- The numbers shown as x/y are: X= number of people in the room; Y= number of maximum players allowed
- When the black lock is shown means the room has a password and you can join it only if you know/guess it.
- In the category named Ping is represented the internet quality of the hoster.
You can block someone from chatting with you, option available by right click on someone and BLOCK USER or by clicking the BLOCK USER button in the bottom left of any chat box.
Friends > Options or Edit > Options opens the program's options. If one of your games was not recognized by the program, you can manually set it from here.
- You can change the font/size and color of writing.
- You can enable/disable certain sounds (e.g. a friend goes offline).
- Microphone options like input volume or change the Hold-to-talk key.
- Unblock users.
- Network choices.
- Other options.
Changing your name can be done by clicking Ctrl+U or left click on your name at the top of Friends box. Ctrl+F is the users search function. You can search anyone by their Account ID (unique, the best way to find someone), Email (only if it's viewable by others) and Nickname (which is changable).
This would be all. 'How to -' questions can be well asked here, but serious technical issues would be best posted in the GameRanger forums.
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posted 12-24-11 02:05 EST (US) 1 / 22
I've got a question. My brother and I use Game ranger to play stronghold crusader. It works. However, we can't change the game speed. It's always 40. How do we change it to 90?
posted 12-24-11 04:02 EST (US) 2 / 22
When you enter the game from gameranger, and when the screen appears where you chose AI's (computer players), map, teams and other stuff - on that screen you will see one question (?) mark in a yellow circle I think - it's in the same square where are placed those buttons for changing game type (normal, crusader, or deathmatch) and human/computer advantage. It was hard to notice for me too, when I started playing online. You click on it, and then a new many will open: you will be able to change the game speed, change no rush period, turn strong walls on for example and other things.
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posted 12-24-11 04:51 EST (US) 3 / 22
Yes, game speed can only be set before the game starts.
Press the '?' button and pick it from there
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posted 12-25-11 06:24 EST (US) 4 / 22
Thanks. Got another question. How can I speak while playing? The other players were able to write while playing. How can I do it?
posted 12-25-11 07:17 EST (US) 5 / 22
After the game has started you can chat with Enter.
Press Enter and a box will show up. You can even send your message only to some players.
Press Enter again to send the message.
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posted 12-26-11 09:48 EST (US) 6 / 22
Thanks. Got some questions.
What does no rush mean?
What speed should I play? I think 90 speed is good.
There are some people that disagree with me.
What is the advantage of speed 90?
What is the advantage of speed 50?
When you install the game, it is speed 90.
posted 12-26-11 10:17 EST (US) 7 / 22
No rush is a period of time when no troops can be trained.
You can do only the economy and build the castle, and when the No rush ends, only then you can train troops.
Speed depends on player's skill and preference. 90 May be too fast for some and 40 may be too slow for some other people.
The best speed is in between them. Professional players usually play with 45-50 because it allows them to have a full benefit of the economy without missing anything.
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posted 12-29-11 11:46 EST (US) 8 / 22
Thanks for replying.
I have a question. My brother and I are playing stronghold multiplayer. We play by laptops. We have wireless internet.
We team up and battle against 6 players. However, there is a problem. Whenever we play for about 30 minutes, my connection of stronghold is disconnected, and the computer wants me to end the program. When this happens, my king dies.
Our laptops are not plugged. We play by using the battery.
Could you help me?
One more question. My brother and I play multiplayer and the game saves and autosaves. We closed the game and we open it again. We load to the game we were playing. However the speed is 40. We were playing with speed 90 before we closed the game. How can we make it 90 again?
posted 12-29-11 12:14 EST (US) 9 / 22
Perhaps the internet quality is not good enough to support a long game. If you get a windows error telling the program Stronghold Crusader.exe has stopped working, the issue is probably within your computer/installation
Make sure you are both using the same game version.
About the game speed, I don't think there is much you can do about it. The save game doesn't remember what speed have you got at that point so it resumes with the default game speed, which is 40. Have you checked the game settings, including the game speed? If it's 40, set it to 90 and the saves might then resume with speed 90.
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posted 07-31-13 22:57 EST (US) 10 / 22
I got gameranger up and running now I need a little more help. Do I need to have stronghold launched to enter a game or do I just click join and it launches one for me? Because all I've been able to figure out so far is getting into chats.
Addendum: Got it figured out! Just had to wait a little while!
name on there is flathletics102 if anyone wants to play!
Addendum 2: My wifi connection is full yet in game I keep getting 'Connection Lost' message as well as the 'Stronghold Crusader has stopped working' message you mentioned. Should I reinstall?

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posted 08-01-13 14:03 EST (US) 11 / 22
Try playing with different players.
The 'connection lost' message may be because of the network quality, either yours or the others'.
Check out your speed maybe (if it's wi-fi it might be the low-speed that makes trouble):
I'm not sure about the Stronghold.exe error though. What OS are you on?
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posted 08-02-13 14:24 EST (US) 12 / 22
Im on Windows 7 64 bit
It could be because its a laptop and yeah just running solely off the wifi which is unfortunate.
posted 07-31-14 18:08 EST (US) 13 / 22
I know GR no longer works for mac(Mavericks) on its current version, what I need to know is, if anyone has found a way to play SC-MP w/o the use of GR or by using a different MP gaming client. Maybe a way to downgrade to a previous version of GR that still works on Mavericks? I can & will try anything as long as it wont cost me money or put my mac at risk of viruses/malware/hacks, etc. Thanks in advance !
posted 08-02-14 02:43 EST (US) 14 / 22
As far as I know, there is no way to disable auto update...
Speaking about alternative ways to play - maybe you can try hamachi, I hope it still works.
Also, did someone try to play multiplayer game from the game many? The downside of this is that you will harder find a more players to play with, but it's still something. I will try if it works? (I assumed you're trying to play Stronghold Crusader, as you typed only 'SC-MP')

I have just tried this option from above. It is possible to play Crusader without GameRanger using this option, although this way it will be harder for you to find some opponents. This is what you should do (and your friends which you would like to play with):
  1. load the game
  2. multiplayer game;
  3. the one who wants to be the host should type his IP address and send it to others - the he can click HOST;
  4. others should type the IP address of the host, and click JOIN;
  5. after the game of the host has been found, click JOIN again;
  6. then you can start choose map and everything, and start the game.
If you are not finding the game being hosted by your friend, then your, or hosts Stronghold Crusader game is being blocked by firewall, so you should unblock it.
Also, I believe it would be the best for host to be the one with best internet connection - I don't know exactly how it works.
If you want to find more players to play with you, I would suggest to you create a tread at Stronghold Nation at this forum, or here. I am sure someone would come to play with you. You can do the same here at this forum as well!
Only you would have to deal with others how to meat with them, but that is no problem, if you are willing to play...
Sorry it took me so long to reply, I was unsure how could I help you, and I was only thinking about GameRanger - how to disable autoupdate, and play with older GameRanger version...
If you would like to play some game, to test if it works for you, just tell.
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posted 08-04-14 19:16 EST (US) 15 / 22
EaglePrince thanks for the reply, late is always better than never.
As far as Hamachi goes, I've looked into it but its not quite what I'm looking for, I think it would be more useful when you like have friends over w/ their laptops & everyone is sharing the same network. That's where it would probably shine most but what I search for is something that is exactly what GR is, a client that allows to play with people all the way on the other side of the world.(<- exaggerating)
I did try the in-game menu as well (many, many times), but I never seem to find the other person if they're host or find me if I host, I think maybe it would work if I gave it more time but I don't have the patience for it. I let it sit there searching one time for 10 min & gave up I thought, it just would never worked that way. But you say it does work so I guess there still hope for it I will give it another try possibly tomorrow. Maybe I should just give it some more time to search I guess..
And trust me I searched for hours focused on GR as well & every page I hit eventually led to the GR website lol
I appreciate the help.
posted 08-05-14 09:00 EST (US) 16 / 22
It was a long time ago since I played a game using hamachi, but it could be the best solution for you maybe (at least at this point). The problem of hamachi is that it is less possible to find other people who would like to play with you, and but other people I mean - people who you don't know. At GameRanger you are able to open a room, write a description, and some random guys will come in, and you can start the game. At hamachi, on the other hand you need to add people to be in tour friends list, and when you come online, you will see if some of them are online as well, and you could send him a message (as far as I remember, hamachi does have a chat), and ask him if he is for a game.
As about this thing from in-game many, I believe it doesn't work the way we would expect... It is not able to find a multiplayer game opened by some other person (I'm not sure about that, but that's just what I concluded). But this in-game option you can exploit if you have some way to chat with those other players. Then you could all start the game, and you all need to go into multiplayer. Then the host sends to others his IP address, he creates the game, and others could join. When I tested this, I didn't enter some random game - I entered the game I opened myself on another PC of mine.
Now when you mentioned hamachi, I'd say it is the best solution for you maybe. Maybe there is something else like GameRanger, but I am not aware of that. So, if you use hamachi, then you would be able to post at some forums, such as this one, or Stronghold Nation for example, and ask if someone would like to play with you at some specific time. After you all deal to play, you could share your hamachi ID's, or whatever using which you could find each other, and this way, you would be able more easily to start the multiplayer game. It is better that this method I described here.
There are also some 'local' forums, you can have a look there as well. I have seen some other guys from my country were posting messages on forums, asking for other people who would like to play with them. Some did reply, and I'm sure they had fun.
Also, there is one more thing... I enjoy it more when I play with people who don't play Crusader in multiplayer too often, because there are many players who don't play the way we like. This is one example. And yeah, they call themselves 'experts', and some go that far that they call themselves 'pro'. For this reason I like to play against people who are not corrupted with this way of playing. The main thing that I don't like are those shields, that are exploited in a way that changed whole game, so they don't build an actual castle at all. This is why it is better to play with some randoms guys you met on a forum. Also, you can find many people who don't play the way like you saw on that video - most of them play normally, but I just meant to show you one reason why it is not that bad if you need to find some friends to play with this way.
If you would like to try out some stuff about this, or play a game, just let me know.
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posted 08-08-14 03:46 EST (US) 17 / 22
I should also add that you would have to make sure Stronghold Crusader is not being blocked by your firewall in order for this to work. If it is blocked, then you wouldn't be able to see the game hosted by your friend. Also, if hosts Crusader is being blocked by firewall, he wouldn't notice a thing, but you wouldn't be able to find his game and to join it.
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What Does Gr Mean On A Post Box

posted 02-20-17 08:45 EST (US) 18 / 22
My problem with GameRanger is that I always get a runtime error when joining a match and everything shuts down. Tried many different things, but nothing worked...
posted 02-20-17 15:37 EST (US) 19 / 22
I don't know how to help you, but you should be able to make it work somehow. Usually GameRanger works without any issues. You could try asking how to solve this in Technical Issues section of this forum. Or, perhaps you could try to ask for a solution here. Unfortunately, if you have already tried reinstalling GameRanger, I'm out of ideas.
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posted 02-27-17 16:46 EST (US) 20 / 22
Have you tried cleaning your registry using a cleaning-up utility program?
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Post Box With Gr On It
posted 02-28-17 17:47 EST (US) 21 / 22
By the way, Lord of Hell, if you can, you could add Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends to the list of supported games at GameRanger. I think they have been supported since one or two years ago. Stronghold 2 cannot be played through the in-game menu anymore, only with GameRanger.
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posted 03-02-17 15:48 EST (US) 22 / 22
Np, done
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