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Evolution works differently in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as compared to the main Pokemon games. It seems that evolution plays a slightly less important role in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The main reason why you would want to evolve your Pokemon is to fill up your Friend Areas with every single Pokemon out of all the 386 Pokemon.

This new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game announced at Pokemon Direct On January 9th. It will be a remake of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red & Blue Rescue Team which was originally released on Nintendo DS in 2006. Recruit pokemon and go on a dungeon-crawling adventure! Download Demo Version Now! Dungeon-Specific Pokemon This section is all about where pokemon can be found only in a single dungeon, like how Bulbasaur (while a starter choice) can only be found in Joyous Tower. Also as a note, if you are out trying to recruit these pokemon, recruiting a Bulbasaur is going to be MUCH easier than trying to recruit an Ivysaur due to. Welcome to Pokemon Dungeon Originally founded in 2000, Pokemon Dungeon is one of the oldest Pokemon fansites online featuring one of the first ever online fan-made Pokedex, an active forum community, the latest news and reviews of the Pokemon series, the Artwork and Fiction of our members as well as lots of info on the games and a whole lot more. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Illustrations and Wallpapers.Outsider Gaming may receive a small commission if you click a link from one of our articles onto a retail website and make a purchase. All prices listed were accurate at the time of publishing.

On a more micro level, evolving a Pokemon might give it the ability to learn certain moves. For instance, Charmander and Charmeleon cannot learn Wing Attack, but Charizard does learn it. Aside from that, evolution serves no other purpose as it does not increase your Pokemon's stats like it does in the main Pokemon games. As such, it is perfectly alright to keep your Pokemon at their earlier evolutionary stages.

Accessing the Luminous Cave

Also unlike the other games is how a Pokemon evolves. Instead of evolving naturally when a Pokemon reaches the required level, you have to deliberately bring a Pokemon to a location known as the Luminous Cave in order to evolve it. Since you can only access the Luminous Cave after defeating Rayquaza, you will be unable to evolve your Pokemon until the main storyline has been completed.

The Luminous Cave can be found near Whiscash's Pond, north from Pokemon Square. However, you can only enter the cave if you are on your own. For your partner to leave you, simply return to your Rescue Team Base after your failed attempt to enter the Cave. Try to leave for a dungeon and your partner will stop you. Your partner has an idea at this point. He decides that you should change things so that you are able to pick the leader and members to go into dungeons. This would allow your team to handle rescues better by having more Pokemon types available. After his short explanation, leave for a dungeon and clear the dungeon. When you return, your team members will likewise leave the team, dispersing to their Friend Areas, but the difference this time is that your partner Pokemon will also return to its own Friend Area. Now you are free to move around alone, and can therefore enter the Luminous Cave.

Accessing the Luminous Cave

When you enter the Cave, you will find a glowing stone, which will ask if you want to evolve. If you select 'Yes', it will ask if you would give an item to evolve. Depending how your Pokemon's species evolves, select 'No', or select one or two items, accordingly.

Pokemon Dungeon

Note that you must leave the cave and come back again if you want to further evolve, provided that you have fulfilled the requirements for evolution.

Pokemon Dungeons

How do you know if your Pokemon is ready to evolve? To check, press B to access your menu, go to your team, and view the summary of your Pokemon. Press right twice, ignoring the Stats and Features pages, and check the Info about your Pokemon. Under 'Evolution', you can see if your Pokemon is ready for evolution. If it says 'Possible', your Pokemon is able to evolve. If it says 'No more', it means your Pokemon has already evolved fully, and is in its final form. If it says 'Not now', it means that you have yet to fulfill certain criteria which is required for your Pokemon to evolve.

Making a Pokemon the Leader

As mentioned before, your Pokemon has to be alone in order for it to enter the Luminous Cave. As such, in order to evolve a Pokemon, you would have to make it the leader of the team and let the other team members return to their Friend Areas.

To make a Pokemon the leader of the team, approach it in its Friend Area, and let it join the team. Talk to it again, and you can select the option 'Make Leader'. This will make your Pokemon the leader of the team.

Since your original leader is still part of the team, you will have to go to the Friend Area of the original leader and ask it to 'Stand By'. Your new leader will now be alone, and you can enter the Luminous Cave. You can also select 'Stand By' from the menu if you are at your team base.

Learning New Moves

Upon evolution, you might gain the ability to learn new moves. However, you might have evolved your Pokemon at too high a level, causing it to have missed the chance to learn certain attacks. To overcome this, you can either make use of the item known as the Doom Seed. Each Doom Seed, when consumed, will reduce the level of your Pokemon by 1. Hence, you can make use of them to reduce your Pokemon's levels so that you can now learn the move(s) you have missed. Alternatively, you can visit Gulpin at his Link Shop, and get him to help you with re-learning moves.

Evolution Criteria

Most Pokemon evolve when they reach certain levels, but others require certain special items or other criteria before they can evolve. Here is a list of these Pokemon and their requirements for evolution. Also included are the locations where you can find the items required for evolution. Note that some Pokemon need a high IQ to evolve. Feeding Gummies is the only way in which you can raise the IQ of a Pokemon.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Quiz

CriteriaItem LocationEvolves fromEvolves to
Fire Stone
Fiery FieldVulpixNinetales
Leaf Stone
Wish Cave - Kecleon ShopsGloomVileplume
Moon Stone
Solar CaveNidorinaNidoqueen
Sun Stone
Solar CaveGloomBellossom
Lightning FieldPikachuRaichu
Water Stone
Northwind FieldPoliwhirlPoliwrath
Link Cable
Solar Cave, after the HMs have been takenKadabraAlakazam
Link Cable + Deepseascale
Grand Sea, Far-Off SeaClamperlGorebyss
Link Cable + Deepseatooth
Grand Sea, Far-Off SeaClamperlHuntail
Link Cable + Dragon Scale
Wyvern HillSeadraKingdra
Link Cable + King's Rock
Wish Cave - Kecleon ShopsPoliwhirlPolitoed
Link Cable + Metal Coat
Southern CavernOnixSteelix
Link Cable + Upgrade
Wish Cave - Kecleon ShopsPorygonPorygon2
High IQ (5 Stars)
High IQ (6 Stars)
High IQ (4 Stars) + Sun Ribbon
Wyvern HillEeveeEspeon
High IQ (4 Stars) + Lunar Ribbon
Northwind FieldEeveeUmbreon
Beauty Scarf
Western CaveFeebasMilotic