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Black Screen is one. If you happen to be using the wrong REFRESH, it will do the same. So if your monitor is a 60hz, set it for 59hz or visa versa.

Opera GX is a new alternative to the well-known browser. This time, it focuses on offering services and features for PC videogame players. Although this version shares its core with the standard version, it includes enough changes to be considered a totally different product. Thanks for the reply,now when my friends stream it doesnt show black screen it shows that loading sign over and over.like if they want to share their youtube it shows the loading sign for me. April 09, 2021 19:48; i have been using OPERA GX and i can screen share stream but i cant watch other people sharing. Joel Ackerman April 10. Do you guys have any solution for that? I simply can't do anything. I install, reinstall - even on different disks - and nothing seems to solve the problem. After my Windows updated on October 9th, a constant black bar has appeared on the bottom of my screen. Some web browsers like Opera GX also present black lines in the middle of the screen, plus some more weird graphic bugs (eg. When i open Intel Graphics some 'holes' appear in the screen, and when i click them Windows takes me to whatever is.

Easy Setup

The Easy Setup panel is your quick access to manage Opera’s most prominent features. It is a great way for first-time Opera users to become familiar with the features in the browser, while also being useful for experienced users to make quick adjustments.

Easy Setup is found in the top-right corner of the start page.

Inside the panel, you can change themes and wallpapers, pin the sidebar, show the bookmarks bar, turn ad blocker on or off, change download locations, and clear browsing data. At the bottom of Easy Setup, you will find a link to the full settings page.

Make Opera your default browser

Under Default browser in the Easy Setup window, click the Make Opera default browser button. This button is not visible if Opera is already your default browser.

Speed Dial

The Speed Dial is a visual set of entries made from your most visited sites or installed extensions. Speed Dial entries appear as thumbnails that link to the page. You can organize your favorite sites into folders.

BlackOpera Gx Black Screen

Add entries to Speed Dial

Opera gx black screen

To add an entry:

  1. Click the empty entry marked with a +.
  2. Select from the list of suggested pages, or type a web address (for example opera.com/).
  3. Press Enter.

To open an entry, click on the entry’s thumbnail.

Edit Speed Dial entries

To name or edit the web address of an entry:

  1. Right-click (Ctrl+click on Mac) the entry’s thumbnail.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Change the name and/or address using the text fields.
  4. Click OK.

To rearrange the position of entries, drag and drop the thumbnails to your desired location.


To remove an entry, right-click the entry and click Move to trash.

Manage Speed Dial folders

To create a folder of Speed Dial entries, drag one entry onto another. Click the newly created folder to expand it and view the entries it contains. When a folder is expanded, entries can be managed individually.

To return to the Speed Dial, click the X on the top-left of the folder’s window, or click outside of the folder’s window.

To edit a folder’s title, right-click the folder and select Edit Title. Type your desired name into the text field and click OK.

To rearrange entries inside a folder, expand the folder and drag and drop entries to the desired location. Move them outside of the folder to place them as individual entries in the Speed Dial.

To remove a folder, and all of its entries, right-click the folder and select Move to Trash.

Opera GX Gaming Theme

WARNING: The best theme I made ever!!! A gaming theme inspired by Opera GX supporting both default themes and a maximum amount of official plugins. Also supports some other Discord pages like login screen and Discord Developer Portal on browser.

Theme Thumbnail - See a preview here (OGGT:131)

AMOLED Dark Theme

Do you know the hidden AMOLED dark theme on Android with the full black background? Just click 10 times on 'Dark theme' in your appearance settings! But you want this theme on PC but it's unavailable? Great news, now it's available! You can download this theme and enjoy using the AMOLED dark theme on PC!

Preview: ADT:299

AMOLED Dark Theme Optimized

This Optimized version of AMOLED Dark Theme changes all backgrounds to full dark.

Preview: ADTO:199

Always Display Channel Buttons

Allows you to see what buttons you have for each channel without hovering on it. Useful to test some channel settings.

Preview: ADCB:5

BetterDiscord Light Theme Fixer

BetterDiscord (currently the v1.0.0) is not optimized with the light theme. This minitheme optimizes colors for a better experience with light theme.

Preview: Showing the old BBDLTF:3 because I can't update to BD v1.0.0 on Canary

Blur Account Informations

This mini-theme allows you to hide your email adress and other things in your Account Card when you enter in Discord's User Settings without enabling Streamer Mode. This theme has also some settings in the theme file. Similar theme: YouTube Blur Emails.

Preview: BAI:1 with new account infos

Compact Channels and MemberList

Compact Channellist and Memberlist. This is a customizable theme, you can change some variables in the theme file.

Preview: CC:10 - Compact memberlist in beta

ContextMenus Old Style

You don't like the new Discord update that changed background colors when you hover on an option in a contextmenu? This theme allows you to go back to the old contextmenus update. This doesn't break any plugin, it changes only some colors just for appearance.

Theme Thumbnail from YTGamer/bdthemes (CMOS:3)

Custom Font

Allows you to change the font used in all your Discord interface and the font for codelines/codeblocks. Similar theme: Custom Font for Browser.

Preview: CF:8

Green SpotifyControls

Allows you to easily change all colors and background colors for the SpotifyControls plugin. Change the colors in the theme file.

Preview: GSC:1

Remove Nitro Tab

Hides the Nitro channel in private channels list, but you can use Alt + Up/Down Arrows shortcuts (for Windows) to access to it.

Preview: RNT:1 - Image from YTGamer/bdthemes

Serverlist At Bottom

Moves the serverlist at the bottom, like Guilded. Supports ONLY with these themes:

  • ✅ One of my fullthemes or my minithemes
  • ✅ A theme optimized with ServerlistAtBottom
  • ✅ A theme that has only color properties or at least doesn't move elements.
  • ✅ Or the native Discord light and dark themes

Preview: SAB:9

Show full original message in Replies

Allows you to directly show the full original message in long inline replies.

Preview: SFOMIR:1

Textarea Max Height Modifier

Are you bored with the small space that Discord allows in textareas when you're writing long messages? This customizable theme allows you to modify the max height. You'll have more text shown in your textarea!

Opera Gx Black Screen Download

Preview: TMHM:2

Typing At Top Of Chat Box (chatbox = textarea)

Moves the 'Someone is typing…' and some other things at the top of the textarea. Just like on mobile!

Preview: TATOCB:2


A bit complex to understand, but it allows you to highly customize some parts of your UI, and with some other settings.

Opera Gx Black Screen

Opera Gx Black Screen Editor

Preview: UT00AU:7