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This isn't really the kind of post I should be writing as my first post and I know this question has been asked a hundred times before, but I am having issues with starting a server online. I've scoured all the threads on this forum I can find about the problem but haven't found a solution for it.Openttd Multiplayer
So far, I've ensured that the option is set to broadcast my server to the server list when I launch it and I know that I have enough bandwidth to support it. I've made sure that both Windows Firewall and my other firewall allow in- and outbound connections for openttd.exe and that my router is forwarding the port range used by the game. I'm able to join online games just fine. I've also tried using Hamachi but the other person I'm trying to set up the server for (for a private game) can't handle Hamachi on their bandwidth, somehow, but they do have enough bandwidth to play OTTD online (but, seemingly, not enough to host), so Hamachi isn't an option. My server still isn't appearing to them in the server list no matter how long I wait, and manually adding my IP results in their client finding the right information, apart from the server name, and saying that the server is offline, even though it obviously isn't.
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Is there anything else I might be able to do to get it working?

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First, in order to enable buying shares, the server needs to have the relevant 'Competitors' option set (allow buying shares). According to the openTTD wiki, even with this option on it is impossible to buy more than 75% of the shares from non-AI opponents or buy any shares at all from companies that are less than 6 years old. Completely buying out a human opponent in multiplayer is disabled. Version of OpenTTD 1.11.0-beta2, built with Android NDK arm64. Expected result OpenTTD does not crash Actual result OpenTTD crashes Steps to reproduce Run OpenTTD, click 'Multiplayer', click 'Search internet'.