Open M4a In Audacity

Audacity is a free, open source digital audio editor and recording application. Edit your sounds using cut, copy, and paste features (with unlimited undo functionality), mix tracks, or apply effects to your recordings. The program also has a built-in amplitude-envelope editor, a customizable spectrogram mode, and a frequency-analysis window for audio-analysis applications. Built-in effects include bass boost, wah wah, and noise removal, and the program also supports VST plug-in effects.

Mar 19, 2021 An AU file is an audio file created by Audacity, a free, cross-platform audio editor. It is saved in a proprietary audio format used only by Audacity. AU files are part of Audacity projects, which are saved as.AUP files. Apr 02, 2021 Unitary Project. Audacity 3.0.0 introduces the new AUP3 project format. Project files saved with this version will have an aup3 extension, for example My-Project.aup3.We believe that this new project format will make life easier for Audacity users, as it replaces the previous project storage format - which used an AUP file and its associated data folder full of little audio clips - with a.

You can use Audacity to:

  • Record live audio.
  • Record computer playback on any Windows Vista or later machine.
  • Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs.
  • Edit WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3 or Ogg Vorbis sound files.
  • AC3, M4A/M4R (AAC), WMA and other formats supported using optional libraries.
  • Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together.
  • Numerous effects including change the speed or pitch of a recording.
  • Write your own plug-in effects with Nyquist.
  • And more! See the complete list of features.

Open M4a In Audacity

Audacity 3.0 changelog:

  • Now using aup3 unitary project file format.
  • Over 160 bugs fixed.

See also: v3.0 Release Notes

Import M4a Audacity

Open M4a In Audacity

Download page: Audacity 3.0 26.0 MB (Open Source)
View: Audacity Home Page

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Open M4a File In Audacity

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