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Norton Remove and Reinstall tool helps to uninstall and reinstall Norton device security on Microsoft Windows operating system.

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To remove Norton on your Mac, read Remove all Norton programs for Mac using the RemoveNortonMacFiles tool.

Norton™ provides industry-leading antivirus and security software for your PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Download a Norton™ 360 plan - protect your devices against viruses, ransomware, malware and other online threats. What happened to Norton AntiVirus Basic? Norton AntiVirus Basic previously had a free trial offer, however, we now offer Norton AntiVirus Plus. Norton AntiVirus Plus has everything Norton AntiVirus Basic did, plus Smart Firewall, PC Cloud Backup ‡‡, Password Manager, and our Virus Protection Promise 2. Learn more about Norton AntiVirus Plus. Norton Antivirus free download - Norton Security and Antivirus, Virus Definitions for Norton AntiVirus 9.0/10.0/11.0 (PowerPC/Intel), Norton 360, and many more programs.

When you run the tool, it uninstalls the Norton currently installed and restarts your computer. After the computer restarts, the tool automatically downloads and installs the latest version of Norton. If you have any issues related to installing Norton after the computer restarts, read Install Norton device security.

Norton Antivirus Free Trial 90 Days

The Norton Remove and Reinstall tool can be used to:

  • Remove the current product and reinstall the latest version of Norton

  • Remove Norton completely (Norton will not be automatically reinstalled)

    If you have Norton Family or Norton Secure VPN installed, uninstall them before you run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.

  1. Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.

    Save the file to the Windows desktop. On some browsers, the file is automatically saved to its default location.

  2. To open the Downloads window in your browser, press the Ctrl + J key.

  3. Double-click the NRnR icon.

  4. Read the license agreement, and click Agree.

  5. Click Remove & Reinstall.

    You may only see the Remove option if your Norton product is from your service provider.

  6. Click Continue or Remove.

  7. Click Restart Now.

    After the computer restarts, follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall Norton. If you have any issues related to Norton installation after the computer restarts, read Install Norton device security.

It is important to protect your computer. Look below to see information on products [and websites] that will help you. All of the products on this page are FREE for you.

Antivirus Software:

Antivirus Home Use Program (AV HUP)

The DoD Antivirus Software License Agreement with McAfee allows active DoD employees to utilize the antivirus software for home use. Home use of the antivirus products will not only protect personal PCs, but will also potentially lessen the threat of malicious logic being introduced to the workplace and compromising DoD networks. Contractors are excluded from using the software at home or on any other system not belonging to the DoD.

McAfee Internet Security

As a member of DoD, you can now take advantage of a free one-year subscription to McAfee Internet Security for your PC or MAC.This subscription gives you proactive security for your home PC by preventing malicious attacks and keeping you safe while you surf, search, and download files online. McAfee's security service also continuously delivers the latest software so your protection is never out-of-date.

By installing McAfee software on your home system, you will not only be protecting your PC from malicious threats, but you will also help your organization strengthen its IT security against transferable viruses and spyware.

If you are not an employee of the Department of Defense, here are other FREE options for you (and some handy security programs).

Norton antivirus freeware

Windows Computers:

Windows Defender is built into Windows 10

Type Defender into the search box to find

Download AVG Anti-Virus (includes Anti-Spyware)

Norton Antivirus Free Version


Mac Computers:

Please be aware that Macs are also being targetted

This page has some good information on it

Norton Antivirus 360 Free


Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising


The Network Advertising Initiative has a tool that will help you Opt out of some tailored online advertising

Classes for learning how to be more security minded while using your computer