Nintendo Switch Disney Plus

Stream Movies on the Go

Good news for Nintendo Switch owners. It appears that Disney‘s recently announced Disney+ streaming service will be available on Nintendo’s handheld console. The news comes from a presentation slide showing the new streaming service’ availability on consoles. So it joins PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, except it has the advantage of being portable.

How Will Disney+ Work on the Nintendo Switch?

With Netflix pulling out of the Nintendo Switch, Disney supporting the handheld is a great idea to increase their reach. It also helps the hardware considerably since it only has YouTube, and Hulu (but only if you are in the US).

Although both Nintendo and Disney have yet to officially confirm functionality, the appearance on the official promotional slide is as good enough of a confirmation as it comes.

Nintendo Switch Disney Plus

Users should not only be able to stream but download videos as well. The latter, confirmed by the official Disney+ Twitter page as a function of the service. Users should be able to install the official app from Nintendo game store once it launches.

Here we go… #DisneyPlus will allow downloading, so all content from the service can be accessed offline!

Nintendo switch disney+ app

This isn't the first time Disney has batted its eyes at the Nintendo Switch console. The company has previously shown interest in bringing its online subscription service Disney Plus to the platform. No, there is no Disney Plus app on the Nintendo Switch. If you want to stream movies or shows on your Switch, you can instead download the Hulu or YouTube apps. Visit Business Insider's homepage.



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Nintendo Switch Disney Plus 2021

When Will the Disney+ Streaming Service Launch?

Nintendo Switch And Disney Plus

Disney+ is launching on November 12th for $6.99 USD a month. Aside from having a large catalogue of Disney videos, it will also feature new original shows from Star Wars and MARVEL. Plus, Disney confirmed that they will have popular FOX television shows as well as National Geographic content on the platform as well.