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Gather in this interactive, online, multi-dimensional social space. Firefox Developer Edition. Get the Firefox browser built just for developers. Check out the home for web developer resources. Firefox Reality. Explore the web with the Firefox browser for virtual reality. Download Firefox apk 87.0.0-rc.1 for Android. Protect your data with the only non-profit-backed browser that is private & fast.

Mozilla Firefox is a free, open source web browser available for Windows, OS X and Linux, with mobile versions available for Android. It uses the Gecko rendering engine which is based on current web standards.

Features include tabbed browsing, a spell-checker, live bookmarks, Smart Bookmarks, a download manager, private browsing, location-aware browsing and integrated search. It supports extensions for adding new, third-party features, and a wide variety of these are available.

Mozilla App DownloadMozilla firefox download

Mozilla Firefox App Download For Mobile

The browser also provides a web development environmenet featuring tools such as Error Console or DOM Inspector and extensions such as Firebug.

Users on 64-bit Windows who download Firefox can get our 64-bit version by default. That means you get a more secure version of Firefox, one that also crashes a whole lot less. How much less? In our tests so far, 64-bit Firefox reduced crashes by 39% on machines with 4GB of RAM or more.


What’s the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit?

Mozilla App Download For Pc

Here’s the key thing to know: 64-bit applications can access more memory and are less likely to crash than 32-bit applications. Also, with the jump from 32 to 64 bits, a security feature called Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) works better to protect you from attackers. Linux and macOS users, fret not, you already enjoy a Firefox that’s optimized for 64-bit.

How do you get 64-bit Firefox?

Mozilla app download for pc

Mozilla Firefox App Download For Android

If you’re running 64-bit Windows (here’s how to check), your Firefox may already be 64-bit. Check your Firefox version (in the “About Firefox” window) and look for “(32-bit)” or “(64-bit)” after the version number:

  • If you see “(32-bit)” and you are running Firefox 56.0 or older, updating to the latest Firefox version should automatically upgrade you to 64-bit.
  • If you see “(32-bit)” and are running Firefox 56.0.1 or newer, then your computer may not meet the minimum memory requirement for 64-bit (3 GB RAM or more). You can still manually install 64-bit Firefox, if you choose.

Firefox Mozilla App Download

If you need to run 32-bit Firefox or manually install 64-bit Firefox, you can simply download and re-run the Windows (32-bit or 64-bit) Firefox installer from the Firefox platforms and languages download page.