Monster Hunter Rise Pro Controller

As the release date for Monster Hunter Rise draws near, Capcom has continued to share new details with its fans. With the development team recently showcasing MH Rise's new Palamute armor, Nintendo Japan has added more reasons for fans to anticipate the launch by making an announcement that a special edition Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch and Pro Controller is up for pre-order.


Nintendo Japan announces a special edition Switch and Pro Controller based on Capcom's upcoming action title, Monster Hunter Rise. By Luie Magbanua Published Jan 26, 2021 As the release date for. Monster Hunter Rise Bundle and Pro Controller will be released in Europe on March 26th!

With the launch of Monster Hunter World for PC in 2018, and its Iceborne expansion in 2019, the Monster Hunter franchise has seen a huge audience growth in the Western market. This growth has even been big enough for Hollywood to produce a Monster Hunter live-action film based on the game, even though many fans are dismayed about the outcome. However, Japan is still the home country of Monster Hunter. And both Nintendo and Capcom have realized this, stating that the special edition Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch and Pro Controller will only be available in that region, for now.

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Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch

According to Nintendo Japan's official site, the 'Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise Special Edition' is already available for pre-order, and will be released on the same day of the game's launch. Priced at 38,400 yen (excluding tax) or $370 USD, the console will be bundled with the digital deluxe version of Monster Hunter Rise. The unit's dock features the game's flagship monster, Magnamalo in a brilliant gold color, while the Switch's backplate and Joy-Cons are dotted with details reminiscent of Kamura Village.

『Nintendo Switch モンスターハンターライズ スペシャルエディション』発売決定!Nintendo Switch本体裏面、ドック表面、Joy-Con両面に本作のメインモンスター“マガイマガド”や世界観を表現したアイコンや模様をあしらっています。詳細は任天堂ホームページへモンハンライズ

— モンスターハンターライズ公式 (@MH_Rise_JP) January 27, 2021

On the other hand, Japanese fans will be able to order the 'Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Monster Hunter Rise Edition' for 7,480 yen (excluding tax) or $73 USD. The physical controller shares the same Magnamalo design aesthetic as the Switch dock, making it a perfectly matched pair, if fans decide to purchase both.

『Nintendo Switch Proコントローラー モンスターハンターライズエディション』発売決定!“マガイマガド”をコントローラー前面に大胆にあしらった特別なデザインのNintendo Switch Proコントローラーも単品発売!詳細は任天堂ホームページへ⇒モンハンライズ

— モンスターハンターライズ公式 (@MH_Rise_JP) January 27, 2021Monster Hunter Rise Pro Controller

Pre-orders in Japan open on February 27, 2021. With no news that the special edition will come to Western shores, avid fans may have to resort to proxy shopping services to get their hands on these unique Monster Hunter Rise collectibles.

Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise Edition

Monster Hunter Rise will be released on March 26, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Official Nintendo Japan Site

Monster Hunter Rise Pro Controller

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Mh Rise Pro Controller

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