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Moffett M55: Truck Mount Forklift Quality Forklift Alex Power Equipment of Alexandria has joined the Quality Forklift family! ZM21513H 6 Filters M50/M55 Kubota V2203 w/Heater ZM21513HT 6 Filters M50/M55 P/4-W & M70/M80 Kubota V2003 Turbo w/Heater. ZM21512C 3 Filters Telemount - Moffett Built - ZM21512X 3 Filters Telemount - Combi-Built - ZM21512P 2 Filters M4000 Lister 3 Cyl (Glass Bowl Fuel).



The Used 2014 MOFFETT M55.4 is offered at CAD $43,087.30. This financing payment is based on a lease transaction. Monthly lease payments of CAD $851.42 pretax for 60 months at an annual percentage rate of 9.94%. The total lease cost is $51,085.42 with a $4,308.73 residual. This lease payment is an estimate for information purposes only. Apr 09, 2021 2006 MOFFETT MOUNTY 4-Way M55.4 4Way, steam cleaned, pressure/leak tested, New Paint, fresh full service, 10' Mast, New Seat. Truck Mounted Forklift for sale, 2006 MOFFETT M55.4 4-Way Truck Mounted Piggy-back Forklift, 2006 Moffett M55.4 4-Way Forklift available for sale. Friends listed here is a. MOFFETT M8 55.4 Hiab USA Inc 12233 Williams Road Perrysburg, OH 43551 USA tel. 419 482 6000 fax. 419 482 6001 V2016.11.09 In less than a minute, the Moffett can mount or dismount a truck or trailer and be ready for work. Hiab is the world’s leading provider of on-road load handling equipment. Customer satisfaction is the first.

  • Speed up deliveries – unload your truck or trailer from one side, using Pantograph with Lift Assist®
  • Enhance safety and productivity with new Ground Start® mounting system
  • Better access and even more cost-effective servicing thanks to a refined chassis + simpler component layout
  • Lower fuel costs + emissions with the clog-free, DPF-free Kohler 56hp Turbo engine
  • Do more. Save more. Optional Ground Mount® system lets you mount + dismount without ever climbing on the trailer or forklift

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The Power of PL: Moffett Pantograph Reach + Lift Assist®

The PL in M8 55.3 PL NX is for Moffett’s Pantograph system with patented Lift Assist® arms. With it, you never have to turn your truck around! PL lets you reach across the deck and lift and unload at full capacity. You can do more and save more on every job, and save on fuel, time and labour costs – productivity with a capital P.

Want more? New NX features add more safety, comfort, productivity + performance


The M8 55.3PL NX was already Canada’s #1 truck-mounted Pantograph reach forklift. But the newly redesigned NX package takes it to a whole new level. It’s lighter and stronger than ever. It improves visibility. It’s more fuel-efficient. It makes accessing and servicing components (including the new multi-function hydraulic valve system) faster, easier and more economical than ever. And it has long-lasting LED work lights, streetlights and truck lights to make loading and deliveries in the dark a whole lot safer.

Moffett M55 Specs

What’s more, now the only reason to get on your machine is to start working. The M8 55.3PL NX comes with Ground Start®, a unique push button start that lets you get going anywhere more quickly without getting on your forklift. Plus, the M8 55.3PL NX is so fast and easy to mount, dismount and start, you save time – every time – on all the thousands of deliveries you make. That adds up to big savings.

There’s more yet. Add the optional Moffett Ground Mount™ fully remote control system, and you can literally mount on and off the truck without ever getting on your Moffett. It’s the ultimate in productivity.

It has it all – and more!

The new Moffett M8 55.3PL NX truck-mounted forklift has every one of these great NX features and more: 5,500 lbs. lift up to a full 12-foot height. An all-wheel drive hydrostatic system with anti-stall that lets you turn on a dime and easily handle long, heavy, bulky loads over the curb, in rough conditions –even in the tightest spots. And a two-stage retractable mast with integrated side shift with tilt functions so you can easily position your load right where you want it.

The M8 55.3PL NX’s powerful Tier 4 Kohler 56 hp Turbo diesel engine has lower emissions and is DPF-free, so there’s no filter to clog. Its intake grid heater and block heater make cold weather deliveries easier. Hydraulic telescopic stabilizers provide greater stability, capacity and ground clearance.

And you save time – every time. Moffett’s unique Lower & Go® system quickly and securely releases the forklift onto the mounting chains for faster loading and unloading. With your Moffett, one person can mount or dismount in under a minute. No waiting, no other equipment is required; it lets you deliver more using fewer people and fewer trucks.

Moffett M55 Parts Manual

The best in support, in-house financing + the highest resale value

Everything about the Moffett M8 55.3PL NX says unparalleled productivity, performance, comfort and value. And Moffett forklifts have the highest resale value in the market – it kind of says it all. Want more value? In-house financing makes it easy to own and maintain your Moffett, and we back it up with our first rate, national sales and service network.

Technical Specifications

Moffett M55 Forklift

Lifting Capacity: 5,500 lb @ 24' load centres
Lift Height: (std.) 3040 / 120 in.
Engine Power: 56 HP (Tier 4 Final)

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Moffett M55 For Sale. We are a used Moffett forklift dealer and have a Moffett M55 for sale. There are many of theses units in stock and ready to go to work.

Moffett M55 For Sale

The Moffett M55 was started in the model year of 2006. It was the successor to the M5500, because of this the Moffett M55 is what we would call a new body style. With the new model there was a major upgrade with the counterweights in frame of the new model. This made it a little heavier. It also got fiberglass body panels on the back door and the hood. The Kubota remained the power plant. The hydraulics were upgraded. The Moffett M55 was manufactured between 2006 and 2013. The design as soldiered on as different model number as of the 2021 model year.

The unit weighs around 6200 LBS, up about 500 pounds from the previous generaton. The forklift is capable of lifting 5500 pounds. Units are available in the standard 2-way and an optional 4 way multi directional configuration. The M55 4 way was first designated as the M55 4W it then was later designation the 55.4. There was also an extra reach model called the M55P. The P stands for a pantograph. This allowed the forklift an extra reach, so that it could unload from one side of the truck or trailer. The Moffett M55 is becoming one the more affordable truck mounted forklift and is most likely the most common used truck mounted forklift currently available in the market today.and

Moffett M55 Filters

We are a dominant force within the United States, when it comes to selling truck truck mounted forklifts. Moffett is the most common brand. We have hundreds of units in stock, and are constantly bringing their into our refurbished facility for preparation of retail sale.If you are looking for a Moffett 55 for sale, we are your best source to get a good reliable forklift ready to work at the best possible price. See what we have for sale click here.