Mario Bros Deluxe

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is a platform video game released on the Game Boy Color in 1999 as an enhanced port of the 1985 NES game Super Mario Bros., also including its 1986 Family Computer Disk System sequel, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, as a hidden reward. It was released fourteen years after the original Super Mario Bros. Let's play Super Mario Bros to save Mushroom Princess right now!!! The Mushroom Princess is being held captive by the evil Koopa tribe of turtles. Super Mario Bros. Super Mario World. Super Pineapple Pen. Mario And Sonic Zombie Killer. Bakery And Bravery. Mario Ghosthouse.

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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Developer: Nintendo R&D2
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Color
Released in JP: March 1, 2000
Released in US: April 30, 1999
Released in EU: July 1, 1999
Released in AU: February 13, 2014 (3DS Virtual Console)

This game has unused areas.
This game has unused code.
This game has unused graphics.
This game has unused music.
This game has a hidden level select.
This game has regional differences.
This game has revisional differences.

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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is, you guessed it, a remake of Super Mario Bros. and (most of) its Japanese sequel to the Game Boy Color. With the exceptions of an overworld map, a Challenge Mode, somewhat iffy physics, heavy screen crunch and some other tidbits, it remains very faithful to the original.

To do:
Revisional differences between English Rev 0 and Rev 1 (may have to do with the Photo Album bug).
  • 4Unused Music
  • 7Regional Differences
  • 8Revisional Differences

Unused Level Select

An unused level select for the For Super Players mode, judging by the 'MARIO 2' text, can be loaded by setting 0xFFB5 to 0x31 (or activate and deactivate GameShark code 0131B5FF).

It can load all the levels, including unused ones. You will start with 0 lives (though getting a game over will reset the lives counter to 5 while keeping Mario on the last played level) and can continue playing after the last level, with glitchy results. By default it will use the Super Mario Bros. level set.

To get it to use the For Super Players level set, activate it on the For Super Players world map or keep 0xC160 set to 0x01 (GameShark code 010160C1). To get it to use Super Mario Bros. level set with the Challenge Mode enabled, activate it on the Challenge Mode menu.

There also does not appear to be a way to switch between Mario and Luigi on this screen, so to play as Luigi, select a level, lose a life, then press Select on the overworld.

(Source: DekoTheDragon)

Lost Lost Levels Levels

Admit it, you laughed.

Worlds 9, A, B, C, and D of the Super Mario Bros. 2Lost LevelsFor Super Players portion of the game are partially complete, but cannot be accessed by normal means. See the Notes page for a full list of differences and GameShark codes to access them.

(Source: GoldS for in-depth, DJBouche for discovery)

Test Level

This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Why do the Red Coins not register? What do the other Brick Blocks contain? (Also, make this section look more appealing).

Level Number: 20. The timer is set to 0 in Challenge Mode, meaning the level lasts indefinitely unless it is exited via the pause menu.

This simple level comes after 8-4 and before the 1-2 bonus area. It can be accessed by using GameShark code 012063C1 and entering any level in Original or Challenge mode.

The second single Brick Block from the left contains a Red Coin if the level is loaded in Challenge Mode, but collecting it will not cause the 'Red Coin collected' sound effect to play or add it to the Red Coin HUD. The Red Coin does give the player 200 points, however.

(Source: GoldS)

In the Japanese version, the first pipe contains a Piranha Plant.

Unused Music

The GBC-only message (the screen for when the game is played on a regular Game Boy) has code to play a song, however the noise channel is disabled. Game Genie code ??0-0DB-E6A will cause any sound effect to play. Game Genie code 500-0AB-E6A will restore the noise channel which was not pointing to the memory range of the noise channel. The codes must be active before the screen loads; activating them after the screen has loaded will not play the sound effect/tune unless the game is reset.

Mario Bros Deluxe

Unused Hurry Pipe Intro

ID71, 72

A 'low time' version of the intro played before underground and underwater levels. The timer doesn't count during this intro ergo this is unused. The song is split into two parts, as with all hurry variations and the latter ID is the actual song. Game Genie code ??C-C7B-19F will play the song at the main menu. It is also unused in the original game.

(Source: nensndubois for in-depth and access method)

Unused Graphics

To do:
Rip the rest of the unused graphics including a crayon icon, and an unused album movement animation set at the mode select menu. There is also text for a ranking clear setting. And two placeholder tiles.

Early graphics for the 'Extremely Lucky' card. In the final version, Peach's face was touched up slightly, her earrings were repositioned, the 'EXTREMELY' text was redrawn and shifted up by one pixel, and the word 'LUCKY' was added.

The first metatile in the tileset is the ground from the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2. The tiles can be restored via Game Genie codes 002-71B-4C8 012-73B-4C0 022-75B-4CC 032-77B-4C4. The final game uses the original Super Mario Bros. graphics in both the regular and 'For Super Players' modes.

A pre-release screenshot shows that other tiles were planned to be included, but these are not present in the final game.

A block with a very devious expression. It appears in place of some Challenge Mode, VS Mode, and You VS Boo objects if they are hacked into normal levels. Graphics for another frame located nearby suggest this block could also flip, possibly as a 'trap' for the player to fall through.

A flashing checkerboard tile. The metatile associated with this graphic is solid, with no special behavior. What purpose it would serve is unknown.

Unseen Level Features

In all of the non-castle You VS Boo Levels, the areas after the flagpoles can't be seen in normal gameplay, as the victory screen shows up after Mario slides down the flagpole. They can be seen in-game by using this walkthrough walls code:

Mario Bros Deluxe Apk

The unseen castle after the flagpole in World 1-1. Oddly enough, it lacks the windows on the top that all other castles at the end of levels in the main game have.

The unseen brick blocks and pipe after the flagpole in World 1-2. Since there isn't an inserted room pointer to the pipe's exit, hacking your way in order to enter the pipe will cause the game to crash.

The unseen castle after the flagpole in World 1-3.

The unseen castle after the flagpole in World 2-1.

The unseen pipe after the flagpole in World 2-2.

The unseen castle after the flagpole in World 2-3.

Mario Bros Deluxe Ludwig Kids

Regional Differences

Mario Bros Deluxe How To Get Mini Mushrooms

To do:
Some Toy Box stuff to print were changed (e.g., Only For was changed to Disk System, a banner was added, among others)

The Japanese version was released eight months after the European one, and received a fair amount of improvements.

Photo Album


Super Mario Bros Deluxe Walkthrough

The photo album icon on the main menu got a flashing NEW! whenever there are new photos to view.

Original 1985


The sound that plays when the screen is scrolled by pressing Select or Up was changed in the Japanese version.

While the English versions start you as Small Mario whenever you restore a game, the Japanese version saves your current powerup. This opens up a bug where if you save at the right time while being hit and reload, you can end up as a small Fire Mario. Your current score is also saved on the Japanese version (it was reset on the English versions), making it easier to get a high score.

In the English versions, the Game Over screen asks you if you want to continue, and if not, if you want to save. The Japanese version has a single menu with Continue, Save, and End; if you opt to save, a large 'RANK IN!' starburst will appear if your score is high enough to get on the records table.

Speaking of which, pressing Start in the Japanese version lets you reset the high score table. The extra modes are also unlocked as soon as you hit 100,000 or 300,000, rather than the English versions' method of having to get a Game Over in order for your score to register.


The message presented after choosing to save on the pause menu differs between versions.

Challenge Mode


The point totals for getting the Score Medal were reduced in 14 of the first 16 levels (the exceptions being 2-3 and 3-4), and the score bar at the bottom of the screen fills to the new total.

You vs. Boo

In the English versions, pressing Select to switch between forms only lets you play as Mario or Luigi based on who you used last in other modes. In the Japanese version, the brothers are cycled through along with their forms, and even keeps track of your record time for each stage.

(Source: The Mushroom Kingdom)

Default Ranks


The names for the default rankings were appropriately translated. Note that 'NOKO2' is short for nokonoko, the Japanese name for Koopa Troopas. 'Toad' was replaced entirely with 'Pakkun', part of the Japanese name for a Piranha Plant. The music heard when printing will also play at the rankings screen in the Japanese version.

Revisional Differences

Virtual Console Changes

The 3DS does not support any link or infrared capabilities that the Game Boy Color originally had, which renders all multiplayer modes unplayable. As a result, any text strings in the Fortune Teller that referenced multiplayer modes were changed to duplicates of other text strings.

Game Boy Color (EN)Game Boy Color (JP)3DS (EN)3DS (JP)

In addition, the print option has been completely disabled, and two of the pictures in the album are impossible to obtain without hacking.

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