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Linde delivers milestone truck to customer in Spain

See detailed specifications and technical data for Reach Trucks. Get more in-depth insight on Linde Reach Trucks and find specific machine specifications on LECTURA Specs. The trucks from the R-MATIC series are the only reach trucks that can be operated in an aisle width of just 2.90 m where Euro pallets are used. The user can increase the speed accordingly for wider aisle widths. The R-MATIC series is also setting new standards with its lifting height.

Safely through the hazardous area
There’s a solution for every job
Perfection down to the last detail
Intelligent team player


Efficient forklift trucks are the backbone of efficient intra-company logistics. Together with intelligent software and comprehensive service packages, operators achieve lasting competitive advantages.

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The safety of people, trucks, and goods is the central idea of Linde Material Handling’s Zero Accident Philosophy. With integrated solutions, Linde is working toward a future of safer intralogistics.

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The best solutions arise when humans and technology work together in perfect harmony. The principle of ergonomic design therefore strongly informs Linde Material Handling’s development of trucks and services.

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Automation for your warehouse

Scalable and cost-efficient automation is a critical element of an optimal material flow. Automated procedures ensure consistent, efficient, and flexible processes.

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Linde Magazine

Exciting application reports and videos as well as articles about technology and different industry sectors.

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Approved Trucks Program—New Standard for Used Forklifts

Reach Forklift

Fast availability, efficiency, and flexibility are crucial factors for success in intralogistics. Developments in different markets are becoming increasingly dynamic, while price pressure is high across all sectors. The Linde Approved Trucks program offers unique opportunities to individually tailor used forklifts to all industry requirements, all at an extremely competitive price. The basis for this are modular benefit packages for specific applications and services. The resulting solutions are as high-performance as they are cost-efficient and provide long-term competitive advantages.

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Here you will find all the dates of trade fairs and events where we as a company or our representatives are present.

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Linde Reach Truck

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Linde > 5195 - Reach Truck - R15SX / R17SX / R22SX

Electric Narrow Aisle / Very Narrow Trucks



Open access to components. With a service door that opens well beyond 90 degrees, a technician has full and easy access to all necessary componentry, allowing for the truck to get back in service faster.


Operator Comfort. The operator compartment's adjustable steer tiller and control handle, coupled with the widest compartment in the industry, keeps an operator comfortable and productive all day long.


Cushioned Hydraulics. Linde's cushioned hydraulic system allows for delicate handling of any load. This increases operator efficiency while helping to guard from product damage.


Visibility. Linde's glass overhead guard provides an operator with zero obstructions while looking through the overhead guard. This increases fork accuracy, and in turn, decreases cycle time and product damage.


Powered Lowering. Linde's powered lowering drastically increases lowering speeds, reducing overall cycle times and pumping energy back in to the battery. Extended run times and reduced cycle times make the 5195 series an efficient material handling solution.

Technical Data

ModelPower UnitLoad Capacity
(Q lb)
Load Center
(c in)
(y in)
Tire Size: FrontTire Size: RearBattery Voltage
R17SX-24VElectric35002458.913.5 x 5.15 x 424V
R17SX-36VElectric35002460.913.5 x 5.15 x 436V
R22SXElectric45002460.913.5 x 5.15 x 436V
R15SXElectric30002460.913.5 x 5.15 x 436V
ModelPower UnitLoad Capacity
(Q t)
Load Center
(c mm)
(y mm)
Tire Size: FrontTire Size: RearBattery Voltage
R17SX-24VElectric1.66001497343 x 135127 x 10224V
R17SX-36VElectric1.66001548343 x 135127 x 10236V
R22SXElectric2.06001548343 x 135152 x 10236V
R15SXElectric1.46001548343 x 135152 x 10236V

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