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Thanks a lot Armin. Is there a way I can convert the .dwg drawings in to DXF format?

Draftsight vs librecad

Is there any other substitute for Autocad which can open .dwg files and allow editing and does not cost that much?

Thanks and Regards

Alok Kapoor


Librecad 3d

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Subject: Re: Opening autocad drawings in LibreCAD

Welcome Alok Kapoor,
from your statements it is not clear what your problem is. Can you clarify this please.
The DWG support in LibreCAD is marginal, there may be issues opening DWG files in LibreCAD.
Even if you can open a DWG file in LibreCAD you can save it only in DXF format.
DWF is a format not supported in LibreCAD.
True View is only a viewer, it doesn't convert formats or let you modify drawings as far as I know.

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