Large Letter Boxes For Walls

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A stunning statement of your family's togetherness. A beautiful artwork that grows with your family!

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Choose your front and back colours from our range, enter the names, and we'll generate a suggested layout. Perfect for that empty space of wall!

We send all the letter tiles, not just the unique ones, so you can rearrange as you'd like now or in the future!


Need a few extra words for your existing set? Please order them on the additional wall crossword game tiles page.

Interested to know how we make these? Read our blog post for more details!

Key details for Wall Crossword Game Tiles

We don't normally send artwork for approval for this product, but may do so if we want to confirm some details.
Max Lead Time
One week from ordering (but generally quicker!)
Postage Time
2-8 business days, sent from Perth, Western Australia
Free shipping Australia Wide via tracked parcel
Sizing and Materials
See full sizing and material details


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Large Letters For Wall Decor

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Generating a crossword

Large Letter Boxes For Walls Home Depot

Enter your names in the box above and tap 'generate crossword' to generate a suggested layout. Other layouts are possible - this is just one to get you started. You may find you need to rearrange it based on the space it's going into.

Was a name missing from the result? This happens when the word had no other letters to match on any other words. (For example, type in 'Mum' and 'Dad' - only one will show as there are no common letters). And sometimes this happens as the software isn't perfect. However, the quote will include all names even if they don't appear in the layout.

Which letters are included?

All letters from all names are included. This allows you to change the layout, or in the future, add new names easily. Or, you could simply mount the names separately instead (maybe on a bedroom door!).

We can include dashes (-) in names as well, and potentially other custom letters as well - just let us know if you have any questions in this area!

There is a special case where words contain an apostrophe; for example 'D'Arcy'. The generator will exclude the apostrophe, but we will send a special tile for the D containing an extra apostrophe.


We quote these on this page by the number of tiles in the set of names - this is all the letters in all the names rather than just the unique letters shown on the preview. The minimum price is $65 which includes the first 10 tiles (unassembled) - or $75 with the first 10 tiles (assembled). After that, the tiles are $7.50 each assembled, or $5.50 for the self-assembly version. Once you have 30 or more tiles, the price becomes $6.50 assembled, and $4.50 unassembled each.

Assembled or un-assembled?

Save yourself some serious money - and get a relaxing time assembling the tiles! No - really - many people have reported to us that they find the assembly process relaxing!

We've got the option of either supplying these tiles fully assembled, ready to hang, or unassembled. Unassembled tiles contain a set of the tiles, and self adhesive acrylic letters to affix to the tiles, with templates to line them up properly, and a cleaning cloth to finish the tiles.

The unassembled tiles take around 60 seconds each to assemble. You just need to locate the correct template, the correct letter, remove the adhesive backing from the letter and place using the template, spend a few moments applying pressure, and then peel the protective paper or plastic off the letter. Sometimes there is a little bit of dust left; we supply a cleaning cloth to remove the dust.

Large Letter Boxes For Walls

It's a bit of work to assemble the letters, but you can do this with your children - it makes for a great learning experience! It also gives you the satisfaction of seeing the result of your work. And actually, quite a few people have said that it's quite fun to peel and stick the letters on!

The other option is for us to assemble the tiles for you, so they're ready to be hung immediately. This option is the default, and is a more expensive to account for the time it takes to put them together. (We do all the manufacture and assembly right here in our workshop!).

Sizing and Colours

These tiles are 90mm (9cm) square. We've chosen this size as the best balance between growing too large with long names but still large enough to make a beautiful statement!

These are made from two layers; the back tile is 3mm-5mm thick depending on the material, and the front lettering is 3mm thick - raised off the surface - for an amazing 3D look. The number is printed on durably in either white or black to match the tile - white and bamboo tiles have the number printed in black, and jarrah tiles have the number printed in white.

The white tiles are created with high gloss acrylic. The bamboo is a 5mm thick single ply bamboo. Jarrah is a 4mm veneer. The mirror colours are acrylic - but highly reflective!

In terms of colours - choose your front and back colour. We'll make them up to match!

Some of our favourite colour combinations:

  • White tile, Gold mirror lettering - elegant, stylish, and goes well with everything.
  • Bamboo tile, black lettering - a modern but somehow classic wood look.
  • Jarrah tile, white lettering - a stunning dark wood option with a glossy white front. Made from Western Australian native Jarrah veneer.

We used to have black as an option for the tile colours. We've discontinued this in January 2020. Whilst it looked amazing - it does tend to show up dust and fingerprints very easily. If you need tiles to match an existing set, please let us know and we can make up a batch just for you.


We recommend fresh blu-tac for installation of these tiles onto most surfaces (it's not included with the order, and can easily be found at a supermarket). You can also use a double sided tape for a more permanent installation.

We supply a wood template as well for laying out the tiles exactly. Once the first tile is on the wall and level, just place the template around it and quickly line up the rest of the tiles. It's really straightforward!

Adding to my existing crossword

You can expand your existing crossword layout! Please order them on the additional wall crossword game tiles page.

Decorative Wall Boxes

Large letter boxes for walls for sale

Version 2.0

In January 2020, after 500 sets had shipped, we decided to change up this product a touch! We've removed the black tile option, and changed the numbers on the tiles to be printed instead of raised like the letter.

We did deliberate over these changes! To be honest, they make assembly of the tiles much easier, and also emphasise the letter on the tile, rather than the score. As after all, being in a family isn't a game of winners or losers!

Large Letter Boxes For Walls Near Me

If you have a previous set, please let us know, and we're more than happy to make a custom batch in the old style or colours just for you.


Large Letter Boxes For Walls

Without an extra notes, we'll just make and send the letters once you order, and won't send artwork for approval. If you have notes or need something specific, just let us know in the notes box, and we'll confirm and proof everything with you before we make it.

Lead time and shipping

We will have these made and in the post within 5 business days of ordering - generally much quicker though! The price includes free standard tracked shipping anywhere in Australia, and we can also express post it as well - just select this during checkout.