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Hollywood is a breeding ground for cults. The same environment that attracts starry-eyed young actors looking to chase their dreams also attracts cult leaders who see a captive audience of lost souls looking for meaning. An underappreciated 2012 documentary streaming on Amazon Prime, Tubi, Vudu, and Pluto TV explores one of these cults. It's not quite as infamous as Hollywood groups like Heaven's Gate and the Manson family, but somehow more thoroughly of its time than either.

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The Source Family came out decades after the death of the Family's patriarch, Jim Baker aka 'Father Yod,' but his presence looms large from the very first second of the film. Through the loving words of his followers and those who knew him, his personality becomes so vibrantly clear, it feels like you've known him for years.

Unlike other Hollywood cults, the Source Family didn't hide from the public eye. In fact, Jim Baker did everything he could to spread his word to as many people as possible. It all began with a restaurant. The Source Restaurant opened in 1969 on the Sunset Strip and served hip vegetarian fare to all sorts, from yogis to John Lennon to Marlon Brando.

Jim Baker started to teach meditation classes in the back of the restaurant, and the regulars of those classes became employees of the restaurant. Slowly but surely, the ragtag group became a family, with Jim Baker becoming Father Yod, his new wife Robin became Mother Ahom, and a huge Hollywood Hills mansion became a family home.

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People came and left, including the niece of the mayor of New York and Bud Cort, the star of Harold and Maude. The Source Family became a Los Angeles institution — a hobby for some, but a lifestyle for others. The restaurant became will known and was even featured in Annie Hall.

But then things became less Summer of Love. Many women in the commune were underage, and free love ran rampant throughout the group. Due to Father Yod's position of power, he took 13 'wives' in a mass marriage ceremony, some of whom were underage. He would force his followers into intense workouts, an extreme raw food diet only allowing for food eaten within 15 minutes of cutting, and long, arduous meditation sessions.

This documentary spans all sorts of facets of The Source Family — Father Yod's shadowy origins, ceremonial magic, even a short-lived musical career that's noteworthy for its own reasons. The Source Family feels more like a historical document than a cult documentary, a microcosm of what the New Age movement was and what it evolved into.

What makes this documentary different than others is the fact everyone interviewed often still believes in everything they were taught. Because Father Yod died in 1975 after deciding to try hang gliding with no experience, he never had the classic demise so many other cult leaders have. The cult dissolved naturally, lost without the charismatic glue that was Jim Baker.

The Source Family is evidence to prove how essential a cult leader is for a high-control group. While Jim Baker's death is tragic, it's comforting to see a cult disperse peacefully, without any sort of criminal goings-on as found in other Hollywood cults. It's also interesting to see those former members carry on the same beliefs in a more safe method — clean living, eco-friendly housing, and vegetarianism.

The Source Family is available on Amazon Prime, and streaming free on Tubi, Vudu, and Pluto TVin the U.S.

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We're smack dab in the middle of summer, and you know what that means: Shark Week is here. Everybody loves the Discovery Channel's long-running ode to those denizens of the deep (including Donald Trump, according to Stormy Daniels), but let's face it, one week just isn't enough time to squeeze in all the shark-watching for many oceanic predator fans. Thankfully, there are a lot of documentaries for Shark Week fans that will keep their love affair with the terrifying marine animals going all summer long.

The 13 shark documentaries included in this list are all currently streaming, most of them on Amazon Prime Video, meaning that it's never been easier to indulge in your shark fixation post-Shark Week. Maybe you want to see what it's like do go diving with sharks. Or perhaps you're interested in learning about specific species of sharks, like the tiger shark, the hammerhead, or the great white. Or maybe what interests you most is finding out how humanity can save these creatures from extinction. After all, all animals deserve to live, even the scary ones with sharp teeth. The docs listed below cover all these subjects and more, so dive in below... the water's fine.

This beautifully shot documentary about oceanographer Sylvia Earle features some stunning footage of whale sharks, and you'll also learn a good bit about ocean conservation.

Watch it on: Netflix.

Ever wonder about the history of one of Earth's greatest predators? Well, wonder no more, as this doc takes a look at how the great white developed into the efficient killing machine it is today.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime.

Loads of dead seals are washing up on the shore of a Canadian island, and a team of scientists sets out to find the culprit. The lead suspect? The elusive Greenland shark.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime.

Texas has nothing on the Galapagos Islands, where geographic isolation has led to some of the most oversized creatures ever to evolve. The giant tortoises get all the headlines, but this doc shines a light on the islands' massive sharks.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime.

If you're too scared to strap on some scuba gear and go swimming with sharks yourself, this doc may make for a nice substitute.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime or Hulu.

Many shark species are seriously endangered, and humans are the cause. This doc takes a look at why the predatory fish are being slaughtered in such huge numbers, and what we can do to reverse the trend.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime.

Shark behaviorist and conservationist Ian 'Shark' Gordon is basically the 'the Crocodile Hunter' of sharks, and this special compiles the scariest encounters from his TV series, Shark Gordon.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime.

Everyone knows about the great white, but tiger sharks may be even deadlier. This doc takes a closer look at the terrifying animals and shows how they've adapted to the modern world.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime.

While many places fear sharks, they're revered in the Bahamas, and this film examines the relationship between the island state and the beasts that call it home.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime.

A deadly game of chicken takes place constantly on the open sea between surfers and sharks, and it's a game with more depth than you may think.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime.

Another mystery involving a cartilage killer, but this time, the victims are of the human variety.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime.

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Hammerhead sharks are definitely one of the coolest and most underrated sharks, and they finally get their moment in the sun in this exploration of South Seas sharks.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime.

This acclaimed documentary follows a man from England who quits his job to pursue his dream of swimming with sharks.


Watch it on: Amazon Prime.

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With all these shark documentaries currently streaming, you'll have no trouble at all when it comes to finding reasons to avoid the beach all summer long!