How To Sync Contacts To Gmail

How to sync contacts to gmailIn this video today we will see how to sync and backup contacts to gmail accountThis video also answers some of the queries belo. How to sync Outlook contacts with GMail and Windows Mobile?Helpful? Please support me on Patreon: thanks & praise.

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  1. Google Sync Outlook Contacts, Calendar and Tasks
  2. Works with Windows Store version of Outlook
  3. Fully compatible with Google Batch Endpoint
  4. Accurate Free/Busy and Invitation Status
  5. Accurate time zones
  6. Two way Sync of Calendar Colors
  7. Works with Outlook POP3, IMAP, and iCloud Folders
  8. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  9. USA Based Telephone Technical Support
  10. One purchase for 3 PCs; work, home and laptop
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Google Sync Parent/Child Tasks

2018 - Added Support for Google Tasks App. This includes support Google Sync for Parent/Child tasks.

Switch from G Suite Sync (GASMO) to CompanionLink Google Sync

The problem with G Suite Sync is that it takes over your Outlook folder. Here is a guide to switch back to regular Outlook Folders and Google Sync using CompanionLink

Google Sync Outlook Category Colors

For those that use Calendar Colors in Outlook, here is a guide to sync Outlook Categories with Colors to Google Calendar.

Google Sync Product Comparison

How To Sync Contacts To Gmail From Iphone

Click on the table for an advanced comparison of vendors for Google Sync with Outlook

Portable License

Your license is for you, not your PC. When you buy a new computer, you do not need to purchase a new license. With CompanionLink you use your email address to register the software on a new computer.

US based company

Import Phone Contacts To Gmail


CompanionLink is located in Portland, Oregon. Our servers are based in New Jersey to take advantage of proximity to international fiber network. Our servers are high technology and really fast!

RunStart and Premium Support

With CompanionLink you can call us at (503)243-5200 for support, Monday through Friday, 7am-3:30pm Pacific Time. For those with special needs, use our RunStart Service gives you a one-time hands on session with a top tier technician. Our technician will log into your computer, set up the sync, and ensure you are completely satisified with the solution. If you want this service regularly, use Premium Support for a full year and up to five service tickets.

Sync Android Contacts To Gmail

Google Sync with Outlook

Contacts From Gmail To Iphone

  1. Install CompanionLink for Google on your PC
  2. Enther Google Authorization
  3. Set Outlook options
  4. Press Ok. Your data will Sync automatically

Setup Guides:
Google Sync for Outlook for Windows PCs
Google Sync for Outlook for Mac
Transition guide from GSSMO and Google Calendar Sync
Share Outlook Calendar using Google
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