How To Save Gmail Contacts To Icloud

Here’s how to transfer selected contacts from Gmail to iCloud. In step 8, select the Google group in the sidebar and then select the specific Gmail contacts. Now drag them into iCloud group. When you transfer contacts from Gmail to iCloud, if you have the same contacts on both services, there will end up being duplicates. Click on the “Mail” drop-down menu at the top left of the Gmail interface and select the “Contacts” panel. Click on the “More” button to choose 'Import Contacts'. On the next window, tap “Choose file” and browse your computer to relocate the iCloud contacts that you have saved in the folder. How to Import Contacts From Gmail, Outlook and Other Accounts. If you already have contacts in an online account, like Gmail, Outlook, or iCloud, you can add all those contacts to Windows’ People app in one fell swoop. To add an account, click the ellipses at the top right of the search field and choose “Settings”. Jan 19, 2021 Open any browser and head to your Google Contacts Select the Contacts you want to sync with iCloud Click on the More button then choose Export. Visit and log in with your iCloud account Click Contacts icon.

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How can I migrate Gmail to iCloud Mail? I would like to move my personal email back to iCloud but didn’t find anything on a quick Google search. Someone, please suggest any method that I can use to export emails from Gmail to iCloud Mail account.

– Margot Robbie (UAE)

“I am looking for Gmail to iCloud migration utility. As I want to transfer my Gmail emails into iCloud account asap. I have 6 Google Mail accounts and want to copy mailboxes in one single iCloud account. Help me with your solution. Thanks!”

– Guy Pearce (New Jersey)

If you are searching for the same but haven’t found any solution yet? Then you don’t need to worry at all because you are landed on the right blog. Here we will share the best solution to migrate Gmail emails to iCloud.

Most of us use Gmail for all our cloud computing needs. However, Apple’s iCloud also has great things especially if you’re a strong Mac and iOS user. If you want to export emails from Gmail to iCloud, but when it comes to the process, you have found nothing. Must read on to know the step by step process for transferring Gmail emails to iCloud.

Instant Solution to Import Emails from Gmail to iCloud

Try Advik Gmail Migration tool that help you to migrate Gmail to iCloud Mail effectively. The utility is easy to use and gives users a direct option to perform this task. This software also works to move data from multiple Gmail accounts. It will only require login credentials of Gmail account and iCloud account for this email migration. Users must enter the details of Cloud Mail application such as Username, Password & IMAP Server Name. No iCloud devices connected to the system are required to use this tool.

With this utility, you can export Gmail emails to iCloud Mail account. It offers the ability to import Gmail mailbox along with attachment files. Completely secure, fast, and user-friendly tool to migrate data from Google Mail iCloud.

Note: Before proceeding please Enable IMAP from Gmail as well as in your iCloud settings.

Steps to Migrate Gmail Emails to iCloud Mail are;

Step 1. Launch Advik Gmail Migration Tool and and sign in.

Step 2. Select email folders and click the Next button.


How to save gmail contacts to icloud storage

Move Icloud Contacts To Gmail

Step 3. Choose the IMAP option from the list.

Step 4. Enter iCloud IMAP details and click Convert button.

Note: Provide iCloud IMAP Server Name as and port number as 993.

This is how the user can quickly and directly migrate Gmail to iCloud account with the simple steps. You will receive a message when the migration process is complete. Now, login your iCloud Mail and review the Gmail emails.

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Why Choose Advik Gmail to iCloud Migration Tool?

This is the highly advanced utility that comes with the several beneficial features to fulfill the user’s needs and deliver fruitful solution. Here is the list of some highlighted feature of the tool:

  • Ease of access application for both technical as well as non-technical users.
  • Export Gmail mailbox to PST, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, etc file formats.
  • Migrate Gmail emails to iCloud along with all inserted attachments like doc files, images, etc.
  • No Apple or Mac device needs to be connected to the system to start the migration.
  • Transfer emails from Gmail to Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Rediffmail, etc.
  • Option to select and move only required Gmail email folders into the iCloud account.
  • Enable users to directly migrate Gmail to iCloud via login credentials of both accounts.
  • Allows users to move mailboxes from multiple Google Gmail account one after one.
  • Provides an option to filter Google emails according To, From, Subject, Date Range, etc.
  • Free trial version available by which users can check the working and efficiency.
  • Maintains original metadata properties and folder structure of mailboxes during migration.
  • Install and run on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and other versions.
  • Completely safe from malware and gives users a fruitful result without size restrictions.

Time to Conclude

In the above blog, we discussed the best way that user can easily migrate Gmail to iCloud Mail with just a few steps. Using Gmail Backup tool, it is easy to import Gmail emails to iCloud directly without alerting a single data. Try it out and get unlimited advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Save Gmail Contacts To IcloudCan I migrate specific email folders to iCloud Mail?

Yes, the tool offers the facility to select the required email folders to carry out the migration process.

How many Gmail accounts can we move?

How To Save Gmail Contacts To Icloud Without

The software allows you to move mailboxes from multiple Gmail accounts without any limitations.


How To Import Icloud Contacts To Gmail

Does the software allow to filter Gmail emails and migrate required emails?

Yes, the tool has an email filtering option that allows you to filter emails by subject, date, from, etc.

How Do I Save Contacts To Icloud

Are email attachments saved with emails During Gmail to iCloud migration process?

Yes, the software provides support to import Gmail emails to iCloud along with all attachments. No matter how big your attachments are, they also saved with the emails.