How To Merge Contacts From Two Gmail Accounts

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If you are searching for the solution how to Sync Gmail with Outlook, then you are landed on the right page. Here in this blog, we will discuss the best possible method to Sync Gmail with MS Outlook easily.

The Outlook is used in most working organizations today due to its advanced and cooperative infrastructure. To avoid using two different mail clients at once, one can easily Add Gmail with Outlook.

  1. My school e-mail is a google account and I somehow have it merged into my personal gmail account. I've gone to my settings in both accounts to try to undo this merge. I've also looked here on the gmail help forum but have had no success.
  2. Way to Merge Contacts From One Gmail Account To Another Gmail import a CSV text file (“Comma-Separated Values”) or import vCard files exported from Microsoft Outlook, for integrating contacts. Simply export the Contacts of one account that will be in a.csv file and then imports that file into second account.
  3. Jul 17, 2017 Want to sync all your gmail contacts from one Gmail account to other Gmail account. You can do this easily in a few minutes with the help of Soocial web service. Another simple method method is export the contacts on one account from Gmail contacts settings page and then import that file into your second account.
  4. How to merge two gmail accounts or contacts/ manage multiple gmail accounts from single screen - latest 2016.

Once the account has been deleted, there is no way to transfer the lost Gmail messages and Contacts to another user. CubeBackup to the Rescue The two methods listed above are overly complicated and each have limitations which prevent most organizations from effectively using them.

Technology has developed in such a manner that the user does not have work in discomfort while they can access one mail client in another.

Here we will discuss all the how-to solutions, points to remember, and benefits of using Outlook to understand the situation better and how to deal with it effectively.

Why Outlook over Gmail?

Being a Google mail client it is a more secure platform. As Google does not have webmail, it becomes easy to sync MS Outlook with its mailbox items.

It allows you to send/receive emails, schedule meetings, storing contacts, etc. It does offer many more features than you use daily.

Things to remember while Syncing:

1. MS Outlook lets the user work offline. Users can work and save their work as a draft in Outlook and post it when the Outlook is connected to the internet. This way user doesn’t have to worry about making corrections online. Users can make all the changes to Outlook account offline and then update it with the help of network connection.

2. Outlook calendar feature lets you plan upcoming events like leaves, presentations, meetings, etc. Users can share the calendar updates with a group, team members, or colleagues to collaborate efficiently.

3. User can sort their emails using multiple categories options like timeframe, size, date, range, etc. Outlook can then easily search for these emails in their respective folders.

4. They act as a resource mailbox for meetings, halls, and projectors as one can add a resource to their Outlook mailbox. Users can send invitations brochures to recipients as well as check their active/inactive status.

How To Remove A Gmail Account

If you are using Outlook on Mac system and facing problems with Outlook OLM files, then you can import OLM files into Gmail.

Method to Synchronize Gmail with Outlook Manually?

How To Merge Contacts From Two Gmail Accounts Account

The below-mentioned method will help Sync Gmail with Outlook:

  1. First, sign in to your Gmail account using valid credentials.
  2. Go to the gear icon in the top right corner, then choose Settings.
  3. Next, select Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, then enable the IMAP option. Now, hit the Save Changes tab.
  4. Return to your account and hit the ‘Manage your Google Account’ option.
  5. In the Security tab, go to two-step verification. Confirm phone number and then set a password for your Gmail account.
  6. After allowing the two-factor verification, then the App Password window will pop-up.
  7. In the App password window, go to the drop-down menu and hit others and enter in the name Outlook. Next, hit Generate.
  8. Now, the new password has been created. Store it and hit Done.
  9. After creating a password, direct to Outlook and press Add Account button.
  10. Select the Manual setup or additional server types, then press Next to continue further.
  11. Select POP/IMAP, then click Next.
  12. On the page, fill in the respective details-Incoming mail server:, Outgoing mail server:
  13. For password– enter the password you recently created.
  14. Outlook then confirms the validity of your account details then log to the exchange server. Next, hit Finish.

Now your Gmail account is synchronized with Outlook and you can easily access your Gmail mailbox items in Outlook.

As compared to the above solutions professional solutions are known to maintain data integrity. Other than backup properties, they offer much more than portable solutions. One such tool is the Gmail backup Tool. The utility aims in Backing up Gmail contents into other file formats as well as mail clients, naming convention feature to rename resultant files, Interactive GUI for a user to understand better, etc.


How To Sync Contacts From Different Gmail Accounts

Above is the complete information regarding how to sync Gmail with Outlook. We have discussed, how-to solutions and appropriate notes one must know about synching the Gmail account. I hope you find this tip helpful.

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Google contacts are one of the most important contact management tool used by the G Suite user for storing personal & business contacts into Google Contacts Apps. If a Google Apps user needs to change the domain of their account either because of change in work organization or change in school / college, then they have the facility to merge Contacts from 2 Google accounts. Any G Suite user using a manual approach can merge contacts of 2 Google accounts. The main trouble comes when the user has to merge multiple Google contacts of all the users in the G Suite domain, that time using an Automated approach, is the only solution. We’ve come up with one automated tool which we is perfect to merge contacts between two Google Accounts of multiple G Suite user at a time.

You can merge G Suite Accounts Contacts using the following methods:

In this blog, we will elaborate on both automated and manual approaches for merging multiple Google account contacts. But before that, we would like you to read some queries we found on different forums about the merging contacts of two G Suite accounts.

“Greeting All! I work in a KPO company, and here we use the G Suite account to store every information in our Google Apps. As, we are merging with our partner firm so, looking for a method to merge our domains. For us, the most valuable thing is our customer’s contacts and we don’t wanna lose any contact while merging. Please suggest me a foolproof method to merge Contacts from 2 Google accounts for multiple users. Thanks”

“Hello!, I am looking for the best method to merge multiple Google account contacts. Few days back we have changed our G Suite domain but account for each user has already been created in our previous G Suite domain. Now I am looking for a quick-fix method to merge two Google contacts Apps without any hurdle. Please provide a simple to use yet quick approach to merge contacts between two Google Accounts. Thanks a lot.”

I believe this two queries are sufficient to clear the picture in your mind, why G Suite users find ways to merge two Google account contacts. To make you understand this, we are writing this blog. So, those Google Apps users who find difficulty in merging Google Contacts to different account domain refer this article for clarification.

Method to Merge Contacts From 2 Google Accounts – For Multiple Users

How To Merge Contacts From Two Gmail Accounts On One Computer

Here, we will provide you step by step explanation on how to merge contacts of G Suite Accounts easily. You just need to follow all the steps of that method which suits you more. we have explained both of the methods which you can use to merge multiple Google account contacts. Let’s begin with the first one:

How to merge contacts from two gmail accounts account

Method 1: Manual Approach for Merging Contacts of Two G Suite Accounts

How To Merge Contacts From Two Gmail Accounts Open At The Same Time

The first manual approach to merge contacts from 2 Google accounts is by using the Export method of Google Contacts Apps account.

1. First, Open your Google Apps Contacts and select a contact from the list.
2. After selecting a contact click on the dropdown button appearing on the side of the check box and then click on Select All.
3. Next, click on the 3-dot option and select Export from the list.
4. In the pop-up screen select Export as Google CSV bullet and click on the Export button.
5. After clicking the Export button a CSV file will be downloaded to your system name as “contacts.csv”
6. You have a CSV file containing all the contacts of your previous account. Now login to your new Google account and click on more dropdown at the left-hand sidebar. Then choose import button>> Import.
Now, browse the “contacts.csv” file into your new account. After this, all the Contacts of the previous account will be merged with your new account.

Method 2: Merging Contacts of Two G Suite Accounts using Mail Migration Service

This is the little difficult method which is provided by Google for the G suite user to merge two Google account contacts. In this method, you need to setup the mail migration service of Google. Setting-up this service requires high technical knowledge and Exchange Server setup. You can read the whole method description from the Google Support website:

Note: We don’t recommend this method if you don’t have the Microsoft Exchange Server setup. As Setting-up Exchange server requires a large amount of memory space (upto 12 GB RAM), and also good technical knowledge of the working of the Exchange server.

How To Merge Contacts From Two Gmail Accounts Gmail

Method 3: Automated Solution to Merge Contacts From 2 Google Accounts

The most simple method to merge multiple Google account contacts is using an automated tool. It allows you to merge contacts from two Google accounts at a time for multiple users. You can try the SysTools G Suite Merge Tool for merging all the contacts from one G Suite account to other multiple users.

G Suite Merge tool allows you to merge two Google contacts with another account / domain in just a few simple clicks. Follow the simple steps to start the merging process and then sit back and relax. The tool will automatically merge all the contacts of one G Suite account to another G Suite account for multiple users simultaneously. This tool is capable to combine multiple G Suite data like emails, calendars, and documents also.

The best thing about this tool is that it provides the Free demo version which allows you to merge 100 emails and 25 items for 3 user account. You can try this free demo version to merge your few 100 contacts for 3 user accounts. But if you like to merge multiple users accounts contacts then you can try the full version of the software. To know about step by step working of the tool read article combine Google Accounts in an easy way.

The Final Verdict

In this Blog, we have elucidated the simple and easy approaches to merge contacts from 2 Google accounts. You can try any of the three methods you are comfortable with. We personally recommend the automated approach as it is less time taking than the other two methods. And this approach requires very little technical knowledge for merging. We have carefully tested the product and after testing, we are recommending it in this blog. You can download the tool from its official website for merging multiple Google account contacts.