How To Add Border On Word

  1. To add a border, just follow these four simple steps. This feature works the same in all modern versions of Microsoft Word: 2010, 2013, and 2016. Select the image by clicking on it. On the Picture Tools Format tab, in the Picture Styles group, click Picture Border.
  2. For adding borders, you need first to access 'Design' from the toolbar in Word 2016. And then you can select “Page Borders” in the Page Background group. Set the Style of the Border.
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MS Word's Borders and Shading feature allows you to control exactly where to place a border in a document. For example, let's say you want only your title page to have a border along the left and right margins. Follow the steps below to make it happen: Select the title page. Go to Format Borders and Shading. On the Page Border tab, select a. Go to Design Page Borders. Make selections for how you want the border to look. To adjust the distance between the border and the edge of the page, select Options. Make your changes and select OK.

Last updated: December 2019

Here’s a question i got from a colleague:

I am using Microsoft Word to prepare a summary document for a project i am about to hand at university. My question is related to adding borders into Word.. Is there a way to create a boxed page and put it in my document? I need to have an outside decorative four sided border in all my doc pages for the project review.

Yes, tou can definitely add a custom box border in your Word document pages and glad that we can help. Note that you can define several border styles and apply them to different sections of your doc, so that the for example, your first page has a custom look and feel. Read further for the detailed procedure.

Insert custom page border to Word

  • Open your Word document, click on the Border drop box in the paragraph ribbon and select Borders and Shading.
  • Select the Page border, in the setting select how your border should be.
  • Click on your preferred options: None, Box, Shadow, 3-D.
  • Also we can use the Custom option where we can choose where the border line should be in the page.
  • The selection can be done with the use of buttons available in the Preview option.
  • Style option allows us to choose how the lines should be, like dotted lines , double lines and so on.
  • Color lets us to choose the color of the border line, Automatic color will be Black.
  • Width is the Border line width and can be adjusted accordingly to our opinion.
  • Art helps us to decorate the page border with some arts.

Applying Page borders to each page

  • Applying page borders can also be done in the same Borders and Shading by selecting the Apply to drop down box below the preview.
  • Whole document allows us to use the same border in the each page of the document.
  • This section allows us to only use the border for the particular section till we close the document, so the next time we use the document will not be inserted with a page border.
  • This section – first page only allows to insert the page border in the first page for the particular section.
  • This section – all except first page allows to insert page border to all pages except first page for the particular section.

That’s it, we just added a border to our word document.

Add Word borders using Macros

A reader asked me whether he could use Visual Basic for Applications in order to work with Borders.


A complete walk through of VBA goes beyond the scope of this post, but here is a simple script that will allow you to automatically set a triple lined border in your document first section.


Sub AddBorders

ActiveDocument.Sections(1).Borders.OutsideLineStyle = wdLineStyleTriple

End Sub



Free Borders For Microsoft Word

You can obviously set different border styles, including colors,l ine width, art, shadows and what not.

How To Add Border On Word Document

Hope it helps!