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The perfect answer for loading and unloading freight from shipping containers The Bluff Shipping Container Ramp is used to load and unload cargo from shipping containers with a forklift. It allows you to safely navigate the transition from ground to the bed of the shipping container. Mar 10, 2021 Forklift Container Ramp (Folding) Read more. March 10, 2021 Why Steel Stillages could be the answer to your warehouse storage dilemma. November 18, 2020.

Forklift Ramps, Yard Ramps, also known as Portable Loading Ramps or Portable Loading Docks, are a safe and cost-effective answer to warehouses without any dock access. Load, or unload ocean containers along with boxed trucks, fast and efficiently with a 1 man operation.

Forklift Ramp

Concrete vs Steel

Often you are left with a decision to go with concrete or steel. Which would be more efficient? Which would be better suited for your investment? In most cases you will find that steel is:
  • Less Expensive
  • Forklift ramp angleGrade
  • Portable
  • Can be reconfigured
  • No permit required
  • Goes with you when you move
  • Ramp Safety & Regulations

    OSHA 1910.178(n)(7) addresses regulations for ramps, slopes or inclines that must be followed any time a powered industrial truck is on a defined incline. Climbing excessive grades can have a negative effect on battery cycle time, fuel consumption, component temperature, longevity and reliability of the machine. While the ability to reliably climb a ramp is important, safely descending a ramp when carrying heavy loads is equally concerning. The forklift must be able to safely stop on the required grade.

    We design our units to be within a 7%-11% Grade which works great with gas powered forklifts. If you have a electric powered forklift the ramp may require a lower grade to function properly. OSHA standards do not have specific requirements for accessing a portable storage trailer on a job site. A ramp can be a suitable means of access. However, where the height of the trailer floor exceeds 6 feet, guard rails or other fall protection will be required. 29 CFR 1926.501(b)(6): requires that 'Each employee on ramps, runways, and other walkways shall be protected from falling 6 feet (1.8m) or more to the lower level by guardrail systems.

    Here at Altam, we believe you can never be too safe to ensure the safety of your workers or yourself. We recommend if you will be having personnel using the ramp as a walkway to have handrails for added safety. Even a 4ft drop can have a serious injury or even death.

    Our Ramp Features

    • Carbon Steel Construction
    • Serrated Grating Surface (Self Cleaning)
    • 4 USA Made Super Solid IDL wheels
    • Incline standard at 29ft
    • up to 10ft level off
    • Toe boot for easy mobility
    • Safety Chain to Secure Ramp to Truck/Containers

    How To Order

    Ordering a ramp is easy! Here are a few details you will need when ordering your forklift ramp.

    • Take your Forklift and multiply the capacity by 3. (IE 5,000# forklift x 3 = 15,000# Capacity Yard Ramp).
    • Level off is important aswell. Customers usually order a 6ft level off to save on costs. Which results in taking out the first few set of pallets off the back of the truck then putting the ramp in service. With the 10ft level off you would save time and just roll ramp directly into service.
    • Are you going to be having personnel walking on the ramp? If so you will be needing 42in Hand Rails to ensure safety.
    • Do your forklift have oversized wheels? We can have the side curbs extended to your desired size from 5in that are standard on all units.

    If you require steel portable ramps or loading dock equipment - our two main products are designed just for these uses. The deck has adjustable legs from 42 inches to 58 inches for loading and unloading all types of trailers and all mobileramps are rated for 30,000 lbs. The different ramp configurations allow the use of various sized lift trucks.

    Forklift Ramp Design

    We will customize our products to meet your needs; we have supplied over 400 different and unique configurations to our customers. Our cost effective manufacturing process coupled with the ease and flexibility to make changes ensures you will receive what you need at a price you can afford. Our truck ramps are offered in several standard non-fade colors (signal red, signal green, safety orange, safety yellow, Royal Blue & Black) but can be custom painted to match your corporate needs. All ramp parts are buffed and primed to remove any surface rust prior to paint application. We control the delivery of most of our products by using our own highway transport trucks - the added benefit is a competitive delivery cost and having our staff assist with the off-loading and installation.


    Please review our site to see our basic ramp products, and then when you have a better idea of your exact needs, fill out and submit our online quote form. You will be contacted shortly thereafter from someone from our customer service department.

    Forklift Ramp Osha

    Our best advertising is our long list of satisfied customers - including the US Army and Canadian Military, large international corporations (Boeing, Weyerhaeuser) and numerous companies operating in the mining, forestry, manufacturing, waste recycling, heavy equipment, warehousing and construction industries. Our customers use them for car lifts, used Jeep parts, and muffler repair kits.

    Forklift Ramp Safety

    In a 2006 Past Performance Evaluation and customer satisfaction survey, Open Rating Inc, which rates companies for US government contracts, rated Premium Steel Fabricators Inc. a '97' which is in the top 20% of all companies rated for customer service and satisfaction - that speaks for itself!

    Portable Forklift Ramps

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