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Nov 17, 2020 This release (83) will support emulation under Apple’s Rosetta 2 that ships with macOS Big Sur. We are working toward Firefox being natively-compiled for these CPUs in a future release. Using Mac OS Big Sur 11.1 and Firefox 84.0.2, when I try to play videos on YouTube and select a video, the program keeps putting the same video up, no matter what I. When comparing Mozilla Firefox vs Safari, the Slant community recommends Mozilla Firefox for most people. In the question “What are the best desktop web browsers?”. Mozilla Firefox is ranked 9th while Safari is ranked 30th.


The links below list security vulnerabilities known to affect particular versions of Mozilla products and instructions on what users can do to protect themselves. The lists will be added to when new security problems are found. For a complete list not sorted by product or version please see the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories.

Dec 19, 2020 Download MacOS Big Sur Light Grey for Firefox. The discreet light look of Safari on Mac OS Big Sur. Disable the ad-block extension or add Firefox to the whitelist of your adblocker extensions; Solution 4. Verify Firefox Cookies, History, Pop-up Windows Are Set. Still, if you are unable to play videos on Firefox, you can check and verify some browser settings such as cookies, history, and pop-ups. For Cookies: Go to Options from the menu bar.


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Shipping to all versions of MacOS (Firefox 83), including Big Sur (Firefox 84)


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Shipping to all versions of Windows with approved hardware. Approved hardware include all Intel chipsets (7lp and newer), all NVidia and AMD with the exception of systems with mixed refresh rate dual displays or single displays with refresh rates higher than ~100Hz.


Shipping to all devices except those with 4K screens. Also shipping to all desktops except Wayland.


Shipping to all chipsets except PowerVR, Adreno 4, Chromebooks, and misc. lower-end and very old handsets.

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