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However, extensions are not intended for extended use and will wear rapidly if left on for extended use. An additional consideration is that extensions are only rated to be 150% longer than the fork they are used on. So, if you have 42-inch forks, you should only use extensions that are 60-inches or shorter. Fork Vocabulary. Electric Counterbalance Forklifts Raising the Bar for Reliability. On the dock or in an aisle, Crown’s electric counterbalance forklifts can meet rugged real-world challenges with power, productivity and performance while providing the efficiency and safety of. Forklift Fork Facts. Forks are a frequently overlooked on a lift truck due to their how they simply work. However, extensions are not intended for extended use and will wear rapidly if left on for extended use. An additional consideration is that extensions are only rated to be 150% longer than the fork.

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Reach Forklifts or Telehandlers are similar to standard Forklifts but allow the user to extend the forks away from the machine as well as raise and tilt. Some Telehandlers even come equipped with outriggers to further stabilize the machine while lifting heavy loads. Browse various models from top manufacturers including JLG Telehandlers, Genie Telehandlers, JCB Telehanders, Skytrack Telehandlers and others.

When you find one you like, just click on the picture or button and you’ll be able to see the full auction listing for that reach forklift with pictures, our demonstration video, and our equipment checklist - so you can be confident the machine you’re getting is able to meet your needs. Sign upfor auction announcements and never miss a buying opportunity in your area. Learn more about telehandlers / reach forklifts.

Extended Forks For Forklift

Here are the reach forklifts/telehandlers we have for sale at auction this week:

Extended Forks For Forklift For Sale

Forklift lifting capacity with extended load centre

I have been asked to include this information on the website. How do you calculate the new, reduced, lifting capacity when the load centre is increased on a forklift truck?

Long Forks For Forklift

On the above sketch the dimensions are as follows:

Used Forks For Forklift

  • L is the dimension from the middle of the front wheel to the front face of the forks with the mast vertical. (cm)
  • X is the truck's load centre, (usually 50 cm)
  • Q is the normal rated capacity of the forklift truck in Kg.

It is important that the calculations are done from the fulcrum of the truck, i.e. the centreline of the front wheels. Therefore we add L and X together to get to the 90 cm shown above.

Now the load of 2000 kg is multiplied by the distance of 90 cm, 2000 x 90 = 180,000 (this is in Kg/cm)

As an example let's say the load centre is increased by 6 cm to 56 cm.

The new load centre of 56 cm needs to be added to L in order to get back to the drive wheel centreline, i.e. 56 + 40 cm = 96 cm.

Now the 180,000 above is divided by this dimension so:

180,000/96 = 1875. The cm cancel out and the new capacity is 1875 Kg.

How To Build Extended Forks For Forklift

Please note that the effects of the weight of attachments have been ignored for these capacity calculations but obviously may have to be taken into account.

Please also note that if the load centre is reduced, it does NOT follow that the forklift's capacity is increased. It may do, but the strength of the forklift's components such as forks, lift chains etc may be compromised. Always check any alteration to capacity with the forklift manufacturer and remember the capacity rating plate may need altering.

Extension Forks For Forklift

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