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Hi - I'm running Firefox 39 on Windows 7 PC desktop, 64-bit.

Eversync firefox 2020
  • I already know how to restore bookmarks. I just can't figure out why they keep disappearing!
  • This has been bothering me for weeks. While troubleshooting this, I have backed up the bookmarks I want correctly. I have even exported an HTML bookmarks file as well as a backup JSON bookmarks file - just in case I could be dealing with a corrupted JSON or SQLITE or other mysterious file.
  • Yet my bookmarks keep disappearing. I'll have, for example, 100 bookmarks. Then suddenly, in the middle of my work, I'll notice some of my bookmarks in my toolbar gone. When I close my browser and re-open it again to check what's going on with my bookmark backups - I see my old JSON file with 100 bookmarks - and a NEWER file that has, let's say, 55 bookmarks. Poof! Forty-five (45) bookmarks have vanished in a flash! I restored them using the old file to get them back. But the problem of disappearing bookmarks keeps happening, apparently randomly.

Eversync For Ie free download - Secure IE, IE Tab for Firefox, IE DownloadHelper, and many more programs. Then go to Firefox and do Download in EverSync. Check if changes have been made correctly. Then try quick sync: change one bookmark for example. Then do quick sync in one browser, then in another. And check if everything is ok. If you use Google Chrome or Firefox profile, then you have native browser bookmarks synchronization. The important thing is that it's in the profile folder, so when I use MozBackup to backup my Firefox settings, the Eversync backups will be included. I use ES only for the frequent auto backups, nothing else. Firefox only backs up bookmarks once a day. I don't use the ES sync.

Eversync Firefox

  • As a last resort - I re-set my browser to create a new profile. But the problem continued. Then, in total frustration, I backed up my password and cookies SQLITE, DB and JSON files - and did a complete UNINSTALL of the browser - AS WELL AS - removing all 'Mozilla' entries from the registry.

Eversync Firefox 2020

  • From there, I downloaded and did a clean install of Firefox and put the few aforementioned backup data files from my old profile - into the new one. I thought all would be fixed. NOPE!
Eversync Firefox
  • I'm wondering if there is something embedded into my browser - either an add on or something in one of the SQLITE files - that is causing this baffling problem. Yes, I can restore my old bookmarks back to their original state. But scores of them continue to disappear in the middle of a session. And when I close that session - the LAST visible bookmarks become part of a new backup JSON file that's generated, but that file purges a lot of my original bookmarks.

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  • I hope this makes sense. Help! - Slammed and Sleepless in San Diego.