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Description[ edit ] Fifty were built in the late s, numbered The class is fitted with rheostatic brakes in addition to standard Westinghouse air brake equipment. Many of these locomotives were repainted in the new Railfreight Distribution two-tone grey livery, which was replaced by a revised version in Around the same time, five locomotives, , were repainted into the new Rail Express Systems livery and dedicated to postal trains. Of the remaining locomotives, the first 15, , were operated by InterCity West Coast on express passenger services. Many Class 90 locomotives have received names. The passenger locomotives were named after cities, newspapers or famous institutions. Many of the freight locomotives have been given names with a commercial link. DB Schenker were contracted to provide locomotives for the Caledonian Sleeper services between Scotland and London Euston , and the class 90s are frequently used for this purpose as well as on freight duties. An agreement was reached in to livery a number of class 90s for First ScotRail , for their exclusive use hauling the Caledonian Sleeper.

The North Warwickshire Line

That one single ideal was the main driving force for the CME of the GWR, Charles Benjamin Collett, who was naturally intent on pursuing the beliefs of his former governor, George Jackson Churchward, the brilliant engineer who initiated the succession of GWR locomotives by designing the prototype No ’40’ named as ‘North Star’ and built as an Atlantic The reason he decided on this wheel arrangement was for comparison purposes, having persuaded the GWR Board members that the French De Glehn 4-cylinder locomotives were far superior to our machines and furthermore made the case for purchasing 3 of those engines, including No ‘La France’ left which was used to haul the inaugural ‘Cornish Riviera Express’ in and continued to work the train for many years.

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The Alfred De Glehn design was of a compound engine; high pressured inside cylinders driving the second axle, with low pressure outer assemblies motioning the first drive axle, a system recognised as ‘Divided Drive’ which Churchward adopted for ‘North Star’ and also copied the taper boiler design and replicated the Belpaire firebox, with the styling of the leading bogie also taken from the De Glehn ‘Locomotive Manual’.

Use of the Royal cypher on post boxes. Since their introduction in 1853, post boxes have carried the insignia, or cipher, of the monarch reigning at the time of placement. The most common cipher that you will see on current post boxes is the EIIR mark of Queen Elizabeth II which features on more than 60 per cent. Around 15 per cent of current.

Thus ‘North Star’ was the starting point for the famous ‘Star’ class, paving the way for the superb ‘Castles’, which were soon found to be both economical and powerful locomotives; capable of handling the passenger expresses of the day. Thus the Locomotive Committee of the directors appealed to the Civil Engineer to relax the limitation on axle loading, but found that any new structures were allowed 22 tons of loading for 4-cylinder engines; furthermore there were just 4 bridges that were in need of strengthening and the Bridge Stress Committee were requested to put the work in hand as soon as possible, as well as asking for an extra half a ton leeway; this was subsequently granted.

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See also Civil Engineers Return to Index Page Personal name index. Akroyd, Harold Arthur Death occurred 24 February at the age of 82 years, had been a Member of Institution of Locomotive Engineers since

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A builder who knocked down and killed a grandfather outside Perry Barr Greyhound Stadium has a shameful criminal past, a court heard. Malcolm Williams has convictions going back 24 years – including being caught drink-driving twice, importing drugs, and driving whilst disqualified.

Two years before the fatal accident – which was caused by him speeding – he had done a speed awareness course after he was caught driving too fast. Williams’ criminal past was revealed after a jury at Birmingham crown court on Friday found him guilty of causing the death of Paul Foster by dangerous driving. Williams, 60, of Cranleigh Place, Perry Barr, had also pleaded guilty to failing to stop and failing to report an accident. During the four-day trial, the jury heard how the collision happened at 6.

The North Warwickshire Line

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A serial killer is facing life in prison for murdering his ex after she got together with someone else. Theodore Johnson, 64, already had two manslaughter convictions – for killing his wife and a former girlfriend – when he got together with Angela Best, who was from Manchester. Ms Best was with Johnson for more than 20 years, but when they broke up and she started a new relationship he subjected her to an appalling, fatal revenge attack. Read More Criminal with links to Gooch Gang is still on the run after more than a month The year-old grandmother had been hit over the head with a claw hammer and then throttled with a dressing gown cord.

Wolverhampton pair deny murder of three-year-old boy. A man and a teenager from Wolverhampton have pleaded not guilty to the murder of a three-year-old boy who died in hospital on Christmas Eve.


Etymology[ edit ] The etymology of the name Sutton appears to be from “South Town”. The name “Sutton Coldfield” appears to come from this time, being the “south town” i. Additionally, evidence for a Bronze Age burial mound was discovered, one of only two in Birmingham with the other being located in Kingstanding. Amongst the finds in the area were flint cores and a flint scraper, which had been retouched with a knife.

The presence of flint cores suggest that the site was used for tool manufacture and that a settlement was nearby. Additionally, a Bronze Age burnt mound was also discovered in the area. Hutton interpreted the earthworks as a Saxon fortification but further archaeological work led Dr.


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Shocking moment lorry ploughs through traffic after driver ‘fell asleep’ THIS is the shocking moment a lorry ploughed through traffic after its driver fell asleep at the wheel. The horrific video his HGV crashing into two cars at more than 40 miles per hour. Footage from a nearby car shows the lorry hitting two cars which are sent spinning off the road. And dash-cam footage from inside the lorry itself shows the speed with which the first car, a black Volkswagen Polo, was hit.

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They are thought to have spoken a Celtic language related to modern Welsh. Welsh -og [8] meaning either “place of the yew trees” cf. Alternatively, the word eofor already existed as an Old English word for wild swine, which is a cognate of the current Low Saxon word eaver and Dutch ever. To them, it sounded as a ‘home rich in boar’. As is common in Saxon place names, the -um part gradually faded; eoforic. The top half is medieval. By the time of the Roman conquest of Britain , the area was occupied by a tribe known to the Romans as the Brigantes.

The Brigantian tribal area initially became a Roman client state, but, later its leaders became more hostile and the Roman Ninth Legion was sent north of the Humber into Brigantian territory. The site of the principia HQ of the fortress lies under the foundations of York Minster , and excavations in the undercroft have revealed part of the Roman structure and columns. Under Viking rule the city became a major river port, part of the extensive Viking trading routes throughout northern Europe.

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Samantha Keegan has been jailed for perverting the course of justice by lying over speeding tickets Image: SWNS Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A motorist has been jailed after police rumbled her simple con to dodge speeding tickets. Samantha Keegan, 33, was clocked on three separate occasions driving at over the 30mph speed limit in May, July and September last year.

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But the pub landlady tried to alter her car’s appearance with stickers in an attempt to fool cameras. A court heard each time she claimed her Audi A4 had been parked on the driveway of her home in Gillingham, Dorset.

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One of his first acts from London was to establish the royal postal service between London and Edinburgh , in an attempt to retain control over the Scottish Privy Council. The monopoly was farmed out to Thomas Witherings. In July the Post Office was put under the direct government control of John Thurloe , a Secretary of State, and best known to history as Cromwell’s spymaster general. Previous English governments had tried to prevent conspirators communicating, Thurloe preferred to deliver their post having surreptitiously read it.

Delivery staff received uniforms for the first time in , and the Post Office Investigation Branch was established; it is the world’s oldest recognised criminal investigations authority. The first mail train ran in , on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. The Post Office’s money order system was introduced in Uniform Penny Post In December the first substantial reform started when postage rates were revised by the short-lived Uniform Fourpenny Post.

The Post Office began its telegraph service in Pillar box The first Post Office pillar box was erected in in Jersey. Pillar boxes were introduced in mainland Britain the following year. Such branding is not used in Scotland due to dispute over the current monarch’s title. The dispute included vandalism and attacks on pillar and post boxes introduced in Scotland that displayed EIIR.

To avoid the dispute, pillar boxes in Scotland were either marked ‘Post Office’ or use the Scots Crown.

Wolverhampton thugs whose city centre gang battle was caught on camera are jailed

The overhead view illustrates the two side by side double bank 6LDA’s brought together. A close up of the free end of the engine showing a variety of equipment and the instrument board. A view of the 12LDA28 double bank engine that went into the Class 44’s, and showing the considerable bulk of the Crompton Parkinson main and auxiliary generator. Receiving the electricity created by the main generator were six traction motors similar to this one.

As of July Crompton Parkinson had built, or had on its order books 1, axle-suspended traction motors to power parts of BR’s Modernisation diesel fleet.

Bassi pleaded guilty at Wolverhampton Crown Court to three charges of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs and concealing criminal property.

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Man jailed for biting off wife’s nose gets engaged in prison

A large portion of the line, between Paddington in central London and Abbey Wood in the south-east, is due to open in Autumn At the time of this opening, that new section and two other existing routes will be officially renamed the Elizabeth line, after Queen Elizabeth II. At each end of the central core, the line will divide into two branches: Part of one of the eastern branches, between Liverpool Street and Shenfield, was transferred to a precursor service called TfL Rail in May ; this precursor also took control of Heathrow Connect in May


Signal Dating School Closures plus Wolverhampton Crown Court imposed a sentence of 15 months for dangerous driving. Lake was racing another vehicle and overtook an unmarked police car resulting in a high-speed pursuit in Wednesbury and Tipton, where Lake at times reached speeds of over 90mph on residential roads.

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The northern area includes the village of Hartley in Cumbria. In Yorkshire held the No. Halifax, Bradford Wakefield, Sheffield and Barnoldswick were the most populated parishes. In , Lancashire took the No. By Yorkshire had regained the top spot, with Leeds, Bradford, Stanley, Keighley and Horton as the most populated parishes.

New industries in the Midlands and South [cars, aircraft etc.

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