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King Edward VIII postbox…………..

Edward Viii Post Boxes

Edward VIII Postboxes: King Edward VIII is the rarest monarch to find on a postbox. As Edward abdicated and was never crowned, only 161 pillar boxes were made during his reign. Many of these were vandalised following Edward's abdication or had their door replaced with a door containing the cypher of a less contentious monarch. Edward Eighth Post Box, Tobermory. One of two fairly rare E VIII R postboxes in Tobermory This one is at the end of Main Street, next to the ferry terminal. The other is here. Article by Dorothy M. Antique Mailbox Pillar And Post Telephone Booth Red.

  • English:Edward VIII postbox, Shire Lane / Haddon Road - royal cipher See 923331.
  • Regarding postboxes, I was completely wrong. From the site EDWARD VIII POSTBOXES I discovered that there were, in fact, '271 letter boxes made (cast) during the short reign of Edward VIII. Of these, 161 were pillar boxes, 6 were wall boxes and the remaining 104.

Found this in Glasgow’s West End, there are still a few to be found in Scotland. This one apparently is a listed building, it has Category B listed status. This one resides at the corner of Cecil Street and Great George Street, other Glasgow Edward VIII’s reside in nearby Hyndland Road, Shields Road (G41), Cathcart Road (G42), Nithsdale Rd/Pollockshaws road (G41), Clarkson Rd (G44), Afton Street (G41) and Cartside Street (G42) and there could be others. Glasgow has its fair share, these have still to be verified as still in use.

During the short reign of Edward VIII, approximately 161 of this type of box were erected throughout Britain.

Edward VIII box

Found a local connection, Suttie of Greenock produced an ornate box circa 1856-1857. It was ‘stove’ shaped and had a crown on top. Only used in the UK in Scotland, none in present use. They were used in the British Empire, Pakistan and India.

Edward Viii Post Boxes

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Edward Viii Post Box Claygate

(I did find mention of a Thomas Suttie and Co, Blacksmith, Grate Maker and Bell Hangers at 18 Cathcart Street, Greenock in a Post Office Greenock Directory 1857-1858, I assume the box maker)

Found this image of a Suttie (the one on the right)

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