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Is automated postage due just a new way for USPS to generate more revenue?

No. USPS is making improvements to the process for collecting and refunding incorrectly paid postage. When package weights and dimensions are inaccurate, or incorrect packaging is used for various services, they are subject to a postage due process. That process at USPS has been manual in the past. The new improvements automate the postage due process.

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Does the USPS actually weigh and measure every package?

Yes. Part of the problem has been that shippers have ‘guesstimated’ dimensions and weight and would underpay or overpay for postage. USPS has installed new technologies in their facilities, which automatically detect actual weight, dimensions, and packaging on parcel shipments.

Will USPS refund money if I overpay?

Yes, but the goal is to accurately weigh and measure all items before shipping so that adjustments aren’t needed. If you are owed a refund, your PayPal Account will be refunded, or your eBay account will be credited.

When I bring my package to the post office, will the associate at the counter measure weight and dimensions? Or will weight and DIM measurements come from a machine?

USPS has invested heavily in an automated, state-of-the-art mail processing network that is extensively tested. It is comparable to what is used across the shipping industry. The ultimate goal is that all measurements will be captured by this automated equipment. But you may still have some packages measured and weighed manually at a counter location.

Who charges me, eBay or USPS?

eBay will collect any additional amount due on behalf of USPS. Visit your dashboard under the section for Shipping Cost Adjustments to see if you have any postage costs to adjust.


How do I get charged?

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The PayPal account you used for label printing on eBay labels, or your eBay invoice, will be used for collecting for any additional postage due, or providing any refunds due.

What happens if I don’t pay?

In the case where we are not able to collect any additional postage due, you may be blocked from future label printing.

I use other printing tools outside of eBay labels to print my shipping labels. What about them?

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This is an industry-wide initiative with USPS, so the same rules apply for Stamps.com, Endicia, PayPal, and all other USPS postage printing platforms.

Will USPS still charge me over the counter or leave notice of postage due to the buyer after this program is in place?

No. The manual postage due will discontinue. USPS has implemented their automated system, which means all postage discrepancies will automatically be collected and refunded through eBay systems.

What if I feel the additional amount owed or refunded is incorrect?


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We recommend to check the weight and dimensions on the package to ensure that the discrepancy identified is actually invalid. The tips on this page should help you validate that. If you still feel the discrepancy is incorrect, you may contact USPS to raise a dispute, which should take no more than 15 days to receive a reply.