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Mar 20, 2019 Microsoft Teams Adoption 7) Why should I move from Skype for Business to Teams? How do I make this transition? As people are collaborating more, we see the opportunity to more seamlessly integrate our communication capabilities into Teams so users can have a single place for their conversations, contacts, and content. Get help with your questions about Microsoft Teams from our how-to articles, tutorials, and support content. Unlock more productivity for your family with latest Office apps for up to.

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Microsoft Teams has over 115 million active daily users. Thanks to the ongoing pandemic and a seismic shift to remote working, Microsoft is expanding its Teams Collaboration app more rapidly than before. So, if you are a Microsoft Teams user and looking for some interesting tips for using Microsoft Teams to make collaboration easy, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go over various Microsoft Teams tips and tricks that will help you use Teams in a more creative and productive way.

To use the personal features in Teams in your web browser, go to this link and sign in or create a new personal Microsoft account to get started. On mobile: If you currently use the Teams mobile app at work, simply click on the menu (three bars) on the top left of your screen and select ‘Add account’. Jun 22, 2018 Do not Disturb - If you set your status to 'Do not Disturb' this now will keep you in that mode and not switch back to available like it did previously before the update. You can use this status when you are focusing on a project and do not want to get notification popups from Teams. If you currently use the Teams mobile app at work, simply click on the menu (three bars) on the top left of your screen and select ‘Add account’. You can then sign in with your personal Microsoft account, or create a new one. Once logged in, you will be able to toggle between your.

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

  • Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks To Use in 2021
  • Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks for Productivity
  • Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks for Collaboration
  • Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks With Other Work Apps

Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks To Use in 2021

Throughout 2020, Microsoft has responded to customer demand for more features in fast turnaround times. As we settle into 2021 and gear up for more enhanced collaborations, Microsoft Teams is growing into a boon in disguise. With the majority of us working remotely, it is obvious we have come to rely on apps like Teams more than ever.

Here are a few interesting tips and tricks that make Microsoft Teams our choice of app for collaborations this year (and beyond).

1. Add titles to your chat exchanges

You probably have several conversations daily with various people or groups of people. To make every chat unique and searchable rather than scrolling through a long list of conversations, you can add titles to your chats. These titles indicate what the conversation is about, making it easier to search up later. To add a title, click the pencil icon on the top beside the member’s name and add a title.

2. Invite guests to your MS Teams chats

You can add guests who are not a part of your team or organization. To do this, you must be a team owner. Guests have lesser capabilities unlike a Team member or owner, but still, there are several things they can do. Check out Guest Capabilities here.

To invite a guest, first, get your admin to enable guest access in Teams. Now, go to the Team where you want to add the guest.

  • Click on More […] option and select Add member.
  • Enter the email ID of your guest.
  • Select the pencil option and edit guest information. Add your guest’s name.
  • Click on Add

Your guest will automatically receive a welcome email that will contain joining information.

Make sure you set guest permissions after adding a guest.

3. Go beyond language barriers

Go global with MS Team’s in-built translator. If you get a message in a language not known to you, you can simply click on the More […] option and select the Translate option at the top of the message.

This will automatically translate the message in the language in which your MS Teams is set up in. However, make sure your team is sending out messages in languages supported by MS Teams. Here is a list of languages that MS Teams support.

4. Use GIFs inside MS Teams

Send an emoji, sticker, or a GIF in MS Teams. There are various GIFs ready to send to your MS Teams. Click on the GIF button beneath the chatbox and use the search bar to search for a specific GIF, like “laughing out loud”!

5. Use Urgent Chat Notifications

The Urgent Chat Notification allows Team users to send out priority notifications repeatedly for 20 minutes with a gap of 2 minutes on all messages that are marked as urgent. Teams users can send out and receive unlimited urgent messages.

To mark a message as Urgent, select Important or Urgent option right below the text compose box. This automatically adds the word Important or Urgent to your message.

6. Save screencasts during meetings

In MS Teams, you can make a video record or an audio record of your meeting and share screens with your team members.

To start recording a meeting, click on the More […] option and select Start Recording. Once you do this, everyone in the meeting gets notified that the meeting is being recorded. To stop recording, go to More option and click on Stop Recording.

The meeting is automatically saved to SharePoint if it is a channel meeting or on OneDrive if it is any other type of meeting.

To Share Screens during the meeting, click on the Share icon from your screen. Select what you want to share:

  • Desktop shares everything on your screen.
  • Window shares specific app
  • Powerpoint shares presentations
  • Use the Browse option to browse any other file

When you start sharing, a red border appears around what you are sharing.

7. Use T-bot for quick assistance

Anytime if you are stuck while using MS Teams, you can rely on the T-Bot to answer your queries on how to use any functionality in MS Teams. You can ask a question or enter a key phrase or word for T-Bot to look up relevant information. T-Bot also assists users who prefer browsing through the content instead of asking questions.

8. Integrate with SharePoint, OneDrive, and Planner

MS Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Planner – all are part of Microsoft 365 suite and are interconnected. Using MS Teams with other Microsoft apps can help you keep your team flexible in the way work is done. From document sharing to conversations and collaborations, integrating MS Teams with these apps can get your work done easily.

For instance, when you create a team in MS Teams, an Office 365 group and a SharePoint team site are automatically created. So, you can use the SharePoint team site to upload your files directly and share them with your team members during a Teams meeting. Since all the apps are interconnected, a file in SharePoint when opened in Teams is editable right through the meeting.

Do I Need An Account To Use Microsoft Teams Download

Having a Microsoft account gives you access to Microsoft OneDrive, Planner, and SharePoint.

Any document shared during a Teams meeting is automatically saved in SharePoint. Every team has a SharePoint site and every team site has a Teams channel. This means, you can easily save your files in SharePoint and share it with a broader audience in a click.

OneDrive is ideal to save your personal files or documents. All files are automatically synced in OneDrive and are accessible even when you are offline. You can choose to share your OneDrive files with specific people or group of people, and also post it for review on Teams channel.

If you are using MS Teams, the Planner app comes in handy in planning your work. Use the + icon to add the planner tab to a Team channel. Now you can create a task list or use an existing task list.
Once you add the Planner, you can see your plan in the context of all conversations, files, etc.

There is no specific integration process to follow. Like mentioned earlier, all the apps are automatically synced and are cross-app available.

Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks for Productivity

Microsoft Teams ensures that you remain productive throughout. It takes into account minor details like helping users blur their backgrounds or adding whole new backgrounds. This little attention to detail has helped Microsoft Teams users be more focused and productive. Plus, you can get really creative when selecting your choice of backgrounds.

Another feature that Microsoft Teams rolled out to enhance productivity and reduce fatigue is the Together Mode where you get the feeling of being in an auditorium or a coffee shop with all your team members (although you are actually collaborating virtually). No grids and boxes but more like a common space where everyone is together.

Having said that, did you know that you can integrate other apps into Microsoft Teams to unlock Teams’ productivity potential truly? Microsoft Teams with other productivity apps can help you unleash your team’s creative and productive prowess, to say in a nutshell. Let’s see how to do this.

Create Trello Cards for New MS Teams Messages

Trello for Microsoft Teams allows you to add Trello to Teams in two ways –

  1. Using Tab
  2. Using Connector

The Tab provides a dedicated space for Trello boards, cards, and lists of Teams. Using the Tab feature, you can create a separate Tab wherein boards, cards, lists of all your Teams’ members will be available.

On the other hand, the Connector lets you get updates for any changes in your Trello board or cards directly in your Teams channels. You can use the Trello Connector available under the connectors option in MS Teams.

If you want to go beyond sending out channel messages for any updates in your Trello board, you can use to connect Microsoft Teams and Trello. Send out chat messages for new comments or add a new comment in Trello for a new message in Teams – make Teams more powerful by connecting both the apps.

Update Google Sheets for New MS Teams Messages

If you are using Google Workspace and spend most of your time managing Google Sheets, you need not manually update or add new rows to your Sheets for any new messages in Teams or vice-versa.

Using the Teams and Google Sheets integration, you can get Teams messages each time a row gets added or updated in Google Sheets. You can also send a message from Teams to start or update a row in Google Sheets.

Set up integration between Teams and Google Sheets and try any of these use cases to start with –

Send Out Teams Messages for a New File in Google Drive

Sticking with the Google use case, external contractors may upload completed documents to a shared Google Drive space.

The Google Drive and Microsoft Teams integration lets you trigger events in Google Drive and start actions in Microsoft Teams.

For example, you can add a file in Google Drive and receive a channel message in Microsoft Teams notifying you. This means, you need not check Google Drive continuously to see when the work gets completed—and your contractor doesn’t have to email you every time they finish a job.

Build a customized workflow using now –


Sync Google Calendar Updates and Microsoft Teams Messages

If you alternate between Microsoft apps and Google apps, you might end up with two calendars.

What’s worse than managing two calendars? Managing two calendars that aren’t in sync.

With the Microsoft Teams and Google Calendar integration, you can sync Teams to your Google calendar, so you never miss an event. You can get notified of Google Calendar events in Microsoft Teams. You can even send a message from Teams to set up a new event in your Google Calendar. Set up an automated workflow right away –

Add Tasks in Google Tasks on New Teams Messages

This last Microsoft Teams productivity tip is for Google Tasks users. Google Tasks is one of the easiest to-do list apps most G-Suite users use.

You can integrate Microsoft Teams and Google Tasks to send messages from Teams and set up new tasks. This works for new tasks, deleted tasks, and completed tasks. Create automated workflows between Microsoft Teams and Google Tasks from here:

Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks for Collaboration

Microsoft Teams has several collaboration features like phone calls, video chats, document sharing, and more. However, it becomes more powerful when you connect it with your daily collaboration and communications tools.

For instance, you may use Microsoft Teams for your video meetings but have Slack for your daily internal communications. Instead of duplicating messages on both the apps, you can connect Slack and Microsoft Teams to keep all conversations synced. Infact, data shows that 66% of companies using Microsoft Teams are also Slack customers. So, you’re not alone.

Send Slack Notifications for New Teams Messages

Both Slack and Teams have a similar range of features but you still may be using both for two different purposes. That is why connecting Slack and Microsoft Teams can help you keep everything organized for you and your teams. Set up an automated workflow between the two apps right-away.

Connect Google Meet and MS Teams for Enhanced Video Meets

A typical combination of organizations that don’t use Microsoft Tools use Slack for messaging and Google Meet for meetings.

While enhancing the messaging experience is important, scheduling meetings is crucial for productivity too.

You can integrate Microsoft Teams and Google Meet to send Teams’ chat messages to new meetings in Google Meet.

When you add a meeting in Google Meet, you’ll get a new channel message in Microsoft Teams. With information passing between the two apps, you’ll always be on time for virtual meetings. Wondering where to start? Try one of these use cases-

Address Customer Queries on Facebook Messenger Using MS Teams

If you use Facebook Messenger to field customer support queries, you can integrate Messenger with Microsoft Teams too. Instead of switching between apps, you can reply to Messenger messages on a new channel message in Teams. You can also send a channel or chat message in Microsoft Teams as a new message on Facebook Messenger.

Try setting up one of these workflows right away from here:

Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks With Other Work Apps

Apps like Microsoft Teams have opened up new ways to collaborate with your teams virtually. Now that we all are into remote working, we ideally spend a lot of time on apps like MS Teams. In the meanwhile, we have not stopped using our other work apps. With virtual collaboration taking lead, we now need to connect MS Teams with our other work apps more than ever. And it stands true for our sales, marketing, social, and to-do list apps. After all, we all need everything synced up so that we never miss out on our tasks.

Let’s see how to do this.

Use MS Teams with a CRM

Did you know – you can connect your choice of CRM and Microsoft Teams? If you are using Salesforce, you can connect Salesforce and Microsoft Teams to create automated workflows between the two apps.

When you connect your CRM like Salesforce with Teams, you can create workflows to get instant messages on new leads or send out a channel message for new contact in Salesforce, and more. Integrating your CRM and Teams will automatically help you and your team stay updated with new leads or updates for any leads in your CRM. Looking for more ways to use Salesforce and Microsoft Teams? Start with one of these use cases –

Add To-Do Lists in Todoist from MS Teams Messages

Todoist is a great to-do list tool that most of us use to assign and manage work. To reduce the time spent in adding and assigning tasks, connect Microsoft Teams with Todoist, and get instant updates on Teams as soon as a new task is assigned. This integration can work the other way round as well – i.e. a new task can be created in Todoist against a message in Teams.

This integration is not just about adding tasks; you can add comments, notes, and get alerts for any updates. If you are not looking for a starting point, below are a few workflows you can start with.

Get Alerts for Google Forms Responses in MS Teams

Let’s agree – the moment we think of building a form, we think of Google Forms. It is an easy and accessible tool to create interactive forms. Instead of manually sharing your Google Forms’ response status with your team, connect Microsoft Teams with Google Forms and get instant alerts on a new response to your form either as a channel message or a chat – your choice.

Do I Need An Account To Use Microsoft Teams Without

Try this workflow right away –

Get Alerts for New Leads from Facebook Ads in MS Teams

Are you planning to launch Facebook lead ads for your website? Great. Facebook lead ads can generate a good amount of leads that are genuine and targeted. While creating your lead ad, make sure to connect Microsoft Teams with Facebook Lead Ads so that you receive a channel or chat message on Teams instantly when a new lead enters the funnel. Try this workflow for your lead ad from here:

Wrapping Up

Microsoft Teams is far more than a team collaboration app. With an ever-growing feature list and many ways to integrate apps from your day-to-day life, Teams has evolved to become the place where work gets done.

But, there is always more you can do. Features, tips, and tricks barely scratch the surface of what’s possible with Microsoft Teams. You can learn more about our Microsoft Teams automations here.

🤔 Microsoft Teams Guest Access & Multiple Accounts: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft Teams guest access is the most read post on the Microsoft tech community forum. More users than ever are struggling to manage Microsoft Teams multiple accounts.

The post has 380k+ views since 2016 and we’re seemingly getting closer to a solution.

This post has been constantly updated as different workarounds and cries for help have emerged.

You may have heard that Teams Connect was announced at Microsoft Ignite in March 2021.

With Teams Connect, you’ll be able to share channels with anyone, internal or external to your organization.

Microsoft says “the shared channel will appear within an individual’s primary Teams tenant alongside other teams and channels.”

Teams Connect is currently in private preview mode but Microsoft says it will roll out later in 2021.

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How do I manage multiple Microsoft Teams?

While the desktop version of Microsoft Teams doesn’t support the management of multiple Teams, you can use this workaround to manage multiple Teams accounts:

  1. Open your Microsoft Teams desktop on the tenant you will spend most of your time in.
  2. Open a browser and open the browser version of Microsoft Teams for the tenant you spend the next amount of time in.
  3. Add additional tabs to your browser as you need access to more tenants.

The plus side here is that you have access to all the tenants you need.

The downside is that you’re constantly switching between Teams and your browser.

You might also close your browser by mistake and have to start over.

Use universal channels to manage multiple Microsoft Teams

Instead of opening a new browser tab each time you need to access a different Teams tenant, you could start a universal channel from your primary Teams tenant.

When you install the universal channels app in Teams, you can invite members of other Teams instances and chat with them as if they were in your tenant.

In the screenshot below, you can see Mio joining two tenants together so you can message between Micorosft Teams accounts without leaving your primary one.

You’ll still need to switch between tenants if you need to join regular meetings with them. But, for day-to-day messaging, universal channels save a heap of time.

You can install your first universal channel for free here.

Microsoft Teams guest access on desktop

As a partner, consultant or customer of a business that uses Microsoft Teams, you can be added as a guest to let you access files, chats, and information from the external company.

Keeping connected to external businesses is crucial to communication and collaboration.

Microsoft Teams guest access is great and is absolutely required. If you’re new to guest access within Microsoft Teams, it’s easy to enable.

How does guest access work in Microsoft Teams?

1. Notification received on Microsoft Teams for a one to one chat, group message or channel activity
2. Select the account that you have guest access to
3.Microsoft Teams will now switch to guest access in another Microsoft tenant, going through the process of logging in from scratch
4. Respond to notifications as usual
5. Flick back to your “main” account which is probably the company you work for
6. Microsoft Teams switches back to your main account, going through the process of logging in from scratch

Switching between Microsoft Teams accounts on mobile

On 4th August 2019, Randy Chapman, Head of Consulting at Enablit, posted a blog covering “How to add a second account to the Teams mobile app”.

Here he explains that Teams users on both Android and iOS now have the ability to add more than one account to the Teams mobile client.

How to switch between accounts on Microsoft Teams

  • Sign into Teams
  • Tap on the Menu key then navigate to Settings
  • Choose add account
  • If you signed into an existing account, tap the existing account
  • Select account and sign in
  • Switch between Microsoft Teams guest access accounts!

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The difference between SFB federation and Microsoft Teams guest access

In Skype for Business, you could turn on the federation option.

This allowed users to add external Skype for Business contacts in other companies, as well as standard Skype users.

This experience was perfect for users that had contacts that were customers, suppliers or any other form of external party.

From your Skype for Business interface, you have access to your internal contacts, external contacts and could group according to your personal preference or most frequently messaged contacts.

Important: federation and guest access are different scenarios. Federation allows chats with external tenants and shares presence information. Guest access requires switching to your secondary tenant (tenant you are a guest on) to access files and participate in team collaboration activities.

One to one federation in Microsoft Teams

Good news!

Enabling federation in Microsoft Teams is just as easy as it was in Skype for Business.

In the Microsoft Teams admin center, head to Org-wide settings, then click on External access.

By default, your tenant should be set to On.

Just toggle the button if not.

As you can see above, there are two options for external access.

The first allows Teams users to communicate with Skype for Business and Teams users.

The second allows Skype for Business users to communicate with Skype users. For clarity, that’s consumer-grade Skype.

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Community feeling around Microsoft Teams guest access

There have been various grumbles about switching between Microsoft Teams tenants in the Microsoft community.

Darrell-as-a-Service commented on the lack of simplicity in guest mode in his blog post Tenant switching between accounts ain’t fun:

“I find myself wondering when people will read and respond to my message.”

Darrell’s suggestion echoes most of the Microsoft community. “We want to log into our tenant and concurrently be connected to the teams where we are guests.”

Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business expert, Tom Arbuthnot, suggested that, by now, we really should be able to be in multiple Teams accounts at the same time, without switching between Microsoft Teams accounts.

“I work with a lot of customers, so am guests on their tenants. I cheat and run a chrome web app for each of the guest tenants, so I can be signed into multiple tenants at the same time.

Unknown users in Microsoft Teams

Zev Yanovich also recently reported an issue when adding new external members to a team. Email addresses are being converted to “Unknown”.

Another Teams forum member, Christine Stack posted in reply that she is having a similar issue:

“If I go to Outlook to add them to the Office 365 group they show that they are added in with their correct names. I also used the Teams & Skype admin center to check to on them but they are not listed there as users, neither is my gmail account which is functioning as a guest in Teams but my Hotmail account is listed there as a guest Teams user.”

Since posting, Christine has confirmed that her issue has been remedied, but wasn’t entirely sure what the solution was.

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Most heavily requested Teams feature

The Microsoft tech community forum has been asking for this since 2016.

Whilst Microsoft Teams is set to have feature parity with Skype for Business, the heavy guest users are left feeling unproductive. Microsoft’s comment on this subject back in August 2018 was:

“This is still on the backlog. It is taking a fair amount of investigation to determine the best solution to the request”.

The lack of clarity over guest access even sees the query of “Can I add guests to my team? If so, how?” make the top 10 Microsoft Teams questions during the Microsoft Ignite tour.

Aya Tange, Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, shares the top 10 and the answer to how to setup guest access on the Microsoft blog.

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Initial workaround from Microsoft

Microsoft originally provided a guide to guest access. This demonstrates what you can and can’t do via Microsoft Teams guest mode.

Furthermore, Microsoft has also published a matrix comparing features between external access and guest access in Microsoft Teams.

As small businesses start to receive emails alerting them to an auto-upgrade from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, these guides will become more and more important to set expectations within your business.

Guest access in other apps

Cisco Webex Teams also offers guest access for external users.

When it comes to switching between Webex Teams tenants, Lorrisa Horton made a comment in the Cisco blog regarding the experience.

“We’ve built the solution in a way that surfaces all your spaces within a single interface. It’s simple to get anyone into your Webex Teams spaces. “

In Slack, you can add external users to either single-channel access or multi-channel access, stipulating which channels they have access to.

For this functionality to be enabled, you need to be paying for the standard Slack subscription.

Slack guest access is restricted, details are laid out on the Slack help area.

Making the most of guest access

Once you’ve decided to turn on guest access and make the most of it, you still have to consider your users in other messaging apps like Slack or Cisco Webex Teams.

Guest access, whilst not perfect, solves the problem of messaging external contacts that have Microsoft Teams.

But, you are still in the predicament of messaging colleagues and external users that use Slack and Webex Teams.

This leaves you with X Microsoft Teams accounts. You then have however many Slack channels and Webex spaces still need to communicate with.

Rather than solving one problem but adding another app into your daily work schedule, there is a solution.

When you need to use more than just Microsoft Teams inside and outside your organization, Mio can provide messaging interoperability by connecting the platforms you use to communicate and collaborate.

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Demo Mio

Mio is simple to set up:

  • Sync all chat apps your team’s users by creating your Mio Hub
  • Add all teams, spaces & channels
  • Team members in your Mio Hub can immediately chat in DMs or groups with members on other platforms
  • File sharing, threaded messages, reactions and the ability to edit and delete messages are all supported
  • New channels or spaces sync in the primary chat platform everyone prefers to use

We are here to discuss your options. To learn how Mio can sync multiple messaging platforms, check out our video.

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