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New iPhone user. Move or transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone. Easy And Fast way using with iCloud.New iPhone user will fallow step-by-step instruc. Step to transfer gmail contacts to iCloud; Step 1. Export Contacts from gmail. Visit and log in with your Google ID. Click on 'More' and click on the 'Export' option that appears. Your gmail contacts will be saved as VCF files on your computer. Access iCloud Contacts. The first step is for you to visit from your PC/Mac.

Hey, I have a new iPad Air recently and now I'm wondering why my contacts on my iPhone won't be seen on the iPad. They share one iCloud account, actually. Can anyone help? This really frustrates me because it is impossible that I manually save these contacts on iPad.

Copy Contacts From Gmail To Icloud Backup

Let's face it, everything is slowly transitioning to the cloud; it's more reliable, more practical and much more secure. So, it's no wonder that Apple's iCloud became so popular. But, some users just don't know how to navigate their way around their iPhone and iCloud, especially the 'On My iPhone' contacts to iCloud. There's a vast array of functions, some of which are more complex than others.

Now, what if you want to move your contacts from your iPhone to iCloud so you can access them on a new device, just like what Patrick are facing?

Dec 18, 2020 The BitRecover Gmail to iCloud conversion solution is direct way to migrate emails from Gmail to iCloud. The tool just needs login details of source Gmail account and the iCloud mail user login details. May 29, 2012 You can copy your Yahoo and GMail contacts over to iCloud either by exporting your contacts as a.csv file (using a computer, not your iPhone unless you have a 3rd party contact backup app) and then import the.csv file into iCloud using your computer, or I think if you have iCloud enabled (and Contact sync turned on) you can simply sync your contacts to your iPhone using iTunes, which will then load them into iCloud.

1. Steps to Move Contacts from 'On My iPhone' to iCloud

Let's say – for example – you have a professional contact list that you desperately need to transfer to iCloud, so you can then retrieve it on a new work device. Here's exactly how to do it:

  • Go into Settings on your iPhone, then scroll down until you see 'Mail, Contacts, Calendar'. Click into that tab, find 'Contacts' (for iOS 10.2 and earlier version. If you use iOS 10.3 and later versions, just locate 'Contacts' directly), and you should see 'Sort Order, Display Order, Short Name, My Info'.
  • Alongside those, you should also see 'Default Account'. Tap into it and if iCloud isn't checked, your contacts won't automatically sync with your iCloud, and will be sent to an alternative group.
  • Open 'Contacts', go into 'Groups' and uncheck iCloud contacts. Assess how many aren't on iCloud and delete them individually. Return to Settings, click 'iCloud' and turn off the Contacts to iCloud sync.
  • Restart your iPhone. Go back into Settings, and turn the Contacts to iCloud sync back on. Check your iCloud account to determine whether the contacts have been sent over to your iCloud from your iPhone.

Import Contacts From Gmail To Icloud Iphone

2. Preparation before Moving Contacts from iPhone to iCloud

Before you dive into the above process, you need to ensure your contacts are safe. The last thing you want is to lose your contact list! You have 2 options.


Download Contacts from iCloud: If you want to download your contacts directly from iCloud so you have a backup on your computer, click here to see how to do.

Export Contacts from iPhone: The other option is to export your contacts straight from your iPhone. If that's your preferred choice, click here and keep your contacts on computer in case any loss or you will need to use these contacts on computer.

3. Additional Tip: What to Do If You Lose Contacts?

Copy Contacts From Gmail To Icloud Storage

Unfortunately, there's a possibility that you could lose some of your data, either from your iPhone or iCloud. By utilising the iMyFone software, you can recover lost iPhone contacts extremely quickly. Whether you want to retrieve contacts from your iPhone or retrieve contacts from your iCloud account, the procedure is very simple.


Copy Google Contacts To Icloud

Moving contacts from “On My iPhone” on device to iCloud is relatively easy, and it's essentially down to making sure the sync function is activated. You can follow the steps we've provided in this article. Plus, if the worst case scenario occurs and you lose data, you can then count on iMyFone.