Contemporary Letter Boxes

леттербоксинг (летербоксинг)
в DVD-Video при масштабировании (чтобы сделать из широкоформатного фильма изображение для экрана формата 4:3) - добавление к изображению чёрных полос сверху и снизу. Технология леттербоксинга, в отличие от панорамирования и сканирования, сохраняет полностью все объекты изображения, однако нерационально использует площадь видеоносителя (диска DVD) - её значительная часть заполнена изображением не фильма, а чёрных полос
см. тж.anamorphic recording, crop, pan, pan & scan, scan

Sample Motivation Letter for University, college and schools have been given in this website. Check out for the writing tips and format. The earliest boxes on Jersey were red, however a change was made in 1859 when the colour for all post boxes was standardised as green. Today the colour of British letter boxes is as much part of the iconic nature of the box as any other feature.

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  • letterbox — [let′ər bäks΄] n. a format for presenting films in video form, that preserves the widescreen image by means of dark bands above and below the image adj. telecast or recorded for playback using such a format: also letterboxed * * * let·ter·box… … Universalium

  • Letterbox — ist ein Begriff aus der Unterhaltungselektronik, siehe anamorphe Bildaufzeichnung eine traditionelle Form der Schnitzeljagd, siehe Letterboxing Diese Seite ist eine Begriffsklärung zur Unterscheidung mehrerer mit demselben … Deutsch Wikipedia

  • letterbox — [let′ər bäks΄] n. a format for presenting films in video form, that preserves the widescreen image by means of dark bands above and below the image adj. telecast or recorded for playback using such a format: also letterboxed … English World dictionary

  • Letterbox — For the mail (post) receptacle, see letter box. For the outdoor treasure hunt hobby, see letterboxing. A 2.35:1 widescreen image letterboxed in a 1.33:1 screen Letterboxing is the practice of transferring film shot in a widescreen aspect ratio to … Wikipedia

  • Letterbox — Une image au format large original de 2.35:1 « letterboxé », sur un écran 4/3 Letterbox est un mode d affichage d une image ou source vidéo sur un téléviseur, un moniteur vidéo ou informatique. Il permet en particulier de mieux… … Wikipédia en Français

  • letterbox — [[t]le̱tə(r)bɒks[/t]] letterboxes also letter box 1) N COUNT A letterbox is a rectangular hole in a door or a small box at the entrance to a building into which letters and small parcels are delivered. Compare post box. [mainly BRIT] (in AM,… … English dictionary

  • letterbox — UK [ˈletə(r)ˌbɒks] / US [ˈletərˌbɑks] noun [countable] Word forms letterbox : singular letterbox plural letterboxes British 1) a small hole in a door where letters can be delivered 2) a postbox … English dictionary

  • Letterbox — Imagen de pantalla ancha tras pasar por un letterbox. Letterboxing es la práctica de transformar películas filmadas en pantalla ancha a otros formatos de vídeo, preservando la relación de aspecto de la imagen. Como los formatos en general son… … Wikipedia Español

  • letterbox — v. (Video) display in letterbox format, display only across the center of a screen with black bands at the top and bottom (so the wider film format will fit the different dimensions of a TV screen);(British) mailbox, mail slot n. video playback… … English contemporary dictionary

  • Letterbox — VP Refers to the on screen effect created by shooting video in a 16:9 Aspect Ratio. PP The process of fitting a 16:9 image on a 4:3 screen by placing black bars at the top and bottom. WikiV A method of displaying widescreen video on a screen with … Audio and video glossary

  • letterbox — adjective see letterboxed … New Collegiate Dictionary


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Contemporary Letter Boxes Wholesale

The letterbox is your guest’s first impression of your home. Whether the letterbox is contemporary, stylish and practical or a quaint treasure, either way, the letterbox you choose reveals more about you than you think.

We at JCV make sure that your preferred choice of letterbox not only makes a great style statement but never fails to make an instant impression!

We carry an extensive selection of concrete letterbox designs to match your garden patch. There is a reason why our outstanding letterboxes adorn the entrances of all types of residential and commercial properties in Sydney, NSW and across Australia.


1. Finest Stones & Concrete – Our range of letterboxes are manufactured using the finest stone and concrete to make a long lasting, ultimate design statement.


2. Your Modern signature style - Our concrete letterbox come in a range of neutral colours. You can further customize it with your preferred matching colour to add your distinct touch.

Contemporary Letter Boxes Printable

Contemporary Letter Boxes

3. Sleek Fence Posts with Letterboxes – Combine style and tradition by choosing from our range of concrete fence posts with a letterbox.

Contemporary Letter Boxes

4. Majestic Gate Posts with Letterboxes- Make an awe-inspiring presence from our range of superior gateposts and concrete letterboxes.

5. Ornamental concrete fence post with letterbox – Discover Inspiring concrete fence posts with letterboxes that are eye-caching and perfectly complement the exterior of your home.

6. Weather-Resistant &Durable – Your letterbox is going to face all the weather. Thus, at JCV our sturdy, elegant, durable, practical concrete letterboxes make a stylish design statement for your residential or commercial property anytime.

Contemporary letter template


As a leading manufacturer of pier caps, porch columns, architectural and concrete columns in Sydney since 1975, we offer an expanded range of letterboxes with custom designs as well as in regular production designs.

1. Traditional with a Twist? Do you prefer pier caps & porch columns and a sleek modern concrete letterbox.

2. Address Plate – Our concrete letterboxes come with your address plate in either powder coated finish or laser cut stainless steel plate.

3. Paper Ring – A great option for gateposts with letterboxes and fence posts, a paper ring allows for easy storage of news paper, while adding a creative splash.

4. Letter Size Slot – You can also customize your JCV concrete letterbox with an A4 or a standard sized letter slot.

5. Colour - JCV letterboxes are made in a neutral colour but you can match a paint that complements your property’s design and distinct appeal.

Each one of the JCV’s concrete letterboxes is a result of superior workmanship and continues to enjoy strong reputation and a loyal community satisfied and repeat customers since 1975.

They can be easily installed new letterboxes by the professional team at JCV or by using our DIY set of boxes and instructions. Discover the exciting options in concrete letterbox from JCV Australia to make your property stand out today.