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BYD manufactures the forklift, battery and the charger. This provides seemless integration between the 3 systems. No headaches, no pointing fingers. The future of forklifts, that's what. These electric forklifts have it all - long-lasting power, safety features everywhere, and even comfortabl.

DGP Materials Handling introduces the new Lithium battery powered BYD Forklift Trucks

BYD is the world’s first forklift manufacturer and battery producer offering Iron-Phosphate ‘battery for life’ technology.

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But there’s more to BYD than supplying forklift trucks and batteries. Founded in 1995, BYD is now the largest rechargeable battery manufacturer in the world, employing 180,000 employees, including 25,000 engineers. Mr Wang Chuang Fu, BYD’s founder and the scientist who invented iron-phosphate battery technology, still holds 32% of the shares and remains actively involved in the business.

Various key components of BYD’s forklifts are bought in from Europe, including the motors, the control systems and the hydraulics. Even though BYD obtains all these parts from proven sources, before it can be used, every single component destined for a BYD truck has to go through BYD’s rigorous testing procedures.

Revolutionary Battery Technology

The use of the BYD lithium iron phosphate Fe battery means users never need to replace it. It also erradicates the need for battery maintenance, avoids harmful emissions and removes the expense of buying and maintaining spare batteries, as well as the time, trouble and handling equipment involved in battery changing.

Fast (1 to 2 hour) charging times and lower (40% less) energy consumption during charging, together with the much longer lifetime of lithium iron phosphate Fe batteries (typically well over 10 years compared to as little as 4 years for a lead-acid battery), all contribute to a dramatic 20-25% reduction in operating costs over the life of the lift truck.

The BYD Fe batteries also provide huge operational flexibility as they can be charged incrementally, rather than in one go. Allowing operators to partially charge it in the time it takes to have a quick coffee break.

The BYD battery is, additionally, a much safer and cleaner battery technology than lead-acid or lithium-ion alternatives, posing no threat to truck operators. The BYD Fe batteries will not burn or explode, even under pressure or when punctured, and also cannot contaminate ground or water supplies, even if crushed.

Being the world’s largest rechargeable battery manufacturer, this advanced Fe battery technology has been proven in thousands of electric vehicles around the globe including buses, cars and taxis – as well as forklift trucks.

With full suspension seats, fingertip electronic controls, heated cabins, programmable performance characteristics, regenerative braking, active stability control and a range of clear-view masts all on offer, the new BYD counterbalanced trucks have been specified to compete directly with the most advanced trucks on the market today - with the added benefit of the lower operating costs from the use of BYD Fe batteries.

Revolutionary battery charging

Forklift trucks can be fully charged in 1-2 hours and partially charged in 15 mins

Revolutionary cost-saving battery

No more battery maintenance cost, no more spare battery cost, no more changing battery cost – a one-time investment that benefits your business

Revolutionary safe battery

No more acid handling, no more flammable gases, no more battery maintenance - a choice to make your business environment and community a better place to work and live in

Revolutionary long-life battery

No more battery changing, no more purchases of new batteries – a wise investment that minimizes your operating costs once and for all

Environmentally friendly


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The BYD Fe battery does not contain corrosive acid nor polluting heavy metals, as other technologies do, thus becoming the most environmentally friendly battery available

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Works in extremely low temperatures

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In cold climates or refrigerated environments, the Fe battery will deliver more energy. As an example, at -40C, more than 60% of the energy stored is usable, which is not the case with other batteries