Brabantia Stainless Steel Post Box

SONGMICS Clothes Drying Rack, with Bonus Sock Clips, Stainless Steel Gullwing Space-Saving Laundry Rack, Foldable for Easy Storage, Silver 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,217 $39.99. Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof. Average Rating: (4.7) stars out of 5 stars 18 ratings, based on 18 reviews. Walmart # 567168950. Recently purchased the fingerprint proof, stainless steel fall front bread bin and found it to be. The Decayeux D500, formerly the Brabantia B500, high quality stainless steel large capacity post box, perfect when receiving large volumes of mail. Accessed by a key lock supplied with two keys. Top loading A4 letter slot with protective flap. Rainwater proof and rust proof.

In comparison to driers, they don’t make use of electricity, for this reason, they save energy, however, rather they more often than not use air to dry the clothes, basically permitting you to put your wet laundry in a well-thought-out way as they dry in the open air. There are a plethora of clothes drying racks obtainable in the marketplace each diverse from the other plus providing different traits.

On the other hand, there are others that are conspicuous from the rest and can be categorized amongst the best. With this in consideration, it sort of makes logic for you to have a drying rack within the home somewhere, even though they only employ it from time to time. To offer you an enhanced idea of what the wall mounted clothes drying racks to go for if you are ever in the marketplace for one.

When selecting a wall mounted clothes drying rack, for the most part, you must be acquainted with where the piece will be positioned. If you require a drying rack that is meant for indoor use, the most expedient alternative is often the one that just be fixed effortlessly on the wall, that is wall mounted clothes drying rack.

The units require negligible set up and should be user-friendly for storage whenever desirable. They may eat up some of the space when brought into play, although they can at all times be folded away when not being used to dry the wet clothes.

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Some wall mounted clothes drying racks as well feature quite a few larger shelves that are ideal for garments that ought to be laid horizontally to dry. If your house would be better served using a wall-mounted drying rack, mull over whether you have a preference a unit that is at all times deployed and set or one that can be collapsed flat against the walls when not being employed. These accordion-fashion units cannot support as much load as lasting shelving, although they can be with no trouble be folded out of your way.

1. HOMZ Hanging Sweater Dryer (Editors Top PICK)

So simple to set-up plus takedown, this is a lightweight drying rack which is among the most ergonomic and expedient on the marketplace nowadays. It offers 3 cubic feet of drying room regardless of its lightweight design, which is too much for whichever drying rack in its price range. Simultaneously, it enjoys a hard-wearing plastic construction with powerful plastic hooks that make it possible for you to fit your rack almost on any wall.

2. Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack By Leifheit Telegant 70

This wall mounted clothes drying rack from Leifheit characterizes a stainless steel towel bar that adds to its adaptability. Simultaneously, it gains from a lustrous, telescoping design that comes with retractable wires for excellent measures. It as well features five rails that open up a space of 14 feet when wholly extended, which is adequate for any person nowadays. To finish, it profits from an ABS plastic finish with stainless steel bars, a structure that makes certain its long-standing toughness.

3. Polder Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack 24-Inch Accordion

The accordion Polder Products wall mount for clothes drying rack is an excellent choice for a wall affixed clothes drying rack, owing to its simple practicability and considerable load capacity.

This wall mounted clothes drying rack traits six rods for laundry drying. It has a load capability of 22 pounds, which is in excess of some other analogous wall mounted clothes drying racks. The piece is two feet broad, and the rack expands 18 inches from your wall.

That makes it an excellent alternative for drying laundry in a laundry room or bathroom where the floor room is limited. Most users remark on the outstanding capability of this clothes drying rack and have employed it for tops, jeans, shirts, and other clothes. It is acknowledged to be powerful and to sustain over extensive periods of employment. If your space is tight but requires stretchy wall-mounted clothes drying rack, this replica by Polder Products is the mode to go.

4. Honey Can Do Retractable Clothes Line

The Honey Can Do Clothes Line is amongst the best for a retractable edition, mainly owing to its solid finish and uncomplicated functionality. There exist numerous versions of the retractable clotheslines obtainable to purchase, but a lot of them feature plastic constituents that rupture under strain or because of the building blocks.

This retractable clothing line from Honey Can Do is completed from Iron and stainless steel so it is not to be expected to break or crack easily. The clothesline measures eight feet in length plus has a locking apparatus to tauten in place. Installing the component on your wall is a little bit difficult for some users, however, the moment it is fixed, users are pleased about how trouble-free it is to make use of plus that it can sustain even a number of pairs of damp jeans at the same time. For a superior, metal retractable cloth line, select this from Honey Can Do.

5. Leifheit Telefix 100 Wall Mount Drying Rack

This outsized but tactful retractable wall mount clothes dryer offers up to 26 inches of drying space plus does twofold duty like a towel bar. It traits 8 retractable, powder encrusted stainless steel railings that can support equal to 44 lbs. when completely extended. It also functions like a towel bar for a tactful look. It is just right for placement in the shop, bathroom, RV, deck or porch, and garage. It is completed from plastic and metal material with the dimensions of 5″ H by 40″ W by 24.25″ D with a 3-year manufacturer’s service contract.

6. Wall Mount Clothing Drying Rack – Adjustable One

At times, you simply require a little bit of room to dry the delicates, and that is where the Home Improvements Wall-Mount Drying Rack comes in. This design is simply just right for the bathroom, as the flexible, according to the cloth drying rack, sits taut beneath its shelf, only to expand completely to 28-1/2’’, when you necessitate hanging the inner wears, nightwear or socks.

This good-looking drying rack has been made to go well with most furnishings, employing the shelf for holding knick-knacks, plants, bath accessories or soaps. Upon being extended, the accordion rack offers the user 11 hanging bars for the clothes. You as well get five metal hooks to dry up extra items. When appropriately set up to your wall, it can sustain substantial weight.

7. Ikea Wall Mount Clothes Drying Rack 26 3/8-47 1/4″ Stainless Steel Drying Rack Grundtal (Multiple Size Available)

Here is another wall mounted clothesline drying product. It is fashionable, compacted but it does not collapse against the wall, it is adaptable in that it can as well serve other purposes. It isn’t for a big laundry day, however for drying lighter and smaller and items. This invention is from IKEA, and there is no one who does not like IKEA? On the other hand, there is a stipulation that the product doesn’t come with hardware to fix it to your wall, and a slight warning concerning wall types plus hardware.

8. Gideon Indoor 4-Line Retractable Clothesline

The Gideon indoor retractable cloth line is only one of its kind product. It is suitable; while not being employed you can draw back the clothesline. With that technique, you don’t have to misuse any room for storage. This item by Gideon also has a tightening knob which guarantees that the clothes shall not droop. When you buy this item it is fully assembled out of the packaging. Consequently, you will have to squander any time fixing it up; it is all set for utilization. All you need to do is employ the included screws to attach it wherever you want it. It’s a great unique resolution if a room-saving interior clothes drying rack is soaring among your agendas.

9. Whitmor Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack, White

Whitmor provides a wide assortment of expedient, space and energy saving drying racks plus this resourceful room maker Drying rack is the ideal laundry day buddy. Trim down electricity consumption and obtain fresh-smelling garments simultaneously with the drying rack.

From insubstantial hand-washables to on a daily basis load of laundry, this room maker drying up rack provides a simple answer for expediently air-drying your clothes. Whitmor wall-mounted clothes drying rack gives great use of vacant wall space. This drying rack is ideal for drying your swimsuits, delicates, wet winter gear or towels. Every rack has 3 levels of regulating the ability to fit in whichever room. Whitmor is a fourth-generation family-owned plus operated trade. From 1946, Whitmor has been devoted to bringing neatness home by offering products that make things easier in life.

10. Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack By Brabantia 4.5 m Radiator

Running out of radiators or doors to dry the clothes on? Or simply searching for a solution for aeration of your knitwear? The Hanging Drying Rack with 4.5 meters of drying room is trouble-free to fix and fits 11 cm thick walls plus anything in the middle of.

You shall be enthusiastic in a flash! While it is not meant to substitute your life-size airer, if you are searching to utilize all the room you possess, this clothes dryer could be a helpful resolution for you. It is as well helpful for smaller washes plus for flat-drying fragile items.

It is straightforward to employ and of superior design. The arms might be a little rigid to secure initially, but it folds efficiently to stow away while not in utilization. Since its instituting in 1919, by a team of 15 craftsmen and engineers in a small plant in the Netherlands, Brabantia has symbolized the embodiment of quality products. These efforts mirror the main value of the Brabantia’s name: resilience.

A drying rack for clothes saves cash. It does not run on natural gas or electrical energy and is, in actual fact, the only means to properly dry receptive garments made of silk or wool. Consequently, you can imagine of exposure to air rack not essentially as a substitute to a conservative dryer, though as a part of your larger laundry habit.

Or, you can decide to steer clear of dryers all in support of a time-tested process individuals have used to dry their clothing plus linens for many years: air, time, plus, in the case of open-air racks, sunlight. And, as most of the racks on this listing are rationally priced, they are an asset you can without difficulty pay for. Even top-quality wall-mounted drying racks still are so affordable, and the sum of cash one can save in appliance operational outlays makes the speculation worth it.

Do I need to do anything to preserve the wall mounted clothes drying rack?

The greatest thing one can do to preserve the drying rack is to permit it to completely dry amid uses. If it doesn’t get the opportunity to air dry out, mildew or mold and rust may build up. By letting your rack dry up, you can shun such troubles.

What can you do if mildew or mold develops on the drying rack?

The apt way to eradicate mildew or mold is to primarily wipe the affected parts with a gentle bleach plus water solution to wipe out the spores. Then, the moment the rack has wholly dried out, rub-down the dowel rods with sandpaper until it is smooth. This ought to dispose of the mold and permit you to keep employing your rack for many years. Keep in mind, the best way to put off mold or mildew from emerging is to permit your drying rack to completely dry amid uses, plus to store it in a dried out setting.

How many pairs of jeans can one hung on the wall fixed drying racks?

The figure of pairs of jeans that one can hang on one rack will, obviously, count on the size of the piece of clothing.

Do the drying racks come completely assembled?

The wall fixed clothes drying racks come entirely assembled and geared up to make use of out from the box. No assemblage is necessary! If you take a look at most racks on the marketplace closely, you shall become aware of that there are screws to fasten them to the exterior frame parts. The screws are used in preference to staples so as to present you with the strongest probable construction that shall last for many years to come.

Is a wall affixed dryer a better alternative?

Purchasing an affixed dryer might seem alluring if you desire to save cash and space. Take into consideration, however, that they need to be maintained more regularly – perhaps because like with anything else proper maintenance makes a product function appropriately and last long.

The best wall mounted clothes drying racks are a requirement of each household. You can’t expect a residence to be completely devoid of clothes drying rack for the rationale that when you are through with your laundry, you require someplace to dry out your clothes.

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You possibly will think about a clothesline, although that will consume a lot of space for no essential reason at all. In conclusion, our review for the best wall affixed clothes drying racks. As you can attest, some contemplation must be offered when it comes to selecting the best wall mounted rack for you. You have got to consider the amount of laundry you handle at any time, how much room you have obtainable, as well as how physically powerful you desire the rack to be.

If you have so much laundry to wash, you ought to purchase two, so that you can rapidly load one of them up, shift it to one side, and load the other one. Without a doubt, there are lots of factors implicated, however in the ending; it all comes down to what goes well with your way of life, your dwelling, and the sort of rack. These are amongst the best wall affixed clothes drying racks accessible on the marketplace, plus if you want to get one soon, then you can decide on one, plus you can be sure to get the best value for your cash.

9.5/10(28 votes )

Adding a stainless steel bread box to your kitchen is a smart choice for storing those tasty rolls and crusty loaves.

Our complete guide to the best bread box will tell you why plus we’ll include our Top 4 favorites.

We all know that bread is not created equal — with different grains, textures, shapes, leavening and ingredients, there is a loaf or a roll to appeal to the taste buds of just about anyone.

You don’t need to be a baker to appreciate that tearing into a crusty, freshly-baked loaf ranks well above the supermarket sliced variety, as shown in the 2015 bread sales below.

Keeping those crusty loaves fresh for days longer can be accomplished with a stainless bread box and here’s how…

The Life and Death of a Loaf of Bread

The lifespan of a loaf of bread begins when the bread cools after the baking process. When bread bakes, the starch granules absorb moisture from the surrounding gluten.

As bread begins to cool and age, that moisture migrates back from the starch to the gluten and recrystallizes making the bread harder and eventually stale.

Bread Tip #1 — The bigger the bread, the longer the shelf life.

Brabantia Stainless Steel Post Box Cover

All bread will ultimately go stale, but there are things you can do to delay the inevitable…

First, don’t slice the entire loaf…use only what you need for a meal or snack.

Place the cut side down in your bread box or on a cutting board until you’re ready for more.

This will help keep the remaining loaf fresher, longer.

Bread Tip #2 — Slicing the whole loaf significantly reduces your bread’s shelf life.

Second, keep it out of plastic wrap (that can make the bread chewy) AND the refrigerator (whose environment supports mold spores!).

Mold spores are everywhere and in order to grow, mold needs enough nutrients, such as a slice of bread in combination with the right environment…warmth and/or moisture.

Storing your bread in plastic (which traps moisture) and keeping it in a warm or moist environment (like on or in the refrigerator), you’re giving mold spores everything they need to grow unchecked.

You might be surprised to know that the amount of moisture in a stale loaf of bread and a freshly baked one is about the same — it just resides in a less desirable place from the bread eater’s taste perspective.

This is where a kitchen bread box, made from stainless steel, works to your advantage — it minimizes exposure to moisture and helps extend the shelf life of pricey but tasty artisan crusty creations.

Why a Stainless Steel Bread Box?

Stainless steel kitchen storage containers are made of a steel alloy that includes a percentage of chromium (between 12 and 30 percent).

Chromium is a metal with a high polish, that resists tarnishing, and has a high melting point.

It is the chromium content in stainless that keeps the steel from easily corroding or staining.

Stainless steel material is created from all natural elements and is:

  • Widely used in the food industry for kitchenware
  • Sanitary (no BPA and phthalates leaching from plastic)
  • Recyclable (one of the most recycled metals on Earth)
  • Will not change the taste or smell of your bread
  • Virtually indestructible and a good investment
  • More practical and lightweight than glass or ceramic

In addition to the above, a stainless steel bread box is an attractive styling option that complements the stainless kitchen while providing safe harbor for your artisan loaves and rolls.

Best Stainless Bread Box Features

Brabantia - b540 stainless steel post box

Just like bread varieties, not all bread boxes are created equal. Here are some things to consider when making your selection…

Is it true stainless?

Getting a true stainless steel food storage container, as in a bread bin, is better than getting one that is plated with stainless steel or has a coating over stainless steel.

Stainless plated kitchenware has a tendency to chip and degrade over time and when this occurs, you run the risk of those chips ending up in your food or bread.

A higher grade is better

Check, if offered by the supplier, the stainless steel grades of the bread box. You’ve probably seen numbers such as 18/0, 18/8 and 18/10 when referring to stainless flatware. It is a grade of stainless that lets you know how much chromium and nickel is in the metal.

The first number being the chromium percentage and the second the nickel percentage. Chromium provides rust resistance in the metal and nickel provides its shine. The higher the numbers, the better the quality.

Consider your space

Bread boxes come with roll front, fall front or in a lid lift style — this is a matter of personal preference, although, the roll top or fall front works best for countertops where useful kitchen under cabinet space is limited.

The Importance of Venting

In airtight bread boxes, air cannot circulate around the loaves to regulate the humidity level inside the box. When the humidity rises, in a box without venting, it creates the perfect environment for mold.

Vented metal interiors as in stainless, are very effective at keeping the correct amount of moisture in while allowing air to circulate around the loaves for extended freshness while keeping the bread from drying out.

The Little Extras

Magnetic closures, rubber bottom feet or legs, smooth gliding hardware, easy grip handles and fingerprint-proof finishes are all little extras that make an ordinary bread box something valued and a good investment when added to your kitchen arsenal.

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box

This popular Brabantia Model 299186 matte finish bread box comes from the Danish household products manufacturer, of the same name, who got their start in 1919.

They are an environmentally conscious manfacturer with many of their products certified by the European equivalent of the U.S. FDA (food and drug administration) and EPA (environmental protection agency).

This attractive option for storing artisan loaves and rolls weighs just under 4 pounds. The flat fall front opening provides slightly more head room in the bread box interior when compared to a roll top design. Sells for under $60.00.

  • Fingerprint proof matte steel finish
  • Magnetic latching flat front opening
  • Rubber feet on bread bin bottom
  • Ventilated for just the right amount of air circulation
  • Measures a generous 7.36 x 18.3 x 9.84 inches
  • Flat top for stacking other kitchen items such as canisters
  • Includes hanging holes on the back for wall mounting
  • Comes with a 10 -Year Guarantee
  • Crumbs may be difficult for some to wipe from interior
  • If buying from Amazon, ensure seller name is Brabantia and not a 3rd party seller
  • Not made in the USA – manufactured by either Brabantia in Belgium OR their China manufacturer Greenwood Housewares


WMF Roll-Top Stainless Steel Bread Bin

From their “Gourmet” collection is this Model 06.3441.6030 German engineered, premium stainless steel bread box from WMF products.

Brabantia Large Bread Box

German WMF Group are culinary experts with more than 160 years in manufacturing only the best in cooking, drinking and dining.

They tout their designs as products with “attitude” providing the optimum in high quality materials and well engineered functionality.

This roll top design bread box is made from 18/10 stainless steel material that is superior in corrosion resistance, hard-wearing, durable and easy to clean.

This unit provides the perfect climate for storing bread, rolls, cakes and pastries. It weighs a hefty 8.6 pounds — about double the weight of other bread boxes and sells for under $90.00.

  • Smooth glide roll top is made from frosted, tempered glass that is opaque
  • Made from Cromargan® 18/10 stainless which is rustproof, acid resistant, unbreakable, scratch resistant and extremely durable
  • Has rubber grommeted feet for countertop slip resistance
  • Large, wide handle for easy open and close
  • Measures a generous 15 1/2″ x 8″ x 8 1/8″
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Engineered in Germany, made in China
  • Hand wash only
  • Crumbs may be difficult to remove for some
  • Does not have pre-drilled holes for wall or cabinet mounting


Gefu RONDO Stainless Steel Bread Bin

The Gefu Model 33600 stainless steel bread box, with its kidney-shaped design is not for everybody and you’ll need to dig deep into your wallet to own one.

GEFU is a German company with about 70 years of experience in producing extremely high quality kitchen tools sold in 47 countries around the world.

Their products are said to be “unbreakable” and go through a stringent quality management and inspection process with specific focus on food safety, exceptional materials, user safety and user friendliness.

They have received a number of awards for first class quality, design innovation and high performance and this stainless steel bread box with the roll top lid fits the bill. It measures a generous 17.5 x 11.2 x 9.6 inches and sells for about $135.00 including free shipping.

  • Kidney shape provides a stable base with four (4) nylon feet to prevent table and countertop damage
  • Made from high quality stainless steel that is rust and corrosion resistant and does not scratch
  • The darkened safety glass panel in the roll top lid keeps natural light out of the bin that can dry breads
  • It features a wide, easy lift handle on the lid with a smooth mechanism for ready access to baked goods
  • There is venting between the lid and bread bin to provide optimal air circulation, preventing mold but without drying the bread
  • Comes with a 5-Year Warranty
  • This bread box is hand wash only with no removable or dishwasher safe parts
  • Product is made in Germany and not the USA.
  • No pre-drilled holes for wall mounting
  • Cannot store any other items on top of the bread box due to domed lid


Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box

This Brabantia Model 299445 stainless bread box features a sleek design and a lower profile for those with limited under cabinet space.

Deep and wide, it still has plenty of room to store a couple of large loaves of bread or assorted rolls and pastries.

This unit weighs just 3.5 pounds and measures 6.88 x 17.63 x 10.62 inches. Brabantia is located in Belgium and has been making quality, long lasting kitchen products for nearly 100 years with a US based office located in Cranston, New Jersey.

With a matte finish stainless steel design, this bread box is finger-print proof for easy maintenance. It also features a dimpled interior bottom that allows the precise amount of air circulation to keep bread fresher, longer.

It sells for around $50.00 and makes an excellent companion to other stainless steel accessories.

  • High quality matte finish stainless steel that resists rust, corrosion and fingerprints
  • Black metal sides and black plastic trim on lid complements overall design
  • Interior bottom is stamped with a raised dot pattern design to promote the precise air circulation needed to keep bread fresh without drying out
  • The flat top provides storage area for small containers
  • A smooth glide mechanism with the a full width black lid grip and noise dampening design provides silent, easy opening
  • Comes with a 10-Year Guarantee
  • Made in either Belgium OR at Brabantia’s China facilty — Greenwood Housewares
  • There are no pre-drilled holes for wall or cabinet mounting
  • Does not include rubberized feet or legs for countertop seating
  • Hand wash only — no removable parts
  • If ordering from Amazon, ensure seller is Brabantia and not a third party seller



Brabantia Bread Box White

We looked hard for value-priced stainless steel bread boxes and found plenty in the $20 range but all were imports from China, rebranded to different sellers with no traceable manufacturer or decent warranty in this price range.

In fact, a labeled best seller we reviewed still received a number of comments about “denting easily” or the material was of “soda can thickness”, or “cheap and flimsy” not making our requirements for the “best stainless bread box”.

Quality construction and materials, innovative design and operation, a solid manufacturer-backed guarantee from an established, reputable supplier and/or distributor were the essential qualifications used to determine our selections for the best.