Boom Forklift

Boom Forklift

What is an Articulating Boom Lift?

It’s important to understand what an articulating boom lift is and how it works before browsing equipment.

Each welded steel fork truck boom includes two swivel hooks and a safety strap to help provide a secure attachment to the fork truck carriage. Heavy-duty, orbital and low-profile booms adjust from 80' to 144'L. Heavy-duty and orbital fork truck booms also rotate for an additional 6' of useable height. Low-profile booms help prevent overextension. SkyJack Vertical Mast and Scissor Lifts for sale. In stock, ready to ship. Brand New or used. 19, 20, 26, 32, 40, 46 foot platform height. LGMG AS1932ESJIII 3219, 3220, 3226, 4626, 4632, SJ 16, 90-degree steering, dual brakes, non-marking solid rubber tires, on board battery charger, forklift pockets, roll out extension deck.

An articulating boom lift is an aerial work platform connected by an arm with multiple sections allowing the arm to bend. The articulating boom arm is powered by a hydraulic system to extend and is convenient for reaching blocked or otherwise obscured areas of operation.

These pivot points, or places where the sections interconnect, are sometimes called “knuckles”, which is why you’ll often hear articulating boom forklifts referred to as “knuckle boom lifts”. This adds versatility to the machine, making an articulating boom lift ideal for gaining the extra reach you need to work around or over obstacles on the worksite.

Boom Forklift

An articulating boom forklift is great for navigating tight spaces, especially indoors. Small articulating boom lifts are also available for the most limited indoor areas.

Boom Forklift Capacity

Before you use Forklift Inventory to browse articulating boom lifts for sale, we’ll help you decide if an articulating lift is the best option for you. Learn more about different applications for an articulating man lift below.