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How Do You *Not* Sound Like You’re In A Tunnel?

The regular Blue Yeti USB ($129) is the global standard for live streaming voice work. The special edition 10th Anniversary model may be hard to find, but retails as the same price as the regular Blue Yeti. I highly recommend this mic for voice work. For recording musical instruments, I'd look elsewhere. Response to audacity and blue yeti mic 2016-04-22 21:51:52 At 4/22/16 09:31 PM, ForNoReason wrote: At 4/22/16 09:02 PM, Sequenced wrote: do you have stereo mix set up.

  1. I don't know if Blue's Customer Support is good or not, but you might give it a try. They probably won't help you with Audacity, but if Windows can't see the mic they should help you with that. I don't own the Blue Yeti, but it's got a great set of features. If I was buying a 'podcast' mic, that's probably the one I'd buy.
  2. I recently purchase a Blue Yeti USB Microphone at Radioshack and been experiencing technical difficulties ever since I plugged it in to my Windows Vista desktop. I notice that every time I record my voice and play it on Audacity, it sounds very high pitched and distorted. At first I thought it.
  3. Open your computer's audio menu and verify that Blue Microphones Yeti is the selected sound source. WHY DO MY SPEAKERS FEEDBACK WHEN I PLUG IN MY YETI? Anytime you use a microphone in conjunction with live speakers or open back headphones, there is a potential for feedback.

I record absolutely everything — Girl In Space, the Write Now podcast, and all of my lines and roles for other shows — with my basic Blue Yeti USB microphone. And one of the questions I’m asked most frequently is, “Sarah, how do you not sound like you’re recording beneath a highway overpass?”

Yeti Microphone Setup Windows 10

I firmly believe that you do not need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on recording equipment. You can create an amazing, professional-quality show with relatively inexpensive equipment like the Blue Yeti as long as you understand how to record with it.

Get Rid Of The Echo

Blue Yeti AudacityBlue yeti audacity settings

Hard surfaces and sharp angles are the worst of the recording culprits. Get rid of them with curves and soft, absorbent surfaces.

Blue Yeti Not Working With Audacity

I have a large piece of audio foam that I’ve removed ALL angles from by forming it into a semicircle. I also have a foam windscreen atop the mic itself (the little foam hat), as well as a cheap folded towel on my desk to further absorb sound/echoes.


You may also want to have something behind you as well — a hanging duvet, moving blanket, bunch of t-shirts on hangers, whatever you have access to. I don’t have this, because my body blocks and absorbs all sound coming in and out of what I’ve dubbed my TUBE OF PODCASTING.

Sometimes my cat, Midori, joins me… and while she makes an excellent sound dampener, the purring, sound of constant movement, and coating of cat hair really cancel out any benefits.

Here’s a real-life picture of my setup:

Get Close To The Mic… No, Closer!

Most people record way too far away from their microphone.

Ideally, your mouth should be about a fist’s space away from the mic when you speak into it, and the gain on the mic (the dial on the back, if you’re using a Blue Yeti) or your recording software should be adjusted so that when you speak at that distance, the sound registers around -12dB.

And if you’re using a Blue Yeti, you should be talking into the front of the microphone, not the top.

Monitor Yourself

How To Use Audacity With Blue Yeti

Blue yeti not working with audacity mac

Be sure to wear headphones while you record to get a good feel for how you sound. If you’re following the above two tips, your voice should sound up-close and velvety to your ears.


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Blue Yeti Driver Windows 10

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