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  1. Invoice Processing.
  2. To redeem the offer, sign up for an Invoiced plan by March 12, 2022 at 11:59PM EST using the dedicated American Express merchant offer landing page and enable credit card payments using one of Invoiced’s approved payment gateways within thirty days from the date your subscription begins, and you will receive 40% off an Invoiced plan for two years, excluding taxes and fees.
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You will receive an email confirmation of your submission within 48 hours. Accounts Payable will validate your invoice details. If anything is wrong, you will be informed promptly so it can be updated and re-submitted. If everything is correct, your invoice will go into an Approval Workflow for your Business contact to approve.

You are a PROFESSIONAL Investor if you meet any one of the following criteria for the entire term of your subscription and you must sign further agreements as well as are subject to the appropriate additional Exchange fee structure:
  1. You are subscribing on behalf of a firm, corporation, partnership, trust, or association.
  2. You use the information in connection with any trade or business activites and not for personal investment.
  3. You plan to furnish the information to any other person(s).
  4. You are a securities broker-dealer, registered representative, investment advisor, investment banker, futures commission merchant, commodities introducing broker or commodity trading advisor, money manager, member of the Securities Exchange or Association or Futures Contract market, or any owner, partner, or associated person of the foregoing.
  5. You are employed by a bank or an insurance company or an affiliate of either to perform functions related to securites or commodity futures investment or trading activity.

Card You are a NON-PROFESSIONAL Investor if you do not meet any of the criteria outlined above.

Amex Stream Invoice


Amex Invoice Processing

Please note that subscriber assumes all liability declaring status as a Professional Investor or Non-Professional Investor and will be held accountable for all applicable penalties and/or the Exchange fees if declaration is incorrect.Amex InvoiceInvoice
There shall be no refund of the unused portion should you wish to terminate the services prior to the expiry date.
Should your status change from a Non-Professional Investor to a Professional Investor, you must inform us in writing to [email protected]

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