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Advanced SystemCare Free is a full-feature optimization tool to clean and repair your computer so it works almost like new. You can use the Windows cleaning feature to scan your computer and greatly improve its performance, eliminating spyware and malware, corrupted registry entries, and useless files that take up unnecessary space. 'Advanced SystemCare is a great all-in-one PC utility that can scan, repair, and optimize many aspects of your system.It aims to remedy whatever ails your computer by not only cleaning up junk files, malware, and invalid registry entries, but by giving your computer a boost to optimize your PC experience.' 'Advanced SystemCare is a great all-in-one PC utility that can scan, repair, and optimize many aspects of your system.It aims to remedy whatever ails your computer by not only cleaning up junk files, malware, and invalid registry entries, but by giving your computer a boost to optimize your PC experience.' Advanced SystemCare Free is a comprehensive PC care utility that takes an one-click approach to help protect, repair and optimize your computer. Advanced SystemCare is a very useful system tweak application. It boosts your registry, system, and Internet for the top performance and detects and removes spyware, adware and other malware. Advanced SystemCare. IObit Advanced SystemCare provides bundles of advanced features of speed and security for your system. There is an option of real-time PC scanning, therefore the software gives protection against browsing tracking.

Advance-System Care is a potentially unwanted program that states it scans Windows for malware/pup threats, system/user software issues, and startup/uninstall issues. When Advance-System Care scans a computer it will list a variety of detected issues, but in order to fix them you first need to purchase a license to the product. The problem is that many of the so-called issues that it detects do not cause a problem on the computer.

As previously stated, my biggest problem with Advance-System Care is that many of issues that are detected are not actually a problem for the computer. For example, in one of the sceenshots above you can see that Advance-System Care detects a registry entry used by the Google Chrome update process and detects it as what appears to be medium severity. This entry, though, will not cause a problem on the computer.

How was Advance-System Care installed on my Computer?

It is important to note that Advance-System Care is bundled with and installed by free programs that did not adequately disclose that other software would be installed along with it. Therefore, it is important that you pay close attention to license agreements and installation screens when installing anything off of the Internet. If an installation screen offers you Custom or Advanced installation options, it is a good idea to select these as they will typically disclose what other 3rd party software will also be installed. Furthermore, If the license agreement or installation screens state that they are going to install a toolbar or other unwanted adware, it is advised that you immediately cancel the install and not use the free software.


While Advance-System Care may be a program that can fix some issues, since it detects numerous harmless items as a concern and then prompts you to pay to remove them, I would not be comfortable recommending the use of this program. If you feel that this is not a program you wish on your computer, you can use the removal guide below to remove it for free.

Over time, computers may experience a variety of issues in relation to performance, security, and speed. While this may convince you to purchase a new model, you may first want to use system optimizers. These are applications built with different features, made for different parts of the computer.

Advanced SystemCare

Advanced Systemcare Ultimate Professional

Advanced SystemCare is a computer optimizing application made by IOBit. It is compatible with most Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10). It has a lot of features accessible for users which target computer software and security. It is easily downloadable and is capable of improving PC speed within minutes.



Advanced SystemCare has three versions namely Free, Pro, and Ultimate.

The free version gives you access to the following:

  • Basic PC Cleaning and Optimization – This tool allows you to optimize system settings to improve PC performance. This includes the removal of junk files, cleaning registry entries, optimizing startup process, and clearing your browsers from any cookies. Although this can be done on your own, the app uses a straightforward menu and process
  • System condition monitoring and analysis
  • Basic protection
  • FaceID System Security – Any intruders that will try to open your computer without your permission will be taken a picture of for you to be able to identify them.
  • Web Email Protection – You will be given warnings whenever receiving suspicious links that may result to downloading malware and viruses.

For a free application, Advanced SystemCare is generous with its features. For basic PC optimization, you can download the application for free and expect fewer problems within your software. Aside from this, it also gives basic security features which are quite handy.

The pro version gives you access to more features.

For PC optimization, the application maximizes the use of different features equipped towards ensuring that your software will be fixed. These features include registry cleaning, PC cleaning, hard disk defrag, driver updater, and more. These will help keep the computer’s software stable and will lessen system crashing and freezing. When we did our full review of Advanced SystemCare we thought that it had a couple good features, however there were better options available.

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The premium version gives all of the features that the application. Its main highlight is the additional security that it provides your computer.

For this, the application uses the Bitdefender engine to ensure that your PC will be kept secure. Malicious software including spyware, ransomware, and viruses will be scanned and deleted from your system. The application can also block these from being able to penetrate through your computer’s defenses.

The application also ensures maximum user privacy protection. The user’s personal data will be protected online through constant scanning for untrustworthy applications in your computer. This prevents these from being able to get data such as your digital fingerprint, photos, and more. This is because hackers may use sell these in shady parts of the internet for money and may result to the user being a victim of identity theft.

Last, they also provide internet protection. They can warn you about unsafe websites and links which you may accidentally click online. Malicious websites which may access your personal data will be detected by the application. They can also warn you about untrustworthy emails and senders.


The free version of Advanced SystemCare can be downloaded through their website. It also comes with free software that you will be given an option of whether to include or not.

The Pro version for Advanced SystemCare is priced at $19.99 per year which is very affordable compared to other computer optimizer applications which charges the same for 3 months at most. This product is very recommendable given its abundance of features.

The Ultimate version for Advanced SystemCare is priced at $29.99 per year. It acts as both a computer optimization application and an antivirus and security application which makes it a recommended application.